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  1. lol i hope you become active in game again and the rest of the guys

  2. Desert Eagles can be found in military areas. Belts as well. Sheaths are usually found in industrial/sheds. Sheaths, holsters, and belts can also be crafted from fabric.
  3. I go on S1 to play with my friends. Our home is there. Our allies are there. That's where I'm gonna go. If queue is gonna kick me, I'm going to go play something else until it dies down or spam to get in. I have no interest or reason to go to S2. So, take it as you will. Bitch and moan at me as you will, but it's my choice and not yours what server I go to. I have my reasons.
  4. Sounds similar to the way Dead Frontier 2 handles their cosmetic items @Sacralegend
  5. Then where’s the line drawn? Because buying a full BDU kit gives you three times the inventory slots. Assault boots allow you to carry a knife. Gloves protect your hands from ladders. Are those not all advantages? Where’s the line?
  6. Man, I’d be one happy fucking camper if we could get RP items and basic gear (compass, map, hunting knife, maybe even bags and civ weapons at a premium price) in the item shop. Doubtful it would ever happen, but 10/10 I’d buy.
  7. I would think a free item every 2-3 months would make more sense. Otherwise, Roland would have to ensure at least 2 new clothing items came out every 30 days to keep up on profit otherwise people would just freebie the new item as it pieces in. And turning out that amount of new content in less than 30 days would be quite demanding.
  8. Sounds like somebody has their mind too wrapped up in their own political views. Pepe isn't a political symbol. Some snowflakes crying about a cartoon frog being used to mock their idiocy doesn't make it a political symbol. Period, end of story. Play the game and enjoy the community, leave your politics and ideology at the door please. You'll be more likable, because right now I can't take you seriously.
  9. The Marshal

    The Trade

    It's looking good, but GG on boxing in two wood spawns. You boys are gonna get raided just for that by some unhappy people. My suggestion is never box up resources others will want, especially ones not wholly common in that area.
  10. Photos of me throughout the years:
  11. I thought it was 99,999 seconds? Honestly, I don’t see an issue with this. Yeah, I take issue with everyone hoarding all the good equipment (I haven’t seen an AK or high tier military weapon spawn in a week) but this isn’t the issue you’re discussing. I’d be all for removing the ability to store guns at all in anything but gun racks, and limiting the amount of guns a group/base can have. Everything else is fine.
  12. +1, love the new rules and this is how alive always tried to RP while people are around
  13. #FakeChief #NotOurChief
  14. I loved LiF during my time on it, I dumped 400 hours into that game over 6-7 weeks and that’s literally all I did outside of work. It was amazing RP for me. however, against community wishes, the server, characters, and skills were wiped to ‘promote activity’ as things had gotten stagnant for some. This killed the game for me, that all that grinding would be flushed down the toilet based on a whim, and it is for that reason that i will never play another stat based game that involves grinding of that caliber hosted by DayZRP again. My vote is no for the above, it will take away from our main game and just breed frustrations out of rash decision making or poor choices like it was plagued with last time. Not to mention the fact that LiF staff went inactive like a week in.
  15. No thanks, what the Devs did makes the most sense.
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