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  1. (Samson Thomas pov) We arrived at the mountain and saw people guarding a door, one of our guys went to see what was up I went into a building with Roy to keep him safe when one of the guys initiated on the place, after many warnings and two countdowns they finally came out. Roy and i were watching them so they didn't try to do anything, we moved them to the other side where I watched them until Ledger could come talk to them, they kept talking crap so I punched one and told them to shut up and lets us get on with this. The hostages were told repeatedly to stop talking, mocking us, and to cooperate with us. After one of my group leaders told them "if we are not talking to you turn around stop talking or you will be shot". later on after my CO was shot, we told them one last time to cooperate and yet they continued to egg us on as we ran for cover. Seeing as they were told many times to stop and cooperate I executed them for non-compliance.
  2. thanks for the advice zombie president regan. as long as im not beat to death with a crow bar im sure it'll be a lovley time.
  3. hey all im really looking forward to joining dayzrp and helping some groups out.