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  1. YOU DIDNT SAY ANYTHING in game if you did it did not go through
  2. I was hanging with these guys for like 2 hours today and i was driving them around. We saw a heli crash and stopped to loot it the moment we started to get back in the truck they light me up with at least 20 bullets. No coms what so ever. I don't know there names all i was doing was driving them around. Server and location: S2 Heli crash near Vybor military base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server Time (UTC+2): 00:45:21 Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: Jacob Cry Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: All 3 had red armbands on Suspects weapon/s: Some sort of ak
  3. The Lost Taco

    Excessive ooc / bad rp name

    What do you mean just how your character acts?, and being new like I said the rules should be fresh in your mind. You know some people are just crazy and will say and do the weirdest shit. maybe thats the type of person im role playing.
  4. The Lost Taco

    Excessive ooc / bad rp name

    Like i said i am very new I did not think i was sqrewing around, and what if thats just how my character acts? Being new to the server should have the rules fairly fresh in your mind, and I've seen multiple instances of you going "OOC" in character with voice and using smilies in your text. If you knew it was wrong, why did you blurt out the dildo comment? I'm just trying to understand your POV here. Can you address the other things mentioned in this report about you saying there was a truck spawn in voice, and other instances you went ooc in voice? You even went ooc in text saying you would shoot people for trolling you. Care to explain that part also? I was not in the greatest mood last night i was very hyper and the whole shoot people for trolling me, well i was thinking that trolling was not allowed so even after i asked them countless times to stop ingame RP style they would not stop. The truck spawn thing was my bad it was litteraly the first time i had ever ran into people in game, and i was a little excited. LIKE I SAID im in the wrong with the dildo comment theres no doubt about it, I DONT KNOW WHY I DID IT i accept that it was wrong and i promise i wont do it again or anything even like it..
  5. The Lost Taco

    Excessive ooc / bad rp name

    First of all i am very new to the server and those videos were on my first day of DayzRP. As expected i am still learning i have already gotten much better with not using ooc chat. I have even found a group! Yes me saying "its a dildo ment for your anus" was very wrong and was not in any shape or form RP but the whole thing where i was sitting in the tent and they kept pestering me! I personaly dont think i was at the wrong for that spicific part, If I was pease explain to me why so i can learn from my mistakes. I am sorry for ruining the few of you that were up on green mountain with me RP's experiance , and i sincerely apologize. Thank you all for helping me, so i can learn the way of Dayzrp! I spicificly waited the 90 minutes.