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  1. Anyone read the modding section in this most recent status report? It sounds like they're opening this up to modding in a much more robust way than we've seen with most AAA games with modding capabilities. Of course, it won't all be available right at Beta, but their goals sound incredible. It can make this server into a completely different game if we have the programming chops.
  2. John

    The Forsaken

    I honestly can't remember you, sorry to say. Dunno when you and I ever met and disagreed about anything. @Blackburn wanna weigh in on the status of your OP and activity?
  3. John

    The Forsaken

    Wow. Honestly shocked this got made official, regardless of my personal opinions about these guys. The "theme song" of cringe is not actually in the spoiler. The "IN CHARACTER" header from the goals section is inexplicably in the LORE spoiler. The "OBJECTIVES" header is listed twice, after the roster. The recruitment spoiler is listed above "FIND YOUR BROTHERS." The OP is a mess, was never updated except to reflect the changes to the roster. This should have remained an ideas thread. @Major, c'mon bud, please.
  4. John

    The Forsaken

    @snfsylva they are trying to play as a weird in-between of soldiers and survivalists. The way they explained it to me, they're tired of NATO (specifically me, even though I was never technically IC'ly in command of the group, thanks to their selective rewriting of their characters to make their ranks higher than me). However, they're not quite ready to give up the sense of duty that being a servicemen instills in you. Idk why they're doing a CP for a group they've been clear is only meant to be temporary. Their real goals are thus: Find Reynolds and Banks because we OOC dislike them and want to target their characters Try to find more people to join us Be heroes, despite raiding, looting, and shooting civilians Work with a militia............................................................................ Survive Nothing is unique, except that they want to target two people who used to run their prior group. If they really want to keep RP'ing as NATO, fuck it, let 'em do it. I think they should remain dynamic, though.
  5. Meh, works for me. I think most survivors would want to give Ground Zero a wide berth, considering they don't have an adequate understanding of radiation. I know I won't be going near there IC'ly.
  6. @Rolle can the location be negotiable? This Safe Zone is dangerously close to Ground Zero, which through your approved lore is heavily irradiated and was classified as a general no-go zone. There's plenty of other decent options for a Safe Zone, but I think you should consider moving it given the official canon of this lore.
  7. Cool, cool. To clarify, From the sound of it, you opposed the Socialists then? Would make sense, as you continued to resist them into the 21st century and they were very secular in their governing system. So for the transnational part, would it be fair to say you're more like Al Shabaab or Boko Haram? Both supported and were affiliated with AQ, but both physically operated in their respective areas. As for the RP, yeah didn't want to push it. But now maybe some people are letting the idea bounce around in their heads a bit. Expanding the Caliphate now definitely puts you in the transnational sphere, so I'm interested to see where it goes from here.
  8. Hello, hello. Wanted to provide some actual feedback on the lore of the group, as well as ask some questions for your RP intentions. I like the backstory here. Seems very Taliban-esque. A tribe or ethnic group with heavily nationalistic and tribalistic upbringings. Had a couple questions about the part I didn't snip: Did you guys take a side in the Takistani coup of 1988? Royalists were supported by the West, Socialists were supported by the USSR. For historical context, the Afghan mujahedeen (very religious) were supported by the US, whereas the government was supported by the USSR. Did you target civilians and make a public spectacle of the attack, making it stand out? In 1989, there was still a significant power struggle going on in Takistan, so your attacks were probably unnoticed and you wouldn't have been labeled a terrorist group until later. Where was the Western influence? Recall that in 1992, the Socialists won the civil war against the US-backed Royalists. They had a strong connection to the USSR, and later Russia. There wasn't much Western influence in Takistan until much later, in 2009. Don't have really any questions with this section. I would only recommend that you move the note about attacking western convoys and stuff to this section, because the West wasn't really present in Takistan until around 2009. It would make perfect sense that in the years since 1989, you became something like the Taliban, controlling illicit trade and smuggling through the country and used that revenue to claim a territory where you could practice extremist tenets without the interference of the Socialist government (which would be heavily opposed to you). A couple questions about these parts: Is the infection where you transitioned into a transnational organization? Prior to this, there was no indication that you were similar to Al Qaeda or ISIS. In fact, you seemed much more similar to groups like the PKK or the Taliban. What I mean by this is that ideologically, organizations like AQ are often focused on spreading their bastardization of Islam across the globe, whereas organizations like the Taliban are much more concerned with domestic issues and don't have an interest in attacking people outside their perceived borders. Will any of your members become infected? I ask because it would be a really, really interesting way to drive internal RP for you. You believe that only nonbelievers or non-devout Muslims can be infected, so I'm wondering if any of you have plans to get infected and force a wedge between those who truly believe that the infection is Allah's will, and those who recognize that perhaps it's really just going to get everyone. Just think that is a cool option for you. Just a few nitpicky things that can help tidy it up: These all seem more like objectives, less like laws. I know it's small, but perhaps consider having someone revisit the graphics? No big deal either way. Expanding the Caliphate... so this is where I have a concern. Like I mentioned before, this organization seems much more like a tribal group that cares more about helping those back in Takistan. They have shown very little initiative to become a transnational organization like AQ or ISIS. Since you're so much more like the Taliban, and since you have the capability to cross back into Takistan using your smuggling routes, I just think it makes more sense for you to not have this kind of an aspiration. If you do have those intentions, I would recommend making it a bit more clear in the lore, as well as trying to set up a stronghold for your forces, if you haven't already. Change the last one to read: "Enforce Al-Takhari's vision of true Islam" because 'the Al-' is redundant. All in all, I think this looks good and can't wait to see you all IG. My PC is finally working again, but I have to reinstall everything. So please don't disappear before my Steam and DayZ are up and running
  9. John

    The Forsaken

    If you're former NATO soldiers, how are you trying to act as a military justice authority? You have no jurisdiction to try me or Banks for anything. Hell your name implies you're all in dereliction, so how can you try me for assertion? It's obvious from reading the comments that have been left that your IC targeting of my character is a result of OOC salt toward my leadership and me personally. Just take Castle's repeated attempts at calling me a meme as evidence of that. Considering there's no reason for you too be trying me ICly, because none of you are no MPs, none of you are in my CoC, and none of you are actually RPing that you're in NATO anymore, I'd appreciate it if that was removed as a goal. It's just targeting someone and is definitely something you should have reached out about before you made the thread. To be clear, when I said "you" I meant the collective you as a group, wasn't talking about you specifically. Lastly, if this isn't a rehash, why are you following the same rank structure from my group, especially if this isn't NATO and you're all former? Everyone look out, actual criticism inbound: You should try to rebrand as something more clearly in dereliction, as your name implies. From a first pass at the lore, the graphics, and the IC and OOC goals, it looks like you're trying to be a military group without being a military group. First, it causes confusion for people like me and a lot of others. Second, if you revise your lore to be less military and about UCMJ, then you can try to pull off a paramilitary group. Write more clearly in the lore that you're former NATO servicemen in dereliction, adjust the IC and OOC goals to reflect a non-milsim group, and alter the rank structure accordingly. If you had PM'ed me, I'd have been more than happy to make the group thread be more in line with what is apparent that you're trying to accomplish. You guys may not like me, but at the here minimum you should have PM'ed me to let me know that coming after me was a goal, because that's a huge sub @
  10. John

    The Forsaken

    You told me that they weren't going to make a NATO group, but it's so clear. Their graphics are obviously NATO.
  11. John

    The Forsaken

    Major, I'd have been glad to take this to PMs if they reached out beforehand. As the OP for NATO, because you know I did a lot of writing for that group, I'm going to ask that this thread be archived because it's clearly a rehash. The lore explicitly mentions my group as it's basis and it keeps basically everything, including the desire to RP out military justice. They're clearly trying to be NATO in all but name.
  12. John

    The Forsaken

    No, you see you do need to PM me. I'm the OP for NATO and this group is a rehash of that one. You might not find that in the rules, but it's an old community courtesy that when an OP archives a group, they're asked permission before it's brought back. And I definitely should have been PM'ed before you put me in a goal. That's just insane that you thought it was gonna go fine. I only played with you a couple days, you seem like a nice guy, but don't try to be tough on a thread that shouldn't exist. Read above. I know you've run it ICly, and from what I've heard it's had terrible reception by the community.
  13. John

    The Forsaken

    I'm pissed that this is getting revived because it shouldn't be here. First, I archived it. Since this is obviously an attempt at reviving that group without my consent it input, I don't think it should exist. I'm the OP for the group, it wasn't a lore faction, and it doesn't belong here anymore. Maybe if y'all had reached out in a PM to let me know you're actually gonna embarrass yourselves beforehand, I'd have been fine. You definitely should have PM'ed me about specifically targeting me. Second, so few of you actually know how to RP like you're in the military. Don't forget that I've seen all of you RP, especially you Blackburn, Mr. Delta Force super soldier. That's not even hyperbole. I'm not confident this group will run well. It might be moderately cohesive, though I doubt it tbh.
  14. John

    The Forsaken

    This group is a fucking joke. It's first two primary goals are to target specific members of this community. Kudos for finding the correct article that would be viable to bring me in under, but none of you are in my CoC and none of you are MPs. Also, I haven't deserted. You won't be finding Banks, he was evac'ed by Utes, so that's a wasted venture. You're gonna try to make every person from every military background you find into an American soldier? First, good luck getting any Marines to do that, let alone servicemen from other countries. You won't be setting a good example for military RP, literally two of you are good RP'ers, don't forget I've seen all of you RP as NATO servicemen. Like @Pep said, don't do this group again. You're already sullying the NATO name by dressing in black and shooting civilians and UN members. Honestly, this group should have archived weeks ago and stayed that way. I have no confidence you can do this. None.
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