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"The Past Is A Statement. The Future Is A Question."

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  2. The Marshal

You gotta come back man!!

  1. The Marshal

    The Marshal

    I've been in and out for the last week or so. See if you can find me.

  • The Marshal

    Skin Mask Questions

    Just make it where the skin mask places you as KOSable. Problem solved. Wear it if you feel like riding the dangerzone or something, but I know if I was in this situation irl and somebody is wearing a Texas Chainsaw Massacre human face mask, I'm blowing their brains out no questions asked because the only person who wears human skin as an accessory is going to be a crazy killer. also @Mademoiselle you can't weld flesh to flesh. Not 'permanently' or rendering the person helpless to remove it. Superglue is the closest you'd get, which solvent would be an easy solution.
  • The Marshal

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    granted, but you get banned the same day they return. I wish I could read people's minds and intentions.
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    1. The Marshal

      The Marshal

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      Wow, totally forgot you recorded that!

  • The Marshal

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Oldtimer 9/10
  • The Marshal

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    nope Burgz
  • The Marshal

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10/10 Feels trippy, and interesting. Creative for sure.
  • The Marshal


  • The Marshal


  • The Marshal

    The Marshal


    Artwork by @Mischief

    (She's currently accepting commissions, if you have some art that needs done.)

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  • The Marshal

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    I’m not against an unban wave. I actually support it. If those people don’t come back, they don’t come back. If they do, there’s a chance to revitalize the community and revive the roleplay. Dont get me wrong, the people saying ‘no’ certainly have valid points and concerns, however in my opinion the result is worth the risk, even if minor damage control is required. Revoke their white lists, make them reapply, start them off at 20 points for 90 days. The world was built on risk. Rolle took a risk when he opened this server and put money into it. That risk paid off. I took a risk quitting one job to go to another, that risk paid off. Those were real life choices with real consequences, be it financial or whatever. This is a fucking game, if someone comes back and shoots you for not liking a nugget, get over it. Staff will clean up the messes in time as they always have and those that jumped on wagons before who actually care to mind themselves will help inject more life into this place.
  • The Marshal

    I Will Find You [Open Frequency]

    *The radio beeps in his damp hands as he thinks back on what Emmrich had told him about the woman.* *The transmission cuts out.*
  • The Marshal

    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    “How long?” Diane asks as she watches Mr. Dalca work. “Two hours? Maybe less, depends on how badly the bearing is shot, if I need to replace the whole thing or just a partial. “Alright…..can’t be helped I guess.” Diane sighs, standing up and moving away from the floor access to the generator below. She headed back to the upper deck where Andreea and John are sitting, frowning slightly as she watched Andreea, sitting beside John, laugh at something he said and then reach over and pat his knee, her hand lingering for a moment. Glancing at John she notices his lack of response to this, oblivious to the girls attempts to blatantly flirt with him. A slight smile touches her lips as she watches him lift his gaze to hers, his expression changing from one of mild amusement with his conversational partner to something more intimate as he gazes at her, she smiles more openly at him and finally steps away from the galley stairs. His gaze turns questioning as she moves to sit across from the pair, their boat at anchor among a large number of like ships. Sitting back in her seat, crossing her legs and spreading her arms wide to lay them across the backs of the cushions. “Two hours or less, he needs to gain access to it first to see how much work is entailed. Either way we’re here for awhile.” “Good that means we can talk some more John….I can call you John right? Dad does…” Andreea interrupted, her gaze trying to catch John’s as he cast a somewhat curious look back in her direction before looking towards the galley hatch. “Uh...yeah sure…..I guess. There’s no way he can speed this up? It’s one thing to be sitting here at night but….” John started, looking back at Diane. “He know’s what he’s doing John, don’t interrupt or get in the way. You wouldn’t want him to start questioning you on how to handle your gun now would you?” she comments, a small twitch appearing on her lips at the sudden look of irritation on his face at the thought. “Fine...fine….” “OH yes….daddy has always been really good with boats. I keep telling him though we need a bigger one. This one is growing so small. It was good for when I was little but there isn’t much room to spread around on it anymore, I’m so much older now.” Diane glanced at the young woman, watching as she untied the front of her cover up and slipped it from her shoulders as John turned to look at her in confusion at her statement. She let the cover up slip from her bare shoulders revealing the halter top she was wearing, trying her best to keep John looking at her that Diane almost laughed aloud as he looked back at her, giving Diane a bewildered expression. Rolling her eyes for a moment then crossing her own arms, rewarded with a flicker in John’s gaze downward she smiles over at the younger woman, a pouting expression starting to appear on the girl's face as John continued to not pick up on her flirtations. “Oh yes….I know my Daddy….by the time we kids were eighteen he was saying he needed to buy us each our own yacht. Told us all if we developed big enough ego’s we’d need something that large to carry them around in. Daddy did so spoil us….” her tone deliberately flippant and sounding completely self-absorbed, Diane looked at John as his expression changed. He was now looking at her as if she’d gone off the deep end. She fought hard to keep from laughing, as the young woman finally looked at Diane and asked, her tone less pleasant than when she was addressing John. “Oh you had a boat growing up?” “Yes dear, we did…” “I’m sure they didn’t make boats like this one way back then……” Andreea started. Her smile freezing on her face, she looked the younger woman over for a moment, noting the eyes gleaming in triumph at the blow. “You're right, they didn’t…...back then they weren’t as mass produced as they are today, you actually had to spend a small fortune unlike today where any man can get a bank loan and own a boat.” Diane looked at John for a moment, his gaze narrowing on her, already picking up on her mood and trying to give her a warning, she ignored it. She glanced at the younger woman, fury now evident in her gaze as she opened and closed her mouth several times before finally gazing past Diane’s shoulder. “That’s the type of boat Daddy promised we’d get next.” she managed to finally cry out, lifting her hand and pointing at a large yacht cruising into the small bay. Diane watched John’s head snap up to look past her, she half turned in her seat for a moment seeing the Yacht moving swiftly through the water, she and John slid from their seats and hit the deck at almost the same moment. Diane reached out and grabbed Andreea by the wrist, hissing at her to get down as a second boat appeared around peninsula. “Get the fuck down!” Andreea looked about to protest then seeing the pair already on the deck she also slid down, realizing at the last moment the danger they were in. As the trio watched the yacht, cruising at high speed, it was making for the shore and the nearby pier, unfortunately the cutter behind it was gaining and once clear of the peninsula guns on board began firing, their trail visible in the water as the bullets cut through it. A few seconds later, a larger gun fired, missing the speeding yacht by the barest of margins on the first shot, sending up a huge splash of water at the larger calibre. The second shot didn’t miss. It tore into the yacht, ripping it open and sending it listing badly as it began to take on water through it’s shattered hull. The smaller guns continued to fire, the people on board trying to flee to the water to escape but being mowed down mercilessly. The trio stayed low and eventually managed to open the hatch and escape down into the galley, watching the cutter finish the yacht through the portholes there. John secured the hatch and Diane got Mr. Dalca’s attention, getting him above deck to comfort his daughter as they all sat in the galley, watching as the cutter cruised slowly through the wreckage, an occasional shot sounding as the passengers were finished off. The yacht itself steadily sank below the surface, and after cruising around for a little while, the cutter began to make a slow pass of the other ships anchored nearby, slowly and deliberately checking each one out. Everyone remained quiet and did not move as it got closer and closer to their location, pausing here and there, it’s engines cutting back then powering back up to pick up speed. The wake of the cutter sent their boat bobbing in the water as it passed, Mr. Dalca covering his daughter's mouth as she opened it to scream in fear. They waited some more as the cutter cruised the small bay a couple more times then abruptly changed course and revved the engines up, heading back out to open water. “How soon…” John whispered, still trying to keep their noise level low. “Not long…..I’ll have it fixed as fast as I can.” “Good…..we can’t stay here.” “Agreed.” The story continues, after almost a year of waiting. There's a lot to cover now.
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    The Marshal


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      It's the return of the shadow ranger!

  • The Marshal

    The Marshal

    *The winds shift, almost unsteadily, as something that departed long ago looms in the background, waiting. Maybe debating....*


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      The Marshal returns.


      Welcome back mate.

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      Well well well... Haven't seen this mate in some time. Good to see you back around.

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