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  1. Mathias Peucker's childhood was not worthy of much mention. He had a good family and a good life. Unlike many of his close friends, upon finishing his nine years of mandatory education he decided to not pursue it much further and thus, stagnated. Stooping into a long, drawn out depression. His early adult life was spent with his parents, trying to battle with his internal demons and decide on something to do with his life. Life, however, decided for him. After an unfortunate event involving a strainer, some unfortunate use of terminology and wording, a few cops, and a lot of alcohol, he fou
  2. "oooo a mushroom" smh i sound like mario on shrooms. Neat stuff!
  3. leather knife sheath does not sit on the body correctly - it appears to act as a butt plug. Will post a screenshot shortly. Also is the crafting of items supposed to vore my scissors to prevent me from making more stuff or is that a bug? Excuse my hud glitch I'm sorry father
  4. Day 678 Well, it's been a while since I have written anything useful or meaningful in this. While I'd like to burn the pages and forget what I've done - That would be wrong. Blatantly so. But, moving on starts with adding new pages to this journal. And that starts with keeping it up to date, at least to some extent. The past few weeks I have spent in the country I've spent time gathering people and resources to attempt to make a campsite - A better life for myself and others in my company. I've met plenty of good folks along the way, those being Erik, Nikolas, Jimmy, Gunni, Lenk
  5. Day 440 So, it's been a while since I've updated my status since I evacuated South Zagoria in my fools errand of getting help and not dying. Well, it can be argued that I did succeed in not dying, but help is not exactly something I found. When I had left, it's safe to say I did it out of anger and hopelessness. Calandra was kidnapped, being dehumanized right in front of my very eyes with nothing I could do about it. They assembled a group with the intent to help rescue her and I giddily accepted, at least with them I had a chance to save her, to get her back. When I arrived and
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