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  1. MGGenao


    You should be thanking them for taking that death trap off your hands.
  2. MGGenao

    Perfectly Balanced

    What did it cost you?
  3. MGGenao

    Nerf Zombies Please

    Sword I found to be the best weapon. 1 to 2 hits on a stand up fight if you're camera is oriented upwards to land head shots. Doing the same trick, you can one shot any that run at you if you hold your ground and swing.
  4. IGN: Marcus Silva Country: USA English skills: Primary DayZ Mod Experience: several hundred hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 1400+ Roleplaying Experience: 13+ years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Assault, Overwatch Have you been in any clan/group previously: Lovec, USAF, US Embassy, Northern Alliance Additional notes: Not looking for MilSim Best way to contact you: DM on Discord, PM forums secondary.
  5. MGGenao

    D7 Mercenaries [OPEN (STRICT) Recruitment]

    Like the look of this group, hope to run into you guys at some point!
  6. Figured it out thanks to you all. Thank you and look forward to seeing you guys around!
  7. Marcus Silva was born and raised in New York City. He grew up the oldest of four and lived what could be called an average life. At 18 he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served for several years as an infantryman and was deployed during the Chernarus civil war with the 26th MEU. He served with distinction overseas and was awarded a bronze star and purple heart during one grueling firefight. After returning state side and serving another deployment on the 22nd MEU which was rather calm and uneventful, he ended his active service. Marcus chose not to return home and moved to Miami after his EAS but he soon found himself lost and wandering without any direction. He dropped out of college and ended up falling into a life of crime as a wheel man for local criminal elements. He had always had an affinity for cars and driving and applied his skills to good use until one day during a fateful heist for the local Chernarussion mob gone wrong, several Miami-Dade County Deputies, local civilians and two of his crew mates all ended dead. The last one standing, Marcus found himself turning to his boss for help. His boss was a former CDF officer who ran a local criminal enterprise in South Beach. Owing Marcus several times over after the conflict, he repaid his debt to him and helped use his gun running connections to smuggle Marcus on a cargo ship to Chernarus. Ready to begin a new life, Marcus soon found himself several weeks later fighting to stay alive!
  8. Ah okay. I do not have one. I will get on it.
  9. @Banshee I was spawning then got kicked before it took. I was kicked for the above stated reason.
  10. Its all good now. I also did a hard reset of the game. New battle eye ban. Says I have not active or alive character
  11. It still kicked me per the same ban message
  12. Hello. I recently was accepted back into the community per the amnesty policy but it seems my ban is still in affect and I am unable to join per the battleye notification.
  13. MGGenao

    Tactics for dummies

    Wish I saw the post by Wunlesh lol as he said most of what I did so let me just add this then: violence of action, once you spot the enemy, have a plan to locate, close with and destroy them. Best method to do this is by buddy rushing, there's a saying "shooting without moving is a waste of ammo, moving without shooting is suicide". What this is saying, suppress the enemy while trying maneuver in to position, don't waste ammo firing if you're not in the process of trying to get into position or assault the enemy.
  14. MGGenao

    Tactics for dummies

    Within the game as it is and RL; communication is key as well as situational awareness. If you see something, knowing how to call it out is as important or more so. Saying things akin to "there's a guy to my left" or "Over 'there' " are good ways to jack your team up. Additionally properly indentifying what you're looking at is critical. Any shooter game I've played, this part is key cause you could end up marking a friendly and lead to a team kill or get your guys oriented in the wrong direction. Solutions: take a second, breath and make a positive ID of what you're seeing before calling it out, then use cardinal directions or compass mills i.e. North of <easily indentifiable landmark (be descriptive)> or target spotted bearing 180 (south) moving right to left or west to east. (Compasses like a circle function or degrees from 0 to 360. North being 0, east 90, south 180, west 270. A proper call out "I am looking at a male dressed in all black armed with an assault rifle, bearing 45. He's walking from my right to left heading to the red two story house nearest the main road through town from my position" now this may seem long winded but if your team knows where you are, this paints a detailed picture and allows them to orient or close with on your target.
  15. Outside of some of the lore issues already stated, looks good. Might need to dress up the grammar and verbiage but that's about it. Also food for thought but MARSOC wouldn't be used as a relief force to deliver aid, probably leave to that groups like the UN and focus on a more specialized military presence within the server, keepin in line with the core mission of the Raiders. Might help both groups find their niche as well as help your odds of approval if you do something more specific and less redundant. Also Raiders don't screen anyone below E4 which are corporals, and once selected they're promoted to E5 so the lowest rank you'd have in a team would be a sergeant.
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