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  1. Leaving because apparently I can die for whatever reason now whether it breaks the rules or not...
  2. Here is the video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8qO6x4MfTg&feature=youtu.be Does this really sound German?
  3. The sniper was me not Tortilla and two I yelled at you in an American accent not a GERMAN accent so I dont know where you pulled that one from, and if you don't believe me I have video proof
  4. I was the one who shot Jerry/Soapysoap because when someone said shoot the hostages I asked if I should shoot Jerry and they replied with "yes especially Jerry." I also assumed when someone said that it was because he was part of the attacking group and because I'm new to this and people were telling me who to shoot because they were in an opposite clan/group. So I shot him and well at the time I thought that was the right decision but I thought wrong... I also didn't see the message of the initiation because it just glitched or something and just didn't pop up for me. All words aside I accept the consequences because what I did was wrong and once again I'm sorry that I shot you Jerry.