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  1. Sorry to see you all go!
  2. NATO - CFOR Media Thread

  3. NATO COMCFOR Frequency 138.9 MHz [SECURE]

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Bluebird Actual, this is Spartan 1-1. CDF camp is a complete failure. Pockets of civilians remain in the city, but all hope of securing aid camp is lost. Break. Charlie has repositioned to FOB Dewars to prepare a civilian aid camp and will provide details to survivors and authorities by word of mouth. Break. Political movements threatening to derail any attempts at restoring governance. Break. Actual.... What is happening outside the AOR? My men are low on morale and haven't heard anything good. Is anyone coming for us? Are we going home? Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  4. Restoring Chernarus [OPEN]

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Consider that NATO has been reduced from two 2000-man Battle Groups to about a company-sized force because of this damn virus and you'll understand our "complacency" as you call it. There is no moral high ground to be had when our command can't provide reinforcements and our home countries have all but forgotten us. We don't care about your petty political squabbles when the virus is the only real threat to any of us. If your goal is to continue fighting back the infected, you never should have defected in the first place. Your duty is to the survivors, not your nationalist agenda. This is a fight for humanity now. To you survivors, should you be listening, be pragmatic and cautious. We all must rely on each other. This craven desire to take advantage of the power vacuum caused by this virus is a farce. Your best way to fight is to survive. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  5. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Consider yourself disproved. Out. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  6. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *A man presses down his transmitter* So you failed to protect your HVI? If you can't even keep one guy from getting the virus, why would anyone hire you? I have no reason to meet a man who works for a company that commits crimes against humanity. Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  7. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Yet another imposter. I'd sooner trust Ion Inc. after all the shit they pulled in Takistan than I would some half assed badasses that don't even know Blackwater is defunct. Do you even know how to remove the firing pin from an M4? Let the actual military forces handle issues here. Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  8. Nato Spies & Espionage (OPEN FREQ)

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Andrew Scott, this is Warrant Officer Reynolds. As of three hours ago, NATO has received confirmed reports that this individual has been killed. Break. We are still on the hunt for this Bruce, but the impostor Andres is dead. You can independently confirm this through Rory Taylor and her associates. Break. Taylor is not associated with NATO, and so is a second party source of confirmation for this information. Break Mr. Scott, NATO does not condone the actions of these men. Complete justice will be realized. Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  9. Nato Spies & Espionage (OPEN FREQ)

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Last voice on this frequency, this is Reynolds. Identify yourself. Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  10. Nato Spies & Espionage (OPEN FREQ)

    *A man presses down his transmitter* Andrew Scott, this is Warrant Officer John Reynolds, acting commander of NATO's remaining force in Chernarus. I can assure you this incident has nothing to do with NATO. Break. If you know the name of the alleged NATO member, please provide it so we can add him to the list of impersonators. Break. I say again, NATO had nothing to do with this. We will track down both this Bruce and this NATO impostor. Over. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
  11. DayZRP Community Memes

    No, this is exactly how OOC shit propagates.
  12. DayZRP Community Memes

    -User has been warned for this post-

    Roster, objectives, regulations updated.
  14. DayZRP Community Memes

    Salty? You're so edgy Mr. "I was in the Marines"