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  1. The Marshal

    Item questions

    Desert Eagles can be found in military areas. Belts as well. Sheaths are usually found in industrial/sheds. Sheaths, holsters, and belts can also be crafted from fabric.
  2. The Marshal

    Server Queues

    I go on S1 to play with my friends. Our home is there. Our allies are there. That's where I'm gonna go. If queue is gonna kick me, I'm going to go play something else until it dies down or spam to get in. I have no interest or reason to go to S2. So, take it as you will. Bitch and moan at me as you will, but it's my choice and not yours what server I go to. I have my reasons.
  3. The Marshal

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Sounds similar to the way Dead Frontier 2 handles their cosmetic items @Sacralegend
  4. The Marshal

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Then where’s the line drawn? Because buying a full BDU kit gives you three times the inventory slots. Assault boots allow you to carry a knife. Gloves protect your hands from ladders. Are those not all advantages? Where’s the line?
  5. The Marshal

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    Man, I’d be one happy fucking camper if we could get RP items and basic gear (compass, map, hunting knife, maybe even bags and civ weapons at a premium price) in the item shop. Doubtful it would ever happen, but 10/10 I’d buy.
  6. The Marshal

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    I would think a free item every 2-3 months would make more sense. Otherwise, Roland would have to ensure at least 2 new clothing items came out every 30 days to keep up on profit otherwise people would just freebie the new item as it pieces in. And turning out that amount of new content in less than 30 days would be quite demanding.
  7. The Marshal

    Discord emotes

    Sounds like somebody has their mind too wrapped up in their own political views. Pepe isn't a political symbol. Some snowflakes crying about a cartoon frog being used to mock their idiocy doesn't make it a political symbol. Period, end of story. Play the game and enjoy the community, leave your politics and ideology at the door please. You'll be more likable, because right now I can't take you seriously.
  8. The Marshal

    The Trade

    It's looking good, but GG on boxing in two wood spawns. You boys are gonna get raided just for that by some unhappy people. My suggestion is never box up resources others will want, especially ones not wholly common in that area.
  9. The Marshal

    Real life picture Thread

    Photos of me throughout the years:
  10. The Marshal

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    I thought it was 99,999 seconds? Honestly, I don’t see an issue with this. Yeah, I take issue with everyone hoarding all the good equipment (I haven’t seen an AK or high tier military weapon spawn in a week) but this isn’t the issue you’re discussing. I’d be all for removing the ability to store guns at all in anything but gun racks, and limiting the amount of guns a group/base can have. Everything else is fine.
  11. The Marshal

    Metagaming changes

    +1, love the new rules and this is how alive always tried to RP while people are around
  12. The Marshal

    Baada Ka, "The Chief"

    #FakeChief #NotOurChief
  13. The Marshal

    Life is Feudal?

    I loved LiF during my time on it, I dumped 400 hours into that game over 6-7 weeks and that’s literally all I did outside of work. It was amazing RP for me. however, against community wishes, the server, characters, and skills were wiped to ‘promote activity’ as things had gotten stagnant for some. This killed the game for me, that all that grinding would be flushed down the toilet based on a whim, and it is for that reason that i will never play another stat based game that involves grinding of that caliber hosted by DayZRP again. My vote is no for the above, it will take away from our main game and just breed frustrations out of rash decision making or poor choices like it was plagued with last time. Not to mention the fact that LiF staff went inactive like a week in.
  14. The Marshal

    Make the ballistic Mask go in the face mask slot

    No thanks, what the Devs did makes the most sense.
  15. The Marshal

    The Marshal

    Ladies and Gentlemen... We’re back at it.

    1. Ender


      are you though?

    2. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      Been on the server for 4-10 hours a day for the last week. You tell me.

    3. Ender


      got in game for the first time last night in a long while so you got me beat. Lol

    4. Aiko


      I'll find you soon tm

    5. SpaceCowboy



  16. The Marshal

    RDM and Attempted RDM S1 03:15 Pavlovo

    So, for clarifications sake, and from my understanding of the explanation, an interaction happened at Pavlovo Military in which somebody shot at QuietPro's character, and shots were fired *there*. They chased their aggressor in the direction of Pavlovo town and lost sight of them. In town, They then see Thatcher (Wearing black jeans, a denim jacket, a ballcap, and a black plate carrier with a SCAR L Rifle) and use lethal force to attempt to subdue this person. Mildly understandable. Thatcher did attempt to make vocal contact with you but it seems you were too concerned with retreating. The accused defense in DMs is that my friends shouldn't have been in a firefight zone. But they weren't, as the shots exchanged were in Pavlovo Military between the accused and his alleged 'conman', not the town, and once shots started getting fired at us we turtled up. Then you come back around, start poking in and around sheds, passing by inside of 5 feet of me and Thatcher, then open the shed where @LoreRp was just logging in and shoot him (For visualization, Lore was wearing black military boots, CUU Woodland military pants, Olive field jacket, olive tactical vest, and a black cowboy hat, looking *Nothing* like the alleged shooter from the military) What I don't understand is how someone just goes around lighting up everyone in the next town over because they got shot at in the nearby military installation regardless of how those people look or are dressed. The aggressor as you describe them "Looking like [Thatcher]" would mean they're wearing civilian clothing with a black plate carrier, yet you also killed someone else wearing all green and a cowboy hat. The only thing that was the same across both victims in this case was they both had SCAR rifles, which is rare and might be used as an identifier in some cases, but unfortunately for the accused this resulted in him not PIDing his targets, fucking up one friend who was saved only by the grace of his plate carrier and murdering another before he even logged all the way in.
  17. The Marshal

    RDM and Attempted RDM S1 03:15 Pavlovo

    Mattis Reese POV: While swapping servers from server 2 to 1 to meet up with @ItzThatcher, as he had run all the way from EDEN to us to meet up only to find out we were on different servers, we're informed that he was shot at by an unknown party, and vaguely describes the individual he saw in a field. Upon logging in, we are debating filing an attempted RDM report and are all posted up in sheds and such while debating this, and @LoreRp was just logging in as he had been at the back of the queue. I heard a set of footsteps run past my shed, open a few doors near me, then run across the street and I heard about 8-10 gunshots go off in rapid succession. I ran from my shed as @LoreRp exclaimed that he just logged in dead, and ran to where he had logged out. The suspect in question ran out of the shed I knew Lore to have been in, with Lore's rifle in hand, and made a beeline right for me. Understanding the situation in the moment to be that this man just gunned down my friend in cold blood, I shot him six times as his gun came up, killing him. I called it out, Thatcher came over and said "That's the same fucking guy that tried to kill me at the store, yep, that's him", and then 20 seconds later, the server crashed. I talked to the accused over DMs, and as you can see in the attatched screenshots of said DMs, the individual in question admits to shooting Lore, fails to explain why he shot at my other friend, fails to do anything but offer excuses and gives an 'oh well' attitude about the whole encounter, denying fault and even going so far as to call my friend dumb for logging out in a shed, and me being obtuse for not being satisfied with his responses, in which the whole time it's just him excusing his actions and being irritated he's not being automatically pardoned. And yes, perhaps I'm being a bit of an asshole, but that's how I'm going to act to somebody that just yeeted my friend in his first hour on the server that then doesn't even offer an apology.
  18. Not much is known about Mattis, he doesn't enjoy talking about himself a whole lot. In fact, he doesn't like talking a whole lot in general. But one this is for sure, people will agree, if you're ever stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the clothes on your back, he's the guy you want with you in the moment. An avid survivalist in a previous lifetime perhaps, or a learned skill after the fact, nobody knows. The way he carries himself is not one of blatant confidence, but it isn't shrunken in either. More wound up, present and aware.
  19. The Marshal

    Skin Mask Questions

    Just make it where the skin mask places you as KOSable. Problem solved. Wear it if you feel like riding the dangerzone or something, but I know if I was in this situation irl and somebody is wearing a Texas Chainsaw Massacre human face mask, I'm blowing their brains out no questions asked because the only person who wears human skin as an accessory is going to be a crazy killer. also @Mademoiselle you can't weld flesh to flesh. Not 'permanently' or rendering the person helpless to remove it. Superglue is the closest you'd get, which solvent would be an easy solution.
  20. The Marshal

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    granted, but you get banned the same day they return. I wish I could read people's minds and intentions.
  21. The Marshal

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Oldtimer 9/10
  22. The Marshal

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    nope Burgz
  23. The Marshal

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10/10 Feels trippy, and interesting. Creative for sure.
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