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  1. After getting sick and tired of getting KOS'ed on public hide decided to look for a private hide with rules agains KOS, came across it on the server list in-game, saw it had a password so I did a bit of research and decided this was a good place to be.
  2. Well, I suppose this post should if been posted the same day but I wanted to experience the game first so here it is. My application got accepted on the second try, first try was a month ago and was denied so I said to myself "well, I'll try again tomorrow after the 24 hour wait period" but never got around to do it, two days ago I remembered about DayZRP so I decided to try again, registered again and went at it, a few minutes later I was accepted and here is the story I put as my character's background: Name: Alexander Minow Age: 31 Occupation: Tourist Hunting Guide Proud member of the Chernarus Hunters Association, as most hunters we enjoy a solitary life up in the mountains with the wild animals and the open fields, the green grass and the blue skies. Only rarely visiting major cities for conventions and hunter gatherings. When the outbreak hit I was the guide for a tourist hunting party that wanted to "experience the outdoors" , bunch of city boys trying to impress the girls with "war stories" if you ask me, I didn't mind that much tho as they were paying good money for this experience. So, there I was with these 3 boys teaching them how to track a deer, as we approach a clearing the wood we spotted the deer feeding on grass and we began to search for a perfect spot to take the shot, we found a bush that had a perfect overview of the clearing and began to set up the ambush on the deer. Not long after we were setup and ready I ask the boys which one of you wants to take the shot, they all looked at me hesitantly as none of them killed a wild animal before, one of them stepped up and said "me, I want to take the shot" As I was explaining him how the scope works and how to shoot something.... unexpected happen, a man came out of the trees and began to... growl like an animal, his eyes were fixed on the deer and he bagan to run towards it, the deer heard all the commotion and ran away. One of the boys stood up and shouted at the man "hey, what's your problem man, we almost shot you" The man quickly turned to him and began to growl again and started running towards the boy, we all screamed "STOP RIGHT THERE OR WE'LL FIRE ON YOU" but no answer, the boy fired the weapon and hit the man in the chest but... to no effect, he was still coming, the boy was stunned and didn't know what to do so I quickly loaded my crossbow and aimed at the man but it was too late, he was too close to the boy and he lunged himself at him ripping his neck with his teeth. I shot my crossbow and the steel bolt went straight through his head, unfortunately it was too late for the boy, he was already dead. Only after we reached the city we understood the magnitude of the problem, the boys went to search for there families and myself went back to do what I do best, surviving in the woods alone. Keep in mind this is only my second attempt at role playing a apocalypse survivor, thoughts , suggestions, criticisms ? With all that said I want to extend a "hello, I am new here" to the entire community and hopefully see you in game for some epic roleplay experience. Alexander Minow
  3. I consider this matter clarified and wish to close the report, thank you for your help.
  4. Yes I understood after the first moderator post that this was within there rights to shoot me, I just wanted clarification on the situation, I am not looking for retribution on the two players nor I am angry that they killed me, the issue was clarified and I am satisfied with the conclusion. Perhaps the title of the thread should if been more specific and that is totally my fault, will keep in mind for future posts the title is more accurate, apologies if someone was mislead as it was not my intention.
  5. I didn't attempt to rob nobody, I didn't threaten nor did I say "give me your stuff or I will shoot you" I was in that house waiting for them to move along so I can look for my crossbow, I had my gun out considering one of them was wearing a face mask, when he rushed the room I was in I said "hands up" while his buddy was outside, I didn't say anything about shooting anyone, while he had his hands up I asked "do you happen to have a crossbow" when he replied "no" I asked "have you seen one around and what about your buddy" few seconds later I was dead. True I was whitelisted just a few days ago but we all have to start somewhere, I was unsure on the ramification of the rule since I didn't robed nor did I shoot anyone, just wanted some clarification on the situation as it was not just black and while situation.
  6. There's one outside... you sneaky bastard
  7. Server and location: Zelenogorks S1 EU Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16:30 Daytime or Night-time: Night time Your in game name: Alexander Minow Names of allies involved: unknown Name/Skin of suspect/s: one of them wes wearing a while/black facemask Suspects weapon/s: probably a mosin Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Two players were looting the barracks at the military camp in Zelenogorks, I spoted them and went inside a house to hide, one of them probably spotted me through the window and rushed straight at my location, I had my gun out I pointed it at him and asked him for hands up. While I was talking with him his buddy shot me through the window with no contact and no warning, simply dead. Let me know if this is allowed or not.
  8. Well, my experience has been totally different on the server, my application got accepted sometime at noon yesterday , logged in and spent the first hours roaming around and met nobody, first encounter with a guy asked him for morphine as I had a broken ankle, gave it to me for nothing, spent another hour running around and again no encounters when I finally decided to visit Green Mountain, met a girl there, we said hello and both went our separate ways. I don't know what else to say about you being robbed too much but I think you are over exaggerating a little in frustration, everyone has a bad streak once in a while, my advice... walk it off.