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  1. I have sent an e-mail with the two photos already to [email protected] .
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): My application got me blacklisted, and I haven't received any messages on this forum, so I don't know how to go about this. Here's what my webpage looks like: Why the verdict is not fair: I was auto-blacklisted nearly 4 months ago because I put that my age was 15 in the application. I'm now 16, but have since lost my old account credentials. I made a new account with my old e-mail, and now cannot reset the password to my old account. I was auto-blacklisted again with this account because my SteamID and whatnot in my application matched that of my old account's application. Essentially, I was truthful about my age, and now I cannot apply again despite my age now meeting server requirements due to automated application checks. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I ran into a bit of a tricky situation concerning my application a few months ago (February / March). I used to be 15 at the time, and I wrote that down in my application that I had submitted at that time, and now my SteamID GUID is blacklisted on your servers. I have since then had my birthday in April, and have turned 16. I didn't have any ID available at the time that displayed my birth date, so I held off on sending anything until later. [align=justify]When I did get some ID (middle of June), I tried to sign in to my DayZRP account, but had forgotten the username that I had signed up with. I tried every name that I could think to use, and still couldn't log in, so I made another account with my current name (BadSniper). It wasn't until after I made this that I read a post on the forum concerning ban appeals saying that I can't use an alt account to request a ban appeal. It wasn't until after having made this account that I had remembered what my old username was (Macinator900). I ended up using the same e-mail address when creating my BadSniper account as I had used to make my Macinator900 account, so when I tried to reset the password to my old Macinator900 account, the e-mail that I received addressed me as BadSniper, and changed the password to my new BadSniper account. In essence, I lost my old account. Now I'm stuck. I've lost my old forum account, and both that one and my current account are blacklisted. All this began with my age on the application 3-4 months ago. The SteamID, GUID, and the RP name provided with either account's application is identical, but I don't know if that's enough to prove who I am. I have sent an e-mail just now to the DayZRP contact address proving my age and my forum name as BadSniper. I'll happily join the TS server if you need me to explain anymore. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: An unban, and a fair chance at submitting an application would be lovely. My applications were blacklisted immediately by the site's automated processes, whereas my story, background, etc. were not ever read. Also, consider my current account as my main. My old account is long gone. What could you have done better?: I definitely should've taken a more in-depth look at the Rules, the FAQ, etc. Had I noticed these details concerning age and whatnot, I would've waited until April. I also should have taken better responsibility concerning my password. Had I written it down, this whole issue would be far less complicated.