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The Marshal


"The Past Is A Statement. The Future Is A Question."

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  1. The Marshal

    The Marshal

    "So why did you kill your complying hostage?"

    "Because he said a mean thing!"

    "So you killed a compliant hostage that was just trying to roleplay, thus ending all roleplay abruptly, because-"

    "Because he said a mean thing."

    *Facepalm* "...Okay."

    1. ExoticRP


      "So why do you hide all day?"

      "Because our roleplay is the only good roleplay!"

      "So you hide from everyone trying to roleplay with you, thus ending all roleplay possible because-"

      "Bandits are bad!"

      *Facepalm* ".....Okay."

    2. evanm23


      exotic omg 

    3. Flashy



    4. Dr Willsky

      Dr Willsky

      @The Marshal DW buddy @ExoticRainbow told me all of his men were 'expendable'  

    5. Rory


      @ExoticRainbow we never once stated that our roleplay is the only good roleplay. get your facts straight  before you shit on someone's RP style. We just don't like getting squadwiped by people that have absolutely no reason to fuck with us. That's why we stay hidden away from most people. because in an actual IRL situation, if you knew there were people out there trying to kill you, you wouldn't run out there and serve your head to them on a silver plate.

    6. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      @ExoticRainbow Welp, no idea why you're 'attempting' to take a shit on my profile, but if you'll notice, I am (A) Not a part of any group, and (B) I walk the streets just like most people. I don't 'hide' anywhere. lmao. Go shitpost elsewhere please instead of embarrassing yourself talking about shit you don't know while you try to look cool for your friends beans.

    7. ExoticRP


      lmao issa meme

    8. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      It's disrespect and misinformation, take it elsewhere.

    9. Jamie


      Can we behave like pleasant human beings please? If not, I'll slap banstrikes. Thanks. 

    10. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      I'd absolutely love to, if the meme team would quit trying to bean farm on my profile with flamebait aimed at my former group.

    11. Puncture



    12. Jamie


      Again, cut the shit. If you have an issue with someone, take it to PMs. You putting up a sarcastic post on here is just asking for a response. Since we can't act maturely about it, this can be locked down.