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  1. My name is Lewis Fisher. I was a 25 year old USMC scout sniper deployed to Chernarus by the UN just before the quarantine of the country. My squad and I were deployed for Search and rescue but the outbreak got the best of us. All but my spotter Davis and me were left... the rest of our squad mates had turned into mindless rampaging monsters. You never think of the day you might have to shoot your friends in the head... a few days have passed and Davis and I have survived on this shithole of a country. I didn't think we would last this long but when you know how to handle a gun you tend to be alright. Just yesterday, when Davis and I were searching for food we were attacked by a couple infected. We killed the infected and I came out unscathed, but Davis... He had several bites along his leg. I knew what had to be done. I readied my knife for amputation, but he grabbed me and said," Leave me. It's not worth it. With one leg I'll just slow you down." He gestured to my pistol. "leave it with one bullet." I wont let you die!" I yelled. You're my best friend! I don't care if you will slow me down, we can get out of this together!" My bestfriend looked me in the eye as he began to fade and said, "You have to survive this, for me and for the rest of our squad. This is my dying wish. Please... now leave me." I pulled out my pistol and loaded one bullet. As I Began to leave I heard the bang. I didn't dare turn around. I gathered my gear and set out now alone. As I left the town I looked up and said, "I promise."
  2. What Phil Grimes said is exactly how it happened. He explained the whole thing.
  3. Yeah I understand that I have to initiate something like that in voip. I had just got into the game and I take complete responsibility. I've learned quite a bit from how this whole server works while playing with another group.