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  1. Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    So I have a question, if you are currently with a "dynamic" group, and you're initiated on while a friend is a bit away, and you're initiated on, your friend is within VOIP range and shoots them without initiating... That makes sense from an IC perspective. To just shoot them, but it's also against the rules... If someone is reported for defending their friend, would that be considered rule play over role play?
  2. Real life picture Thread

    Yo, why you cover half your face with your hand? Are you Leafy?
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  3. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

  4. Erich Meier

    Prior to his hunting trip to Chernarus, Erich's life was pretty plain. School, work, family trips, the like. The most notable event being his brief time in the military, just a year. He was training to join the military as part of the German 15th Medical Battalion. His goal was, of course, to save lives. Training of course was intense, carrying a full size person in full kit in the heat and the sun, learning how to use a rifle, his medical equipment. Except something went horribly wrong! His second week on the range a fellow soldier who shall go unnamed had an accidental discharge, his muzzle aimed at Erich. Erich was hit in the chest and fell on his back, believing he was dead. After he gathered himself, and patted his chest he muttered to himself, "Did I just get shot in the Kevlar?" It was at that moment he realized, he was not cut out for the military. He left the 15th and went on to find skills he deemed more down to earth and practical, those being Blacksmithing, leather work, sewing, knitting, cooking, and of course, hunting. His few friends he made in the 15th, and from highschool went along with him to Chernarus on a hunting trip... Not long after the country was locked down due to some sort of disease, he and his friends being trapped inside with it.
  5. To the people on the island [Open frequency]

    *Erich raises a brow and holds down his PTT* "You don't speak... Morse code? I will translate it for you." *He pauses, clearing his throat* "You are pathetic, you claim to be a true Chernarussian and that these people are the pigs and yet here you are attacking innocent people? Children at that. You are a disgrace to our people, these people grow their food, they take out the infected from the island and take in those who are hurt or who need a safe place to stay.I am a Chernarussian I have lived here my entire life and never have I been so disappointed by some of my own people. These are good people, respectful people who want to live in peace. How about you go after the actual trouble makers? The ones actually causing harm to our country killing our people and trying to claim what is not theirs? Stop acting like untrained dogs and making us all look like fools."
  6. To the people on the island [Open frequency]

    *Erich pulls up his radio and brings it close to his mouth, his voice muffled as he speaks.* "To the men who invaded our island, or should I say, what's left of you. You have proved nothing by your attack at all." *He pauses, taking a deep breath.* "I have no issues with the people of Chernarus, this is one of the proudest countries I have ever had the pleasure to live in. Many native Chernarussians we have met have been fine with us being on this island, and have shown kindness to us and our people. They are even among us as well. All you did was attack us when weren't expecting, and caused unneeded chaos on the island. You bring disgrace to your people, comrade. Good day." *He releases the PTT, stowing his radio*
  7. Had an absolute blast RPing with you guys! @Hedvika and @Jimmy Estacado too.
  8. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Erich brings his radio close to his mask, raising a brow at Jake's call before pushing the PTT.* "Jake, this is Erich, I read you loud and clear. If I was in your shoes I probably reacted in a similar manner. I am not a man to lie! I'll have it for the record! So I'm glad you were able to find your friend." *He pauses briefly, unsure of what an offer like this would entail. He'd mull it over, before a muffled sigh is heard through the radio.* "We have a lot going on right now, and I'll put your offer into consideration. I'll speak to some of my comrades, and take it up with Chief. Arrange a location and meet time if you can and I'll be there. Hopefully." *Erich releases the PTT and stuffs his radio into his coat, racking the slide of his FAL.* "Fingers crossed..."
  9. *Erich depresses the PTT* "Hello, I hear you. I'll be there ASAP, just hold out for 15 minutes or so and I'll be there." *He releases the PTT, already getting on the move*
  10. The Purge of an Island [Open Frequency]

    *Erich depresses the PTT and brings the radio close to his mask, taking a deep breath.* "We're all tired of running at this point. Everyone of us. This is our home now, and we're not just going to leave. Everyone here had made it clear what they'll do if you set foot on this island. If you even make an attempt... So here's this." *He pauses, leaning back." "You will not step foot on this island. Because I will see you before you even step foot from the mainland. Every tuft of grass you see on this island? That's me. And if you try to swim across while you're in my sights, or any of your misguided goons. I will give you one warning shot. If you don't turn back, that next shot will be meant for you." *Erich releases the PTT, stuffing it in his vest pocket*
  11. 66.6 (Open frequency)

    *The radio buzzes to life as Erich holds down the PTT, leaning back against his stump, calmly and quietly saying into the mic...* "Dear Stitches, or to whom it may concern, you have stolen our sewing kits. Again. And we are not very appreciative as we need them to maintain clothing, equipment, and the rare occasional medical use. We also have reason to believe you replaced our Offroad with a broken, malfunctioning Sedan. That I call Hatred. Now, we have no issues with you, I'll have it for the record. But I will say if I see you again we will light you the fuck up, and maybe bandage you. You hear that? Bandage you. Regardless, safe travels. And may the road continue to be safe for you." *Erich releases the PTT, leaning back and crossing his arms.*
  12. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Erich fiddles with his mask a bit, bringing his radio close to his mask. Turning it on, and speaking with a muffled voice.* I'm sorry, what did you just say? I couldn't hear you over all that "pain" shit you were spewing? Bitch I am the grass. I don't know who your "Old friends" are, but you certainly don't have any here. And if you're going to show us all that hurt you felt I will be very angry grass and shoot you. I swear to fuck, kid. Get your act together. *Erich tucks his radio back on his top vest pocket, leaning back and resting in the stump.*
  13. [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but no one can hear you play. I wish I had better memes.