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  1. *Shane took the radio from 'Lo and held the PTT down, speaking in a deep, south 'tinged voice.* "Disregard." *Static*
  2. "Solid Copy. See you there."
  3. "Negative, push ETA to 60-70 Mikes, Over."
  4. *He sniffs, depressing the PTT, ignoring the mention of maps and such that he didn't possess.* "Fox... No, I'm not saying that. Private, move to last determined location...." *He speaks, sounding frustrated and disappointed.* "Mike-Delta-Two-Seven, Rendezvous at... Standby." *He looked at his map.* "031101 Keypad Niner. How Copy? Over."
  5. *Depresses PTT. Laughter might be heard in the background, and the crunching of gravel.* "Solid Copy. Mike-Delta-Two-Seven, are you capable of relocating to a rendezvous location, will attempt to render aid."
  6. *He seems to relax a bit., his voice loosening up.* "Alright, calm down with this shit. We're three years in. Who are you looking for?" *He sniffs a bit, his nose feeling stuffed slightly.* "Good to know there's more of us out there, by the way..."
  7. *Sutherland halts abruptly, hearing Summers' radio errupting on his belt. He gestures, and Summers tosses him the radio with some comment or other he didn't bother listening too, probably 'here you go, maaaaan'. He listened to the repeated message, then depressed the PTT.* "This is Long-Dog 1, broadcasting to the prior unit on this net. Mike-Delta-Two, We read you Five-By-Five. Do not broadcast on this frequency your exact location, it is not known if it is secure. Break. What is your reason for transmission. Over."
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  8. Lmao, I'm not random, nor am I relevant. I tend to stay in the background unless I'm working with students, teaching them the fundamentals of roleplay. But THIS was too good to stay silent on. Keep going on what? I said my piece, this thread is garbage. Why thank you, I try, my characters usually have a lot of effort put into them, at least the two mains I have. <3
  9. I think this just needs to be killed right here and /closed. I can't take someone serious when they come out and pretty much say 'I'm new but I'm educated and relevant so listen to me trashtalk your community and insult all of you' essentially. This dude has been in nothing but reports and bans from all his posts, his words hold absolutely no weight with me.
  10. I'm... What? Dude, please, just... like, go back to or something, don't come take a dump in our cornflakes because you're bored. It sounds like you got pooped on by some 'key' (As you call it) player and failed in the report because they followed rules. What the hell even is a 'key' player? Who's key? Please. Elaborate.
  11. True story. Pop tarts have now been banned from the interior of all vehicles occupied by me, while driving anyway.
  12. The struggles are what, in my mind, make the characters human. What made them act the way they do now? Why are they bitter to the world, what soured their personality? Or what did the opposite? Some of the experiences are first hand, for myself. Such a Shame i know how it feels to be shot in a vital area. Others are taken directly or inspired by real stories told by a friend of mine who was former USMC Force Recon, and several who are local Law Enforcement. They tell me stories and experiences to help me develop characters at times.
  13. Fixed, no more large vehicles being manipulated around!