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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Hey. How about ASKING me before bringing it back again?
  2. Desolation Lore

    +1 You magnificent bastard, come back to us Maybe i shall.
  3. Can't wait till i annex all of you into Volki! Jk much love Pat, GL.
  4. Desolation Lore

    Oh my. #TheReturn? You guys still live? Maybe on Arma 3 if it won't run like crap on my Stone PC
  5. There's actually a couple serye volki movies I assure you when we first made volki it had nothing to do with them. There symbol was a grey wolf. you're telling me all this was a coincidence? When the clan was first made back in july 2013, we literally picked an animal, wich seemed badass and a colour to associate it with. Thus Serye Volki (Grey Wolves) was/were born. It has nothing to do with the movie.
  6. Serye Volki SA - Media Thread

    Remove Foreigner from premises!
  7. Those aren't OG's, ya gotta look for someone from when it first started, the good ol' group of me, kang, anze, ross, and steve. Good luck! I was really looking to join Volki on standalone and revive my old character but it seems I have other obligations. Hope you guys can live up to the name we made in the mod. Anze! You're alive! Glad to see Andrei is still alive as well. Even though there's no pkp's to speak of hahahhaha nice to see you're alive too PKP is still alive have no fear
  8. Andrei Charkovsky Approves of this for now.
  9. Goodbye

    Welcome to the Retired club Ross!
  10. Official CS:GO Thread

    Even the dead want free skins.
  11. Great idea Mardin. Good Luck.