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  1. Cerna Liska Media Thread

    I was the first guy who got shot and died
  2. Cerna Liska Media Thread

    Thanks for shooting meh down iven doh i just wanted to talk to him
  3. Nominee: Samaritan Reason: He is always helping the community members and hes friendly Evidence: Post history
  4. Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    thanks for the hat
  5. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Bruh 10/10
  6. Santa Hat Avatars! [OPEN]

    Ordering a hat!
  7. Failed Robberies Thread

    These videos are sooo good, cant stop laughing
  8. [FFL] French Foreign Legion Media Thread

    The moment when i look at the pictures and see big groups and think *I need to be in a group*
  9. RP Pictures and Video's Ramon [ Media Thread ]

    Amazing pictures, i personally like to rainy ones
  10. Kos

    well as long as you understand, ill forgive you. (and becouse you are new) can someone close this
  11. Kos

    Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server Time: 16:40 Daytime or Night-time: day Your in game name: Joshua Hobbs Names of allies involved: Jack Lemons Name/Skin of suspect/s: Dont know Suspects weapon/s: dont know My Pov So Jack an hes friends (some kind of a group idk who were they) were holding someone and rp with him(jacks friends not mine), and i was outside GM (Green Mountain) .I wanted to leave but jack wanted to rp with the group and the random guy who they were holding. So i waited for for Jack next to the towers door and Then BAM i was dead. no one said anything no warning or anything.
  12. S3, NVFL, KOS.

    My Pov So after some stuff in Green mountain i went to the camps down hill, as soon as i met 2 guys Jack was shot and then i started running up the mountain again. Then i sneaked into the compound and started listening to thr voices. I learned that they were taking everybody as a hostage and Jack was one of them. So i used the supraise as a advantage and opend the door and said bantits shiuld die or something like that and killed one of them and maybe shot one more. Then one of them was i guy who knew me,wanted to work out a deal but i refused becouse i didnt trust anyone there at the time and then i got shot from somewhere. i tought there awere 4'6 of you guys and i dont remember saying but your hands up. And for the finish id cladly die to save a buddy
  13. connection failed

    Thank you very much. i couldnt figure that out myself . Please close.
  14. connection failed

    When the new update came, me and my mate wanted to play, but only one of us can get in and the other cant(it says connection failed we are playing under the same ip). ive tryd closing dayz and opening it, reinstalling, the firewall is off. This is only with dayzrp servers.