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  1. Personally I don't think that you should be able to put gear in the piece of clothing that is worn under something else, so if you a wearing a sweatshirt under a rain jacket, you can't store things in the sweatshirt. That would help take care of the balancing problem of having way too much inventory plus it’s pretty realistic. I do a lot of backpacking and when you layer up, even if a lower layer has pockets, you don't fill them because it makes it hard to put on the next layer (there isn't enough room with the stuff in the pockets for the other layer to go over top). Also I think that you should be able to wear more than 2 layers on the upper body, but only one per category. So for example, base layer is the t-shirt, then a button up shirt, then sweaters or sweatshirts, and then jackets, or you could forfeit the next upper layer for two of that layer. For example you could wear a t-shirt, with a button up shirt, with a sweatshirt, and then a raincoat over all of that. The reason I think that is alright is that the over jackets in this game all seem to be really loose on your character, so it wouldn't be that hard to fit that much clothing on, however, to balance this, you would be overheating like crazy, because that is a lot of layers. Or, if you wanted to double up you could wear a t-shirt, a button up, and a sweatshirt with a sweater over it, and as you doubled up on the sweater category, you can't wear a jacket over it. Again thought you would be overheating a lot, because that is about the amount of layers, actually a bit more, than what I wear when I go winter backpacking in sub zero conditions (usually an undershirt (like the white shirt your character wears while “naked”)with a long sleeve shirt, a fleece, then a light wind and waterproof jacket.) In both of those situations you would only be able to store stuff in the outermost layer, so in the first one, just in the rain jacket, and in the second one, just in the sweater. As for your lower body, I don’t think that you should be able to double up on pants, unless they add sweatpants or flannel pants, because wearing two pairs of heavy canvas or denim pants is actually wicked uncomfortable and makes moving a hassle. If they do add sweatpants or flannel pants then I think that only one pair should be able to be worn under the heavy cloth pants, again only being able to store in the outermost layers. I agree with what you say about belts and bandoleers though, I would love to be able to holster a pistol on my hip as opposed to my chest, but that is mostly because I don’t like wearing vests.
  2. Hey guys, I just wanted to give an update about the whole Inn thing. Unfortunately I won't be able to run the Inn, as have practically no free time left between work, school, and training. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up incase anyone was still interested. If anyone wants to take this idea and run with it, please do, I would love to hear about how it goes!
  3. TheLastPaco

    What does your RP character look like?

    Sam Wake Sam wake is about 5'10-5'11, Caucasian with brown hair and brown eyes. He has an S shaped scar on his chest courtesy of Sally Cross, a burn scar on his upper left forearm from checking out his plane's engine after an emergency landing. He also has a small scar on his upper right cheek which he got while walking by the logging trucks at his camp when a cable snapped, and fortunately only grazed his cheek. He has short scruffy hair barely rained in by his hunting knife and a scruffy beard. (hair and beard are in contrast to the photo). [attachment=2726] (This photo was obtained via google images, while searching for forest rangers. The man depicted is unrelated to my fictional character, this community and to myself)
  4. I usually go with jeans and some sort of jacket, like a hunting jacket, bomber or sweatshirt. I never use a vest except a chest holster. As for a backpack either the leather sack one (not the improvised one with sticks but the other one) or a taloon backpack. I always wear a baseball hat and no gloves (because running around with work gloves would be so annoying). I usually keep a pistol and a bolt action rifle or break action gun (blaze or double barrel). In my gear I usually keep all the survival supplies, so hunting knife, field shovel, hatchet, matches, full map, cooking pot, frying pan, ice pick, propane lantern, propane cook stove, sewing kit, binocs, range finder, radio, canteen, and then one spare clip for my pistol and one stack of ammo for my primary (so right now 15 buckshot shells), and some rags for medical stuff. I try too keep everything I need so that I can survive for as long as I need off of just what I have. I also don't carry an axe on my back because running with that would be very annoying. I also keep my gun in my hand for the same reason (running with shit on your back sucks). I also try and wear a medical mask, because without any sort of regular medicine getting just a simple flu would be a death sentence, plus they aren't to bad to breath through, unlike gas masks.
  5. I have one perma scar on the middle of my chest in the shape of an S, courtesy of Sally with the Jackals. I've also been a part of giving a W to someone else with them.
  6. I carry around a double barrel shotgun, and I run with it out. The reason I do this is because running with a gun slung over your back is very uncomfortable and starts to hurt after a while (it bounces, a lot). For this same reason I don't carry any melee weapons on my back. I keep everything either in my backpack, pockets or hands, and only have my gun on my back if I am talking, or have been specifically asked to do so. I've done a fair bit of hunting before and I have had to run before with my rifle on my back (my friend had fallen down a steep drop off he didn't see) and that shit was really not enjoyable. The reason I did it then was muzzle control, but in the post apocalypse, when you are running or walking around on your own, muzzle control is not an issue, and in the world there is supposed to be (there isn't currently but I rp as though there is) a constant threat of zombies, so I keep it out in case I don't notice one until its right next to me. So that's why I keep my gun out. Plus my shotgun has no rings for a sling, and I never found one, so it doesn't make sense that I can sling it over my back.
  7. Personally I have never been a fan of mass initiations. I have no problems getting robbed, honestly it can be quite alot of fun if its done right. However all the mass robbings I've been in (usually in Green Mountain) it ends up with four people dead because they couldn't hear the robbers over everyone else, and the rest of the people sitting around for a good hour waiting for their turn to be interrogated or whatever is going to happen. After a while the initiators leave and you spent an entire hour surrounded by people and only got about 5 minutes of rp, which is usually quite poor because both parties are constantly being talked over or are just tired of the situation. The stress and excitement of the encounter wore off a long time ago, and it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. For the majority of the time of these initiations you just kind of sit there thinking, yeah ok I get it, you guys are so big and bad and we have to be respectful. I get it, you can quit shoving that down our throats, can we move on now? From my experiences mass imitations are just tedious and boring. On the upside though, it gives you something to do once you've lost all your gear, you get to go looting again.
  8. Another update, with the look at the current experimental build (.58 ), I am going to hold off setting up the inn until then. With .58 I will actually be able to store food in the building, have a fire in the fireplace, and actually keep a running inn. With storage containers and static fireplaces I think that the inn will have a much better atmosphere to it, something that a fire on the floor next to a fireplace would kind of ruin. Anyways, that's just another update, so come .58 look out for me on the radio waves, because the inn will be waiting for any one with an empty stomach and tired feet.
  9. Just a quick update for anyone still interested. I've gotten almost all of the stuff that I need now to have a running inn. All that I am looking for now are some different types of seeds, a steady supply of meat, and a location. I am thinking of putting it just to the east of Mogilevka, just up the road from the Topolka Dam. There is a little pond there next to the building that I could get fish and water from, and just to the west of Mogilevka is a field that almost always has at least five cows, so that should be enough meat. I'm a little worried though that it would be too far out of the way for anyone to actually come to it, without knowing about it before hand. Another place I was thinking of setting up is in Svetlojarsk. There are a couple of pubs there that I could use, and there is one nice one story inn that has an outdoor seating area, and it overlooks the water, so that could be a nice place. If I set up in Svet, then I could get fish from Black and Willow lake pretty easily as its not that far, and there would be plenty of canned food. Regular meat would be pretty difficult to come across though, and I would have to rely on hunters for that. Being in the city though, there would be a higher chance of random people finding it. For all this to work though, it would take a couple of people, so that the inn isn't found empty all too often. A couple of people have already showed interest in helping, but if you are interested either post or send me a message.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't mind having another person helping out in the restaurant. When I get ready, which should be soon, I'll send you a message. I look forward to our future inn.
  11. Well, hopefully we won't cut into each other's business. Nah, we shut down awhile ago. Well in that case, if your ever looking for a place to grab a hot meal, look us up when we are up and running.
  12. I approve of this comment. Well, hopefully we won't cut into each other's business.
  13. Very good idea, I +1 it. The only problem is that the items (for food and beverages it wouldn't be a problem if there's enough people to store all of it) like lockpicks and stuff in the rooms would de-spawn because of the "GREAT" persistence. But whenever that's fixed, this would be a very good idea. (I see you got the idea of the Bullet Currency from the Metro series, huh? ) I've actually never played any of the metro games, but bullets are the only thing I could think of that everyone would have plenty of. I thought that some form of currency would be needed though to establish a worth for the food that other trades could be based on. As for the lockpicks, I don't think it would be to big of an issue, as there are only two rooms in the wooden inn, and one in the one story one, so I would only need at most four or five (assuming they get returned), and they aren't that hard to come by. However, if they do turn out to be a problem, I could just have one as the inn keeper, and lock and unlock the door for the guests.
  14. I have three friends who recently joined, and I was hoping to get some help from them with running the inn. As for bartering, that would be welcome, as I think it would be fun to haggle over the price of a cut of meat. Say for example, there is a person who RP's as a hunter, then they could try and get a better price, as they often supply meat, or they got a better dear this time, something along those lines. I think that sort of haggling would make it a lot more interesting than a simple buy and sell sort of thing. Thank you very much.
  15. Hello Everyone, I recently had an idea and I was looking for some feedback on it. I was thinking of starting an Inn and Restaurant (in game). I am thinking of using either the one story red inn style building, or the two story wooden inn building for the inn. For the restaurant I was thinking of serving meals that consisted of a cooked steak (any type) or a piece of fish, as well as two locally (from a small garden behind the inn) grown vegetables of the customers choosing, as well as a canteen of water (with free refills). My plan was to use bullets as currency, where one meal costs either six pistol bullets, three shotgun shells, or three rifle bullets. The price would also vary depending on the food chosen, so for example, if fish is chosen over a steak it would only be five pistol bullets or two shells/rifle bullets. I would also have a sort of trade system, where you could bring in the raw materials (raw meat, cookware, farm supplies) which could be traded for either bullets or food. Every two pieces of meat would get one pistol round (of your choosing), or for three pieces one rifle round or shotgun shell (again of your choosing). As for seeds and cookware, I am not sure as to how much to pay for those. . As I would need to have a fire to cook all of this food, I would pay for fire wood, with two logs being one pistol round, or four being a rifle round. This could not be done more than one time, as I would have way to many logs and far to few bullets. I was thinking of bringing the food out on a frying pan, as there are no plates, and the frying pan can hold four items, which would be enough for the vegetable and steaks, and the canteen could be put separately. The dishes would have to be returned, much like they do in real life. As for the inn section, I would charge either fifteen pistol rounds or six rifle rounds (or shotgun shells) for a room for one day. Once payment has been received, the guest will receive a key (lockpick) for their room. With this room, the guest has a relatively safe place to stay, as well as leave any gear that they do not want to bring with them at the time. This could be useful if they intend to go out hunting or searching for loot. The room also comes with two full meals, and one "bag lunch" to go, which would consist of a steak and one vegetable, as well as a canned beverage. For a two person room, the price would be 20 pistol rounds, or 10 rifle rounds. Again, both guests would receive a key and two full meals as well as a "bag lunch". Upon checkout, the keys would need to be returned, or a fine would be put in place of one rifle bullet or three pistol bullets. All of the guests belongings would have to be removed from the room, or they would be placed in the lost and found bin, near the entrance of the inn. This bin (pile) could be accessed by anyone, and there would be no guarantee that your gear would be still be there when the guest returns (if they ever do). So that is my plan, what do you guys think? Do the prices seem fair, or do they need to be changed? I've already found a couple of locations that I like, there was one near Rog that had a one story in next to a little pond. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, this was meant to be posted in the general discussions, is there any way to have it moved there, or just deleted, as it does not belong in the guide section.