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  1. Qui Derelictus

    If you're former NATO soldiers, how are you trying to act as a military justice authority? You have no jurisdiction to try me or Banks for anything. Hell your name implies you're all in dereliction, so how can you try me for assertion? It's obvious from reading the comments that have been left that your IC targeting of my character is a result of OOC salt toward my leadership and me personally. Just take Castle's repeated attempts at calling me a meme as evidence of that. Considering there's no reason for you too be trying me ICly, because none of you are no MPs, none of you are in my CoC, and none of you are actually RPing that you're in NATO anymore, I'd appreciate it if that was removed as a goal. It's just targeting someone and is definitely something you should have reached out about before you made the thread. To be clear, when I said "you" I meant the collective you as a group, wasn't talking about you specifically. Lastly, if this isn't a rehash, why are you following the same rank structure from my group, especially if this isn't NATO and you're all former? Everyone look out, actual criticism inbound: You should try to rebrand as something more clearly in dereliction, as your name implies. From a first pass at the lore, the graphics, and the IC and OOC goals, it looks like you're trying to be a military group without being a military group. First, it causes confusion for people like me and a lot of others. Second, if you revise your lore to be less military and about UCMJ, then you can try to pull off a paramilitary group. Write more clearly in the lore that you're former NATO servicemen in dereliction, adjust the IC and OOC goals to reflect a non-milsim group, and alter the rank structure accordingly. If you had PM'ed me, I'd have been more than happy to make the group thread be more in line with what is apparent that you're trying to accomplish. You guys may not like me, but at the here minimum you should have PM'ed me to let me know that coming after me was a goal, because that's a huge sub @
  2. Qui Derelictus

    You told me that they weren't going to make a NATO group, but it's so clear. Their graphics are obviously NATO.
  3. Qui Derelictus

    Major, I'd have been glad to take this to PMs if they reached out beforehand. As the OP for NATO, because you know I did a lot of writing for that group, I'm going to ask that this thread be archived because it's clearly a rehash. The lore explicitly mentions my group as it's basis and it keeps basically everything, including the desire to RP out military justice. They're clearly trying to be NATO in all but name.
  4. Qui Derelictus

    No, you see you do need to PM me. I'm the OP for NATO and this group is a rehash of that one. You might not find that in the rules, but it's an old community courtesy that when an OP archives a group, they're asked permission before it's brought back. And I definitely should have been PM'ed before you put me in a goal. That's just insane that you thought it was gonna go fine. I only played with you a couple days, you seem like a nice guy, but don't try to be tough on a thread that shouldn't exist. Read above. I know you've run it ICly, and from what I've heard it's had terrible reception by the community.
  5. Qui Derelictus

    I'm pissed that this is getting revived because it shouldn't be here. First, I archived it. Since this is obviously an attempt at reviving that group without my consent it input, I don't think it should exist. I'm the OP for the group, it wasn't a lore faction, and it doesn't belong here anymore. Maybe if y'all had reached out in a PM to let me know you're actually gonna embarrass yourselves beforehand, I'd have been fine. You definitely should have PM'ed me about specifically targeting me. Second, so few of you actually know how to RP like you're in the military. Don't forget that I've seen all of you RP, especially you Blackburn, Mr. Delta Force super soldier. That's not even hyperbole. I'm not confident this group will run well. It might be moderately cohesive, though I doubt it tbh.
  6. Qui Derelictus

    This group is a fucking joke. It's first two primary goals are to target specific members of this community. Kudos for finding the correct article that would be viable to bring me in under, but none of you are in my CoC and none of you are MPs. Also, I haven't deserted. You won't be finding Banks, he was evac'ed by Utes, so that's a wasted venture. You're gonna try to make every person from every military background you find into an American soldier? First, good luck getting any Marines to do that, let alone servicemen from other countries. You won't be setting a good example for military RP, literally two of you are good RP'ers, don't forget I've seen all of you RP as NATO servicemen. Like @Pep said, don't do this group again. You're already sullying the NATO name by dressing in black and shooting civilians and UN members. Honestly, this group should have archived weeks ago and stayed that way. I have no confidence you can do this. None.
  7. Roleplay- Immersion and Believability

    Holy fuck, not this shit again. The human flesh in the meds became a rumor because one of NATO's medics was trading medical supplies and saw literally stacks of meat, which your own doctor in the WHO confirmed was infected human tissue, piled into barrels at Chapavesk with meds in the same containers. Your doctor did not //explain they were emoted as being properly stored and simply said, "uhhh there's not enough space." So yes, please tell me how we should take that IC'ly. Insulting to the WHO? FFS put some effort into actually separating shit and don't confirm it's infected human tissue next time. Also, get a waterproof bag and chuck the meat in there I also tried to get you on TS that day, but you were all hiding in your own TS to "avoid metagame." Can't remember the number of times I spoke to you all about that, but whatever. Let's sort one thing out here. NATO was founded to oppose Russian aggression, but it does not actively provide that function for just anyone. You have to be in NATO to be protected by NATO. Yeah, it does missions in places that aren't NATO member states (ie. Afghanistan), but we didn't stop Russia in Chernarus IG for much the same reason NATO didn't stop Russia in the Ukraine; avoiding WW3 during the Apocalypse seems like a pretty good idea, yeah? As to the whole fact that we "sided" with the CDF and VDV, we were actually ICly and OOCly sidelined. The whole time they pulled shit against you, we were holed up in an apartment with our hands on our heads, later guided to the CDF camp to help people that escaped yours. But why did we do so? Pretty simple, your people in the WHO couldn't tell us that you were actually properly storing what they confirmed to be infected flesh. Turned out the CDF and VDV had different motives, but from an IC perspective, we wanted you out of South Zagoria so that an investigation could be conducted from Utes and Miroslavl. Never happened, oh well. I'll just throw a couple thoughts out there, since you were definitely clearly the only ones ever trying to do anything to advance the lore, the UN never would have been in Chernarus. And before you ask, NATO would have pulled out everyone who was in country because they were massacred, without support, and were combat ineffective. Also, after a nuclear blast wiped out the NATO fleet (????) and we lost contact with our command for a time, we definitely would have left. Back to the UN though. Peacekeepers have, at the very minimum, a 30-day readiness period. So everything that happened in the lore happened from July 12 or something until July 24. Somewhere in there, the UN miraculously deployed. Nope. Not how it works. You would have to hold an emergency Security Council (or GA, but I'm pretty sure it's SC) meeting, approve it, and then wait 30 days so the coalition could be formed. And that's for the high readiness unit. To be frank, that's not the action UN would take. So according to the writing of this lore, the UN lore faction never should have been IG til a month ago at the soonest. The WHO totally could have been, but the head researchers would have been in an area far removed from the outbreak, probably on Utes. The WHO team in South Zagoria would literally only be collecting samples, bringing them to the southern ports, and shipping them to Utes for analysis. Not many researchers would have to go there straight away, nor should they. I'm just sitting here reading day in and day out about how much you all tried. Well, like me in my running of NATO, you fucked up. Own it and move on. I may be hyper realistic in my understanding of how things would make sense, and I get harped on it all the time, because it's "just a game" or "you need to allow for some suspension of reality to have fun." Tbh, no you don't. You can be very realistic (especially in the lead up to the IG lore) and still have room to enjoy things. I thought this was a serious RP community, but as someone said a while ago, things have shifted into an RP-lite mentality and never went back. @ me next time.
  8. Character ideas maybe?

    He may be poorly defining PMC. There are NGOs who provide humanitarian care and also staff their own armed security.
  9. Your song link it broke FYI

  10. Get on TeamSpeak kid, or like Steam jesus I'm trying to speak with you!

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  11. Endeavour's Farm

    It's a shame that they don't care and a shame that those, like you, who do care become too cynical to keep going. But this is not relevant to the discussion of improving this group, so I'm reserving final judgement until I see @Frankie's significant revisions.
  12. Endeavour's Farm

    Which only lets them slip under the radar. But it still sets a precedent, because they affect RP and lore (ie. MS-13 and the UN). IMO, people shouldn't be RPing as these types of groups or characters, period. This is regardless of whether they're dynamic or official. I'm not defending this group, I don't think it should exist and since it's WIP should be archived. But that doesn't change the fact that we have a serious problem of troll RP that's not being discussed too much.
  13. Endeavour's Farm

    I'd just like to take a minute and say that as trolly as this group may seem, it's only following the example that some of the critics in this thread have set through their own character backstories and dynamic groups. MS-13 The Crips Italian Mafia families Western outlaw motorcycle gangs These are all examples of the exact opposite of what we'd expect to find in Chernarus, yet all but one of them (the one we're discussing) has been encountered and affected the lore of several groups this time round. It's gotta stop somewhere.
  14. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I think that most of these things are going to be in Beta. I'll go through the reds that you boxed: Central Economy: I believe this is in already. If not, the demo at Gamescom showed a significant improvement in both loot placement and distribution. Granted, that was a much smaller map covering the greater Staroye area, but you could still see the improvement. New Zombie AI: I dunno honestly, the zombies AI has been tweaked and they are less glitchy than they were. Looking at the Beta, there were zombie performance improvements as well. Advanced Animals (Life Cycle): Literally no idea, honestly. I don't much care if it's in the game and to be frank there is no real benefit to it gameplay-wise. It may have been scrapped due to its extraneous nature. Dynamic Events: I dunno what they mean by this; I'm guessing like supply drops or something. Would be cool, but yeah this wasn't implemented so I agree. Character Life Span +Soft Skills: I believe soft skills will be implemented in Beta, and life span... well honestly that's not a big deal. There is facial hair growth though, so at least we have that? Aerial Transport: Yeah they dropped the ball here. No doubt about that. Console Prototype: I feel like this should be a non-issue for all of us. Unless we were planning to do a DayZRP PS4/Xbox server lol... Animal Companions: A nice to have, but unnecessary detail. Will probably come with mod support. Steam Community + Mod Support: It's going to come with Beta; maybe not right away, but during Beta. I mean, they're a small development team. Yes, Bohemia made a shit ton of money from this side project thanks to Early Access, but it's not the dev team's fault that the profits weren't allocated to this game. Bohemia is who you should be blaming. Has the timeline for development been wholly disappointing? You bet, and it should have been done a while ago. But I haven't seen any evidence that they're cutting and running with the money they made. Games in alpha always disclaim that the final product may not be what was promised or what you experienced. They made creative and pragmatic decisions in their development of the game that you and I may not agree with, but it's their prerogative.
  15. NATO COMFOR (Secure Channel)

    *A man presses down his transmitter* More misinformation from the ever incompetent Second Lieutentant Yuri. Let's clear some things up, shall we Bluebird? What this man fails to mention is that I provided a report to both the CDF and VDV that Yuri himself told me. That was a, now impossible to confirm, report about WHO personnel contaminating medical supplies. Officials from the VDV and CDF took the information, but did not impact their operation which we now know was planned for days prior to me relaying Yuri's report. I never "infiltrated" civilian camps or instigated conflict among civilians. I dressed in civis and spoke to civilians for a five minute period about their opinions of NATO coalition forces to understand their position toward us. I was outed by a peacekeeper that had been relieved of his duties due to severe mental instability. You can confirm his condition with UN command in Miroslavl. I also never denied aid to civilians that requested it of me. I did order NATO personnel to avoid high traffic areas without proper manpower or nearby support. Since you have utterly failed to provide any support to NATO forces in South Zagoria since the storm over a month ago, that was the prudent decision to make in order to preserve the lives of my men. It was a decision that a junior logistics officer would not have the experience to understand. Incompetent and insubordinate servicemen refused to follow this lawful and reasonable directive, damaging the image and effectiveness of coalition forces in-country. Since you decided to abandon us, Bluebird, I'm going to continue the mission the way my team was always expected to. Do not trust this junior officer. His deliberate misinformation is caused by his personal opinions and he has poisoned the minds and morale of the men he now leads. This will be my last transmission. Spartan One out. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*