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  1. Spartancrg

    The Journal of a Valentine

    Hello, I'm Erich Meier, and I approve this message. Was a good read, really enjoyed! I hope to see more in the future c;
  2. Day 257 Holy fuck journal what the fuck I have fucked the fuck. Alright, I think I should be more concise on exactly how I screwed the pooch. We'll start from the beginning. I was relaxing in a small town near the NE Airfield, admiring the safety and "company" of some of Jimmy's friends. Roxanne, a teenage girl with a disfigured appearance, told me that a woman by the name of "Ela" would be coming into town, and was a good friend of hers. Me and her exchanged some conversation, where I explained to keep her away from me, and to try and stop Jimmy from trying to get her to interact with me. Told me some of her issues and conditions, anorexia and the like. A hard life. She didn't want me trying to help her. I am a terrible liar. From there, everyone disappeared and she came into town, and I figured I'll just make sure it's them, greet them, introduce myself, let someone else do the talking as per usual. It's not my problem, right? Wrong. I sat down and talked to her, a stranger. She was small, and frail. I felt it would be wrong of me to just... Leave her, and not speak to her. So I gave her my time and my company. I'm not sure if I regret it or not, I don't think I do. We talked for what felt like a lovely eternity about what she's been through, what I've been through, what's happening with the world and what's going on with the people here. I held her hand to comfort her. She told me her name. She was the most wonderful, unique woman I've ever had the luxury to meet. I had to know more about her, she was like a drug and I couldn't possibly get enough. So I delved deeper, I ignored everything that got me this far, everything that kept me alive to talk to her and get to know her. And I've done so for the better part of a week, I've learned so much about her, I've grown so attached to her. I've even worn normal, civilian clothing on her request, and haven't even gone to attend my camp at all recently because she feels more important than that. Her time is more important to me than any worldly possessions. I met her family, friends, been teased constantly for clinging to her side and traveling together as much as I can manage. Man, this is all shit and shit and more shit and I need to maintain a professional tone, I feel for her, emotions are normal. But to this extent? It borders on madness. It was a small chance at all that I spoke to her, spent any time with her at all in the first place. Things have been going well, all calm. I feel like many mental weights have been lifted these past few days, it's been great to talk and interact with people. Very enlightening to see how other people act, granted, none of them compare to Jimmy "Avocado" in my humble opinion. But I'm biased. For better or for worse, Calandra, I believe, to some extent, is my partner. Romantic partner. And thus I imagine I will be spending a lot of time with her, but that's not exactly a recent development between me and her. Her father figure will be speaking to me tomorrow, I think it'll be alright. We talked today and he seemed to appreciate my answers to his questions. For now, I need to gather my thoughts, rest my mind, and try and adjust to the concept of a relationship.
  3. Day 245 Dear Journal, I spent the majority of today setting up some utilities at camp, and gathering more food and drink. Got a jerry can full of water at camp now, should keep me set up for a while. Suffice it to say it was pretty boring, the highlights of the day being getting nearly swarmed by zed heads and having to gun about twenty of them down. Never knew my training would actually be useful to me at some point. I need to stop traveling alone, every time something like this happens I get out by the skin of my teeth, it's a mess. I can't stand surviving in this place, there's no chance I'm ever going home, the only thing that drives me is the fact that dying is probably far worse than that. On an entirely different note, I traveled further South to rendezvous with Jimmy. Apparently they need my help with some woman with some group called "The Killers" or something like that. Who on God's Green Earth comes up with a name like that? It's like they took two seconds to think it up. I suppose it lives up to the name, they're all cannibals and murderers as far as I've been told. Bandit filth come to make life harder, as usual. Apparently they had some snake in their group and I'm going to be sitting in a bush to provide some form of support. My favorite, ticks and fleas while I wait for a boring conversation to end. The woman was apparently injured, so I might provide some medical support. Luckily, I didn't have to waste my medical supplies on her. Things were handled by someone else. Sadly, I've learned a disturbing detail about Jimmy's colleagues. Apparently when they got their hands on a serial killer and burned him alive. A-fucking-live. Jimmy seemed to have been pretty shaken up, and I don't blame him. Something like that is akin to serious trauma, PTSD causing events that stick with you for the rest of your life, doesn't matter who's screaming. It's still a man. I will be the first to admit the man probably deserved it, however, why waste time, and energy? If the goal is to kill the man anyway, why not just end it there? One bullet does a job quicker, fuck it and fuck him. Move on to killing some other bandit and psycho scum. No need to traumatize all of your people. I digress, no sense in raving and ranting. Here's a T-Rex with a film star's heads and tits. ((There's no God, I'm sorry.)) A member of his posse apparently broke their hand, they lost their brother and were mourning. Drove off to dig a grave. I wasn't there to attend and I wasn't around to do much with that, I can only extend condolences. The day ended with alcohol and a game of "I never ever..." and we all went to relax and sleep after. I discovered that everyone has far more trouble holding down their drink than I did. And I rarely drink. We'll chock that up to "German engineering" or some funny joke I'm sure the others would say. I'll head to camp tomorrow. I almost forgot, I told Jimmy he had a tumor and the look on his face was priceless, I told him all the things that could happen and complications before giving it a heavy smack to pop it. It'll hopefully be done, but admittedly it'll swell back up and I'll have to perform some "surgery" to get the pus out.
  4. "You know Erich, you know it's probably a good idea to actually keep a journal. You know it's usually a good idea to talk to people about things that are bothering you. Though, I mean, I know sometimes not everybody is super comfortable with that. And so, if you write it in a journal, it's like the non-crazy way of talking to yourself. Give it a shot, it may help you out! Anyway- About that cyst..." Day 243 Dear Journal, as you may have read above, I was "coerced" into writing some dialogue in here in order to help my decreasing sanity. Let's just ignore the fact that it's dwindling due to the constant exposure to the walking dead, wolf attacks, the people who I've hurt and killed, and the fact that everyone in this country is also insane. It's like half the people here escaped a mental health ward. That's neither here nor there, I suppose. We reap what we sow. Against my better judgement, I will take Jimmy Estacado's advice, and rant and rave in this worthless book. Lest I make everyone around me insane as well. I don't really know what to write here, so I guess I'll just write something. I've recovered from the wolf injuries I had recently, at least for the most part. I need to thank that young doctor that helped me, if it wasn't for the drugs she gave me I don't think I'd have gotten any sleep. Regardless, I am once again healthy, on my feet, and ready for whatever this hell hole might throw my way. Slightly ironic considering all I've done today is relax in a bush near by camp clad in my ghillie suit. And writing the words in this worthless book that only I will read. I suppose it's true, I am a pessimist. Food and water is good, and my ammo supply should hold off the zed heads for at least a few days. Hard to say. That's all I have to write for now, and as a reminder to myself, I'm going to tell Jimmy that it's not a cyst, it's a tumor. I can't wait to see his reaction.
  5. Spartancrg

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

  6. Spartancrg

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    So I have a question, if you are currently with a "dynamic" group, and you're initiated on while a friend is a bit away, and you're initiated on, your friend is within VOIP range and shoots them without initiating... That makes sense from an IC perspective. To just shoot them, but it's also against the rules... If someone is reported for defending their friend, would that be considered rule play over role play?
  7. Yo, why you cover half your face with your hand? Are you Leafy?
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    Spartan's don't die, they just go missing.

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      Amen brother

  9. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

  10. Prior to his hunting trip to Chernarus, Erich's life was pretty plain. School, work, family trips, the like. The most notable event being his brief time in the military, just a year. He was training to join the military as part of the German 15th Medical Battalion. His goal was, of course, to save lives. Training of course was intense, carrying a full size person in full kit in the heat and the sun, learning how to use a rifle, his medical equipment. Except something went horribly wrong! His second week on the range a fellow soldier who shall go unnamed had an accidental discharge, his muzzle aimed at Erich. Erich was hit in the chest and fell on his back, believing he was dead. After he gathered himself, and patted his chest he muttered to himself, "Did I just get shot in the Kevlar?" It was at that moment he realized, he was not cut out for the military. He left the 15th and went on to find skills he deemed more down to earth and practical, those being Blacksmithing, leather work, sewing, knitting, cooking, and of course, hunting. His few friends he made in the 15th, and from highschool went along with him to Chernarus on a hunting trip... Not long after the country was locked down due to some sort of disease, he and his friends being trapped inside with it.
  11. Spartancrg

    To the people on the island [Open frequency]

    *Erich raises a brow and holds down his PTT* "You don't speak... Morse code? I will translate it for you." *He pauses, clearing his throat* "You are pathetic, you claim to be a true Chernarussian and that these people are the pigs and yet here you are attacking innocent people? Children at that. You are a disgrace to our people, these people grow their food, they take out the infected from the island and take in those who are hurt or who need a safe place to stay.I am a Chernarussian I have lived here my entire life and never have I been so disappointed by some of my own people. These are good people, respectful people who want to live in peace. How about you go after the actual trouble makers? The ones actually causing harm to our country killing our people and trying to claim what is not theirs? Stop acting like untrained dogs and making us all look like fools."
  12. Spartancrg

    To the people on the island [Open frequency]

    *Erich pulls up his radio and brings it close to his mouth, his voice muffled as he speaks.* "To the men who invaded our island, or should I say, what's left of you. You have proved nothing by your attack at all." *He pauses, taking a deep breath.* "I have no issues with the people of Chernarus, this is one of the proudest countries I have ever had the pleasure to live in. Many native Chernarussians we have met have been fine with us being on this island, and have shown kindness to us and our people. They are even among us as well. All you did was attack us when weren't expecting, and caused unneeded chaos on the island. You bring disgrace to your people, comrade. Good day." *He releases the PTT, stowing his radio*
  13. Had an absolute blast RPing with you guys! @Hedvika and @Jimmy Estacado too.
  14. Spartancrg

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Erich brings his radio close to his mask, raising a brow at Jake's call before pushing the PTT.* "Jake, this is Erich, I read you loud and clear. If I was in your shoes I probably reacted in a similar manner. I am not a man to lie! I'll have it for the record! So I'm glad you were able to find your friend." *He pauses briefly, unsure of what an offer like this would entail. He'd mull it over, before a muffled sigh is heard through the radio.* "We have a lot going on right now, and I'll put your offer into consideration. I'll speak to some of my comrades, and take it up with Chief. Arrange a location and meet time if you can and I'll be there. Hopefully." *Erich releases the PTT and stuffs his radio into his coat, racking the slide of his FAL.* "Fingers crossed..."