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  1. Aye, where abouts are you maybe we could meet up. Well I'm in Vybor atm do if anyone is close by let me know
  2. Bit to far to travel by foot if you have a vehicle could you pick me up it will be worth your while>
  3. I have 1000+ knowledge of the game bro just wondering where people like to head here. thanks for the welcomes guys And Vybor I'm at kamyshovo.....
  4. Whats up, new hear just joined the server and found a ak sks cr75 and a makarov all with ammo and mag where does everyone be???
  5. Thank you that makes more sense now and I've found sentence that doesn't make sense but its incorrect. I found it I dont know how I missed it so many times
  6. If you have read every word out loud there not a chance that you would miss it. Make sure to be logged in and read http://www.dayzrp.com/rules-sa Quite frankly I have actually, I must just be oblivious to it. I've read them again twice and I dont know what it is, I understand you can't help me but I can't find it and at this point I've given up tbh, the only thing I notice everytime I refresh my page as well is the banner and I know that's got nothing to do with it.
  7. I have read them out loud at least tell me this, is it one word or not?
  8. Like in all honestly I can't find this word, is if one word? is it two? or it is a sentence? I've read the rules aloud,in my head and I can seem to find it, how obvious is it? like personally I think this is a stupid way for someone to register for example someone could be the best gamer,role player whatever and you throw something at them which has no similarities to what they're signing up for at all and in this case its the passphrase, there needs to be more of a hint other than it's in the rules.........