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  1. The only groups that I thought were there were the initiators, the hostages, and my friend and I. Since the person I killed was in front of the compound, they were not a part of the group who was being held hostage. If they listened to what I said in chat which was anyone with their gun up in the compound is going to be shot, then they would have either put their gun away or said in game that they are there to save the hostages. They never said that in game so I had a reason to believe that they were part of the group trying to hold everyone up.
  2. I was in Green Mountain with one of my friends. We were around a fire sitting and eating food when I think a person wrote in game whose name was Jackson Librar, and he typed something like this in game. "Everyone in the compound put your gun on your back and put your hands up." As soon as I figured out that we were being held up, I ran into the nearest bush to hide. I felt like I could kill one of the people holding these people up so i typed in game, "Anyone whose gun is up who is inside of the compound will be shot. After about 10-15 seconds of that being typed, someone walked up to the front door of the camo building in GM. They had their gun in their hands. As I said in the message in game, anyone with a gun in their hands will die. So my friend and I in the compound started to shoot at the person. As I started to shoot they victim aimed their gun at me as well. My friend and I repeated shooting them until they were unconscious and then dead. We gave this person a warning prior to this event.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Failed-Initiation?highlight=matt+bourne Why the verdict is not fair: I feel like the verdict was not fair because I told all of the people inside of Green Mountain to not follow me down the hallway and I said that if they follow me into the lighthouse corridor, i would shoot at them. The reason i threatened to kill anyone that walks into the door was because I was trapped in that little room, not able to go up the ladder and surrounded from the outside. The victim heard me say that if they went into the room, he would be shot and then I killed him because he was walking up to me in the corridor. I even asked my crew that was outside of the lighthouse whether I should kill him or not. This shows that the victim had time to exit the corridor. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My PoV in this situation was that I was being forced to fist fight someone even though I did not want to. The rules at the time were that if you decline a fight, then you are kicked out of Green Mountain. I did not want to leave because my crew was still in there. Since I did not want to leave, I had to go down fighting for my cause (which was to show that this specific rule of being forced to fight was not fair- because I did not want to get knocked out and have my loot stolen, which it was) When I ran into the corridor, I had said that anyone that follows will be killed. He was the only one that followed me to the end of the corridor and I killed him because I warned him and he had a gun in his hand. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The thing that I want to to achieve is being able to play DayZRP again because I have had so many different and exciting experiences while playing with my friends. I have met new friends from these experiences and I want to find more friends. What could you have done better?: I feel like I could have spoken louder so that all people in the compound could hear me because they were many talking at the same time, so maybe someone could have not heard me. I could also repeat my orders so that people rethink their decision of trying to stop me.