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  1. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    I wasnt told once to put my hands up or anything along the lines of a initation or even contact and i dont understan where "Bran" got the fingers if he didnt even kill the guys.
  2. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    This is Jerimie Adair (Ally in the Garage). POV: After meeting Bran and him telling us that he was a bounty hunter I told him I was recently robbed and if he could find the people who did it I'd pay him to get me some redemtion. Twenty minutes went by he came back with one of the mans gun shirts and hat so i was convinced he got redemtion and he told me the story of what happend, i got him his payment and we all started eatting some chicken and fish around the fire and out of no where i was shot and before i could react it was followed by 2 more untill i collapased and died without any role play or initation.
  3. Kos in novoya

    I was inbetween novaya and zaprudone at the black bear garage, standing in circle with jeffrey holmes and a bounty hunter named bran. we were eatting chicken talking about a bounty i asked him to do that he accomplished when out of no where I was shot 3 times till i was unconcious and then killed there was no attempt at contact first nor was it in any hostile envoirment i dont know who did it either it was very random.
  4. Jerimie Adair

    - Before the apocalypse - Jerimie grew up in Whitehorse Yukon, Canada. He had an older brother whom he was close with. He had a regular upbringing and after graduating high school he got a job as a general labourer for a local trailer park, moving up in the ranks quickly becoming a park supervisor. His brother went on to move to Chernarus as his career brought him there. - When it all started and current timeline - Jerimie found himself in Chernarus attending his brother’s wedding when shit hit the fan. His brother’s wife was killed early on and he and his brother survived about a month together before his brother took his own life, not able to cope with the loss of his wife. He survived on his own a while before running into his -now- girlfriend Chantal Cowan and since the two have been by each others side. They have become members of the Black Bear Garage.
  5. Whitelist Hype!

    good luck man
  6. Christopher kin here ladies and gentleman, I have heard some rumors of a place called camp hope and I SURE would love to find this camp if anyone knows anything about it and can hear this please dooo respond.
  7. 2 Years and I still get nervous!

    I get like that too
  8. RP1; Bad RP kabanino 21:00 CET 2016-03-17

    my point pov was that the op was teaching anne how to shoot then whip started spraying this building i was behind i came out and joked about how they should watch where they're shooting (because truthfully they did almost shoot me) but then we all chatted for abit whip said somthing along the lines of well this is our way of a little initiation on you we need ammo and clips for any guns for our group so we're gonna allow you to make donations and thats exactly what I did and then whip said he liked me and I was smart (senpai noticed me) and from then on i sat at the barn and watchjed gowbe tell the man he would give him a flash bang but didn't have much or somthing and whip said no look at what jerimie gave us and was saying how a flash bang wouldnt do and then gowbe threatened him kind of with saying would a bullet between the eyes be better? and then whip kinda just shot him. he didnt really say his intentions but he did kind of say this is a initiation, this is my pov. and sorry gowbe I dug you a grave later on.
  9. rp1 Fail robbery RP Kabanino 06/03/16

    it happend like this we saw them one of them were knocked out and the other two were surronding him we talked to them they seemed a lil funny but their friend was the one on the ground and then the later we saw them up at the church staring at us and someone else came by and said they were saying stuff about us so we walked over there and someone said put your hands up and then voices followed and we walked up i took the ones gun and thenn later on when they were in the church I de fragged them to stop any want to be suicide heroes that i was the blue un helmet guy (jerimie adair) and i think my rp was pretty good i action everything out and stuff and they later on killed most of us anyway. and to point out they were also using the rules in ooc and not using //ooc when pointing them out in some cases
  10. S1 NVFL Stary 27/02 around 20:00

    thank you
  11. S1 NVFL Stary 27/02 around 20:00

    When i first met the person who is making the video i accidently ran past and i heard him say fuck off so immediatly it was hostile and i told him i didnt want to be there and i was gonna leave so i left at the time it was only him and i was exploring sobor finding loot and i saw him again with his friends and i ran but once he called me out i stopped to face him then this happend and i decided to pulled my flashbang out in the intention of flashing them and making my escape i didnt know the flash bang wasnt instant and I thougtht I would flash everyone and make my escape if I just ran straight but when it didnt flash I kinda paniced and tried dodging until it went off. I apologize for my actions and if you want to give me a punishment I understand.
  12. [S1] Baiting/RDM, Bad RP~ Kabanino

    I was listening to them the whole time they were talking and i heard them say what they were doing so i killed the one? i defended my self i even let the other one live and took him with me? they were going to rob me i heard and shot him what did i do wrong?
  13. [S2] Killing of a Compliant Hostage

    so? U mean when i asked if u shot a ak? when we first met? hows that have to do with anything?
  14. [S2] Killing of a Compliant Hostage

    my (pov) jerimie adair we were holding up nikolay roy shot at jack I saw, I shot him he aimed to me shot me enough to knock me out and then jack killed him and I was unconcious for what happend to nikolay and then jack revived me they were dead and we looted and left i dont really know what I personally did wrong, tbh.
  15. barricaddes n locks n keys for bording up a building