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  1. More like they're just Catholics ?
  2. I think Deer Isle was a noble attempt to branch out and in an ideal situation, it may have taken off. What I think though is this; NOT adding Deer Isle but replacing Chernarus. Some players have stated already that after years on SA and basic old Chernarus, something new would be refreshing and I tend to agree. Also it helps that Deer Isle being a smaller map would take a lesser pop at the moment and consolidate it into a tighter space, thereby increasing interactions between players even at low pop hours. Couple that with something new and unfamiliar for people to explore and I think you will
  3. If possible, would be cool if someone could make art to bill fights like in real life and then you could promote sort of Prelims and main events like: Overall the event was fun and the Lore Event after was great too! If I wasn't strapped for time, I'd have lingered around more. Apologies to the player i had the accident with and if my RP game was a tad off (lack of sleep) but overall it was amazing and 10/10 for all the McCoomers!
  4. The issue for Deer Isle was it came around what looked to be a lull and if Chernarus was firmly established with lore that was moving forward, it would grip people that might have otherwise gave it a shot. I know i wanted to go check out Deer Isle but when I came back here, by that point it was dead. I think the already low pop, and more people gravitating to Chernarus because of safety of numbers and familiarity did the most damage to Deer Isle.
  5. Now I get that Chernarus is the main and the default and that Deer Isle did not do well but I also feel it came at a time when pop has had a lull which did it no favors when splitting the pop but I think it would be time to consider something a little fresh. Deer Isle in my opinion is a better designed and more believable map and it's compactness also means that while the pop isn't topping of at 100 just yet, RP even with a 30-40 player peak is VERY likely. I'm opening this poll to gauge the community's interest as well as to just discuss the pros/cons of Deer Isle versus IMO plain old,
  6. That's gonna be nice.
  7. Im all for anything that adds more variety. +1 from me!
  8. Why again? What happened to the first bird?
  9. Good lads, I had a great time with you all and sorry I couldn't make my delivery with my car. Glitched out. I suspect admin shenanigans or lag ? but i got a line on another. Silva's Salvage delivers! Anyway look forward to tomorrow's fights!
  10. UN is wack tho. The only way to properly RP a UN group is to RP an impotent finger wagging group of "Peace Keepers". Better to RP as the WHO supported by NATO forces for protection.
  11. This. The problem at the moment is that I don't see enough people (At least in a voice RP format) being mature or skilled enough to do tasteless RP, tastefully. It's a hell of a trick but when done right can make for good RP. But that said it's harder in voice where emoting (via text) helps carry the words besides just dropping slurs to seem edgy and racist.
  12. I don't get why this is such a big deal nor why people feel the need to RP racist characters. Sounds like a case of art imitating life here if you ask me.
  13. I assume other equally derogatory terms for any race in general. I mean there are plenty of ways to RP a racist character with resulting in using childish generic slurs especially ones that carry heavy negative connotations like that word.
  14. I would be happy to add input from my own RL experiences (At least US side) if it will help bring a sense a believe-ability and realism but perhaps instead of posting this in a lore discussion thread, it would be a prudent idea to draft up little events and forum posts that hint at the impending arrival (upping US Heli crashes. Maybe a shoot out (pvp event) between RAC and a small team of said foreigner military.) so that it reassures the players into this type of RP whilst also showing the community as a whole, directly that there is in fact a greater lore narrative incoming.
  15. What I am trying to say is that it is restrictive enough to put people off and those people who were put off may have had something valid to bring to the table which would have shaken the dynamic up abit but things have sort of stagnated and dried up by the looks of it.
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