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  1. The Marshal

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    granted, but you get banned the same day they return. I wish I could read people's minds and intentions.
  2. The Marshal

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Oldtimer 9/10
  3. The Marshal

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    nope Burgz
  4. The Marshal

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    10/10 Feels trippy, and interesting. Creative for sure.
  5. The Marshal


  6. The Marshal


  7. The Marshal

    Mass-unban and a separate whitelist for Mod.

    I’m not against an unban wave. I actually support it. If those people don’t come back, they don’t come back. If they do, there’s a chance to revitalize the community and revive the roleplay. Dont get me wrong, the people saying ‘no’ certainly have valid points and concerns, however in my opinion the result is worth the risk, even if minor damage control is required. Revoke their white lists, make them reapply, start them off at 20 points for 90 days. The world was built on risk. Rolle took a risk when he opened this server and put money into it. That risk paid off. I took a risk quitting one job to go to another, that risk paid off. Those were real life choices with real consequences, be it financial or whatever. This is a fucking game, if someone comes back and shoots you for not liking a nugget, get over it. Staff will clean up the messes in time as they always have and those that jumped on wagons before who actually care to mind themselves will help inject more life into this place.
  8. The Marshal

    I Will Find You [Open Frequency]

    *The radio beeps in his damp hands as he thinks back on what Emmrich had told him about the woman.* *The transmission cuts out.*
  9. The Marshal

    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    “How long?” Diane asks as she watches Mr. Dalca work. “Two hours? Maybe less, depends on how badly the bearing is shot, if I need to replace the whole thing or just a partial. “Alright…..can’t be helped I guess.” Diane sighs, standing up and moving away from the floor access to the generator below. She headed back to the upper deck where Andreea and John are sitting, frowning slightly as she watched Andreea, sitting beside John, laugh at something he said and then reach over and pat his knee, her hand lingering for a moment. Glancing at John she notices his lack of response to this, oblivious to the girls attempts to blatantly flirt with him. A slight smile touches her lips as she watches him lift his gaze to hers, his expression changing from one of mild amusement with his conversational partner to something more intimate as he gazes at her, she smiles more openly at him and finally steps away from the galley stairs. His gaze turns questioning as she moves to sit across from the pair, their boat at anchor among a large number of like ships. Sitting back in her seat, crossing her legs and spreading her arms wide to lay them across the backs of the cushions. “Two hours or less, he needs to gain access to it first to see how much work is entailed. Either way we’re here for awhile.” “Good that means we can talk some more John….I can call you John right? Dad does…” Andreea interrupted, her gaze trying to catch John’s as he cast a somewhat curious look back in her direction before looking towards the galley hatch. “Uh...yeah sure…..I guess. There’s no way he can speed this up? It’s one thing to be sitting here at night but….” John started, looking back at Diane. “He know’s what he’s doing John, don’t interrupt or get in the way. You wouldn’t want him to start questioning you on how to handle your gun now would you?” she comments, a small twitch appearing on her lips at the sudden look of irritation on his face at the thought. “Fine...fine….” “OH yes….daddy has always been really good with boats. I keep telling him though we need a bigger one. This one is growing so small. It was good for when I was little but there isn’t much room to spread around on it anymore, I’m so much older now.” Diane glanced at the young woman, watching as she untied the front of her cover up and slipped it from her shoulders as John turned to look at her in confusion at her statement. She let the cover up slip from her bare shoulders revealing the halter top she was wearing, trying her best to keep John looking at her that Diane almost laughed aloud as he looked back at her, giving Diane a bewildered expression. Rolling her eyes for a moment then crossing her own arms, rewarded with a flicker in John’s gaze downward she smiles over at the younger woman, a pouting expression starting to appear on the girl's face as John continued to not pick up on her flirtations. “Oh yes….I know my Daddy….by the time we kids were eighteen he was saying he needed to buy us each our own yacht. Told us all if we developed big enough ego’s we’d need something that large to carry them around in. Daddy did so spoil us….” her tone deliberately flippant and sounding completely self-absorbed, Diane looked at John as his expression changed. He was now looking at her as if she’d gone off the deep end. She fought hard to keep from laughing, as the young woman finally looked at Diane and asked, her tone less pleasant than when she was addressing John. “Oh you had a boat growing up?” “Yes dear, we did…” “I’m sure they didn’t make boats like this one way back then……” Andreea started. Her smile freezing on her face, she looked the younger woman over for a moment, noting the eyes gleaming in triumph at the blow. “You're right, they didn’t…...back then they weren’t as mass produced as they are today, you actually had to spend a small fortune unlike today where any man can get a bank loan and own a boat.” Diane looked at John for a moment, his gaze narrowing on her, already picking up on her mood and trying to give her a warning, she ignored it. She glanced at the younger woman, fury now evident in her gaze as she opened and closed her mouth several times before finally gazing past Diane’s shoulder. “That’s the type of boat Daddy promised we’d get next.” she managed to finally cry out, lifting her hand and pointing at a large yacht cruising into the small bay. Diane watched John’s head snap up to look past her, she half turned in her seat for a moment seeing the Yacht moving swiftly through the water, she and John slid from their seats and hit the deck at almost the same moment. Diane reached out and grabbed Andreea by the wrist, hissing at her to get down as a second boat appeared around peninsula. “Get the fuck down!” Andreea looked about to protest then seeing the pair already on the deck she also slid down, realizing at the last moment the danger they were in. As the trio watched the yacht, cruising at high speed, it was making for the shore and the nearby pier, unfortunately the cutter behind it was gaining and once clear of the peninsula guns on board began firing, their trail visible in the water as the bullets cut through it. A few seconds later, a larger gun fired, missing the speeding yacht by the barest of margins on the first shot, sending up a huge splash of water at the larger calibre. The second shot didn’t miss. It tore into the yacht, ripping it open and sending it listing badly as it began to take on water through it’s shattered hull. The smaller guns continued to fire, the people on board trying to flee to the water to escape but being mowed down mercilessly. The trio stayed low and eventually managed to open the hatch and escape down into the galley, watching the cutter finish the yacht through the portholes there. John secured the hatch and Diane got Mr. Dalca’s attention, getting him above deck to comfort his daughter as they all sat in the galley, watching as the cutter cruised slowly through the wreckage, an occasional shot sounding as the passengers were finished off. The yacht itself steadily sank below the surface, and after cruising around for a little while, the cutter began to make a slow pass of the other ships anchored nearby, slowly and deliberately checking each one out. Everyone remained quiet and did not move as it got closer and closer to their location, pausing here and there, it’s engines cutting back then powering back up to pick up speed. The wake of the cutter sent their boat bobbing in the water as it passed, Mr. Dalca covering his daughter's mouth as she opened it to scream in fear. They waited some more as the cutter cruised the small bay a couple more times then abruptly changed course and revved the engines up, heading back out to open water. “How soon…” John whispered, still trying to keep their noise level low. “Not long…..I’ll have it fixed as fast as I can.” “Good…..we can’t stay here.” “Agreed.” The story continues, after almost a year of waiting. There's a lot to cover now.
  10. The Marshal

    New to RP cant wait to play.

    Welcome! I have a background in physical forensics myself, specially in ballistics and blood spatter analysis. Careful. This place will suck you in! lol
  11. The Marshal

    Let's switch to Discord

    I use discord. For text chat among co-workers within the Sheriff's Office. TEXT CHAT. ONLY. I don't use voice. I don't like it. I don't want it. If we switch to discord, you'll never see me, I'll be in another Teamspeak with my friends chatting while I RP. Ciao
  12. The Marshal

    Killers Looking for Victims [Permadeaths Only]

    STATUS: ACTIVE KILLER'S NAME: John Waters CHARACTER PAGE: Click Here TYPE OF KILLER: A lawman ready to protect the public. DYNAMIC/PLANNED/BOTH: BOTH AVAILABILITY (SERVER TIME & DAYS): Weekends, weekdays after 12:00 NOTES (OPTIONAL): John is a killer of killers and negative karma characters. He's here for those who lived or fought against the law, and want to go out that way. Are you a killer, a kidnapper, a torturer, a rapist, or done some sort of unspeakable things? Here's the option for you. There's criteria, though. John won't straight kill people without reason, he's a very moral person. For now. A U.S. Federal Marshal that still believes in the good of law, someone who's sleight of word is almost as good as his sleight of hand on the draw. Expect conversation, a discussion, an exploration of what caused you to do the things you did. He'll decide what to do with you after that. I'm very easy going on the planning part, feel free to PM me and we'll see what it is you want served up, as long as it makes sense.
  13. The Marshal

    [Discussion Thread] Killers Looking for Victims.

    Well, like he said, you don't need to involve yourself in the scripting if you dont want. I'm down for this, I like the idea. Hell, I might even add in Deputy Marshal Waters as kinda a 'good guy' of killers for people who have negative karma characters. Considering he had a kill count of somewhere in the high 70's last lore, mostly people who threatened him or his group.
  14. The Marshal

    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    It was a couple of evenings later, anchored among a few abandoned boats that they had a visitor. It was near dawn and as John and Diane were in their aft cabin, laying there talking when they heard a noise then felt the boat shift slightly. Tensing for a moment then slipping from the bunk John quietly dressed and grabbed his weapon, signaling for Diane to stay when she attempted to also slip from the bunk he quietly eased the door open a crack as the sound of someone moving on the deck could be heard above them. The hatch to the galley opened and someone came quietly down the stairs they didn’t see him step from the cabin swiftly and silently. The first indication they were not alone on board was when the cool muzzle of the gun pressed against the back of their head, slightly above the ear. “You’re going to raise those hands where I can see them and then slowly turn around to face those stairs.” John ordered, his voice low and menacing. The visitor did as ordered and as John slipped around him, spotting Diane as she appeared at the door, one of his shirts pulled on, her gun in hand as she raised it as well. “Now, I’m going to go up these stairs and you’re going to follow, you reach for anything, she shoots you, you try anything to her I’ll shoot you, got it? Their visitor, now clearly visible, was a younger man, soaked from his swim, nodded and carefully started to make his way up the stairs following John up. As they gained the deck, he nodded for Diane to remain below, shifting slightly to look back at her. That was when a piece of the wall by the galley entrance exploded and the crack of a rifle came with it. Grabbing the visitor and using him as a shield he quickly scanned the shore, knowing from where the bullet impacted that that was where it had come from. Raising his voice to be carried across the water John called out, “Step out, NOW, Rifle pointed down at the ground!” He yelled forcefully. “You can try that shot again, but you’ll either kill your friend or miss entirely, judging by your poor marksmanship! Throw the gun in the water.” “You or the gun, boy. Which ones taking a swim?” (When the shooter hesitates, alluding John will shoot him and he sleeps with the fish) There is only a few moments of hesitation before a figure steps from the shadows on shore, rifle pointed down, the person does as instructed walking towards the waterline and throwing the rifle far out into the surf. Pushing the wet man towards the side, John is about to instruct him to leave the boat when Diane catches his attention with a hushed voice. “John, down the coast.” Letting his eyes move in the direction indicated he tenses for a moment, thinking another shooter is appearing, but curses a moment before placing a hand on the visitors back and shoving him into the water, calling out as he does. “You had better swim straight for shore before those things, drawn by your friends gunfire, catch up to you.” he indicates the direction with a wave of his pistol, along the shore multiple infected are now appearing, moving directly towards the location of the person standing there, their arms now waving frantically for a few moments before he turns and takes off back into the trees. Diane hurries up to the deck, more fully dressed, getting the motor started and lifting the anchor, their position no longer safe. As the boat builds a little speed John can see the visitor finally making shore, his legs unsteady as he tries to gain his footing, the infected almost upon him. He then heads for the treeline. The last thing they see is the infected following the movement, then a scream carried across the water as someone falls victim to them.
  15. The Marshal

    Falling Stars [John Waters]

    As time passed the kid began to get sicker and sicker, his parents both fretted that he had somehow gotten his wound infected. Diane and John were loath to break the news of what they suspected was happening. Mihaela was constantly in attendance to her son, Diane tried to draw her away, telling her it might be in her best interest to rest, take some time for herself. She didn’t want to tell her that if her son was infected with this virus that had been spoken off in the news they didn’t know how it was transmitted. The pair had taken to spending a lot of time above deck, hoping it wasn’t airborne. John revealed to Diane that when he’d treated Andrei he’d noticed that the wound was actually a bite, so there was the possibility that was fluid based. They didn’t know and that was the scariest part. How long did they have, how was it transmitted, what could they expect. So many things. They were surprised the one morning to find the boy up on deck, his mother saying he needed sun and fresh air, that it would help. John could see the boy was barely responsive, his pallor less natural. John and Diane exchanged a look and an unspoken acknowledgement was set, one of them at all times would have to keep an eye on him. It was later that day that the kid took a turn for the worse, his mother calling out that she thought he’d stopped breathing. As John made his way from the bow to the aft seating area, Mihaela was becoming more hysterical. Alin was trying to draw her away, Diane was below keeping Andreea from coming above. The panicked suddenly stopped as Mihaela cried out in relief that he was ok. John, his hand on his holster was about to breath his own sigh when the air was pierced with Mihaela’s scream of pain. John rushed forward to see the woman's cradling her arm to her body, the other she was using to pin her son to her side, he was moving erratically, thrashing slightly. “Mihaela…..” Diane called, having rushed to the deck at hearing the woman scream. “Mihaela, move away please.” she asked again. “Please my dear….come to me…..Andrei...something is wrong.” Mihaela used more of her body to block her son from the others, her face showing her reluctance and her resolve. “No…...if I move….he’ll die. I watched the reports...I know what you're all thinking.” she shook her head, her eyes showing her remorse as she cradled her arm to her body. “Mrs. Dalca….your son is sick. He’s beyond what we can do….he’s already attacked you.” John cautioned, his hand still on his holster. She looked up at John on the upper deck, then down at Diane. “You don’t have children do you? Either of you? You don’t know what it’s like. Nine months I carried him, I suffered through morning sickness, the aches and pains, all the discomfort. I was rewarded by feeling him grow, the flutters there that told me he was real. After the labour and delivery which was an experience in itself there were the feedings, the getting up at all hours. It’s a trade off. Was it worth it? Yes….oh yes. Holding this small miracle for the first time, waiting for that first smile. The first time he looks at you and see’s you. The first smile. You watch the personality develop. You see when he recognizes voices, some he likes others are strange. You love him and he loves you unconditionally.” “Mihaela….is it even him anymore?” John heard Alin ask, the voice was thick with pent up emotion. She looked at her husband, her body still blocking the others as the boy started to struggle more, tried to move around her. “I don’t know Alin….I only know I brought him into the world….and whatever has taken him….I am sure to have it to. They watched for a moment in some confusion as she moved the body and herself in between the two helm positions, keeping him behind her. “Mihaela...you don’t know that…..please.” As John and Diane watched, she looked up at her husband and gave him a small smile. “I am sorry Alin, but this has to be…..keep Andreea safe. I love you both.” Then, before anyone could react, she turned, flung her arms around Andrei and pushed forward, taking them both over the stern, hitting the water. Alin rushed forward, intent on rescue, John was by his side trying to talk to him, reason with him, his face showing some of the shock he must be feeling as what he’d just witnessed. Diane turned back to the galley to see Andreea, her face pale, tears streaming down her face, her hands over her mouth as she sobbed. “Am I just suppose to let them go?” Alin snapped at John. “She knew what she was doing….she was right. She was saving you and Andreea.” John placated, his voice low and understanding. “She needs you….Andreea does...she needs her father.” Alin was torn for a few moments, the realization of what had happened sinking in, his body shrunk in defeat as he turned and headed for the galley where he daughter was waiting. Andreea threw herself into his arms as he finished with the last step, her sobs loud and uncontrolled. Diane slipped past the pair and headed up to the deck to give them privacy. As she stepped close to John, she looked up into his face and saw the remorse there. Without a second through she threw herself into his arms and let go all the grief she felt, not only for Alin and Mihaela, but for her parents and siblings, for all those she knew. John held her close and let her cry, soothing her by stroking small circles on her back, reaching up and smoothing down her hair as he laid his cheek atop her head. It wasn’t long before he sat down and pulled her into his lap, still comforting her. They remained that way for a good long time.