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  2. I want to drive forward the point that my report was not malfeasant or malicious in any way, and that this whole dilemma was born out of a fundamental misunderstanding of what NVFL is. I legitimately thought it was NVFL at the time because I didn't understand the rule and I see that now. However, I do not believe that I should suffer the same punishment as killing somebody on sight because I misunderstood a rule and reported somebody based on my flawed understanding of the rules. Evidence:
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: "False Reporting" implies that such a report was filed maliciously. This is not a "salt report" as stated by this admin - the simple fact that it was not found in my favor does not make it malicious. The handling admin has claimed that this is a "salt report" only because my understanding of NVFL differs from theirs. "False Reporting" would also imply that I forged some sort of evidence in order to fabricate a situation that never happened. Alas, this situation did happen however I was operating off of a faulty understanding of the rule. My misunderstanding of the rule should not warrant a 7 day ban or a ban strike. If being an idiot is against the rules, then perhaps i'm guilty of that but I do not believe being an idiot should warrant a 7 day ban from the server, or a 10-point strike. I want to further stress that I did wish to close the report after seeing Gary's POV and additional comments. While @Ender claims that a GM advised me to "shrug it off", this is simply untrue as @Dusty asked a POV-related question and never gave me any such advice to shrug it off. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The report was not filed maliciously or out of "salt". It was filed because I legitimately believed that rule breaking had occurred. My understanding of NVFL is that a person should value their character's life and if they don't it is rule breaking. I clearly didn't fully understand the rule when filing the report, but that does not inherently make it a false report, it just proves that I was unaware of what NVFL truly means. My misunderstanding of the rules should not equate to the report being a false report, but rather simple misunderstanding of the rules. I'll concede that I didn't understand the NVFL rule fully, which directly resulted in me filing a report based on my flawed understanding of the rules - I should not get a 7 day ban because I did not understand the rule. I was under the impression that "no value for life" meant that he had to roleplay fear in such a situation, however it is clear now that my understanding was flawed. Alas, as i've stated a dozen times by now, I should not get a week ban and a ban strike for essentially what boils down to not understanding a rule to its full extent. My report was not filed out of malicious intent to disparage anybody's reputation or with the intent to cause a problem. I filed the report because I legitimately thought he had broken the NVFL rule. I recognize that I was incorrect in my judgment, however I don't believe that I should receive a 7 day ban for being incorrect in my understanding of the rules. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of the ban strike and ban, or appropriate reduction of penalty as seen fit. What could you have done better?: I recognize that I could have probably approached that player or messaged them when they killed me and explained my beef with them and admittedly I did try to do so by looking for them on Teamspeak. I figured if it couldn't be resolved over Teamspeak then I might as well just file the report and handle it through the officially outlined means. Posting low-key flame status updates probably didn't help my case either. I'll concede that I could have worded some things better during the report. I could have read the rules better and approached a Community Helper with questions, though in my defense I didn't even know what questions to ask because I completely misunderstood the rule.
  4. ok well the full video will be uploaded eventually when it's convenient for me i don't wish to continue this report or pursue action against this player any further
  5. Fuck now I feel bad. Can we just close this report? @Eagle
  6. To clarify, there was no urgency in the situation - the initiation was actually quite calm and composed (there was no shouting, but more of a cool, calm robbery) - therefore, this player had more than enough time to type out their action and perform that action accordingly especially considering that they had been typing out all of their roleplay to that point, as seen in the chat logs. My act was not powergaming because this player was aiming down the scope of their weapon at the time that the action was performed. Therefore, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a little bit of roleplay out of somebody on a roleplay server when there is roleplay such as a gun being held to their head. In my mind, if any gun, regardless of size, is being pressed up against the side of my head i'm not going to freaking move a muscle. Why? Because all it takes is a single bullet to end your life. That didn't happen here because I was expecting some roleplay out of this player and not to be instantly shot in the chest - I was operating in my roleplaying mindset not my PVP mindset because I was expecting that a player, who had demonstrated that they use emotes frequently, might actually want to roleplay according to the situation at hand. Alas, I was wrong and I paid the price for expecting roleplay on a roleplay server. Le sigh. I suppose i'll upload the video with an additional 3 minutes prior to the events seen in the original post. I'll edit the original with the new video when it's uploaded. It is also worth noting that none of my videos ever record my own voice.
  7. You have the relevant video evidence. Everything else is just walking to NWAF and a brief conversation with Garrick resulting in his joining our dynamic group.
  8. It's fine I think the relevant chat logs are shown in the video.
  9. Also @Eagle chat logs are relevant since Garrick (@GaryCash) is a text roleplayer. I need a more specific request. What else do you need to see? Another minute prior to the event? I'm not uploading a full 10 minute 1440p video since i'll be here for ages waiting for it to upload.
  10. Because he had a weapon pressed against his temple and this is a roleplay server. He didn't make any attempt to roleplay but instead relied on input lag to turn quickly and get a shot off, completely ignoring any sort of fear roleplay. If you've already got your mind made up though, pal, then id like a GM assigned to this who can remain impartial.
  11. Server and location: S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 9/18/2017 00:30 Your in game name: Alexa St Thomas Names of allies involved: @iGetty - Callum Getty Name of suspect/s: @GaryCash - Garrick Stryker Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video Evidence: Uploading full video This video came from the original shadowplay output of 10 minutes and was clipped down to the relevant portion. If you need additional background video, please request it. Detailed description of the events: Myself and Callum were going to conduct a robbery in order to gather supplies for a survivor camp i'm building, as well as to gain intelligence about local groups that might be in the area, so we went to NWAF in order to find an unsuspecting victim. We found a person (Garrick Stryker / @GaryCash) and began roleplaying with him for a while, talking all the while until I dropped the code word "roses" and we initiated a robbery on him. I told him to wait for a moment, then emoted that I had placed a silencer barrel against his temple. I told him to get his hands in the air whilst Callum also aimed his weapon (MP5) at him. Suddenly, without any sufficient amount of roleplay and without any value for his life, Stryker turned and shot me in the head once with his sniper rifle and ended the encounter.
  12. Estrogirl Z

    To The Free, Proud People of South Zagoria [OPEN FREQUENCY]

    Alexa wakes up abruptly to some ranting on the radio. She turns over in her sleeping bag and grunts, glaring at the radio while Riley continues to blabber. She says, without pushing down the PTT button, "Shut the fuck up moron." Alexa grunts again, "I remember that voice." She then pushes down the PTT button. "How's the leg, moron? Recovering nicely? Didn't get a nasty infection? Very inspirational speech, but i'm not sure people are going to want to follow you once they know how much of a pussy you are, Riley of Riley's Rangers. Should I tell them how you shit yourself when I was waterboarding you? Should I tell them how you cried and cried and begged for your life? Not so inspiring now, huh?" She releases the PTT button with a shit-eating grin.
  13. good rp. thanks.

    1. Estrogirl Z

      Estrogirl Z

      Sorry mate, had to juke you. I totally saw through that whole ruse!

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      we actually didn't know each other, I was just twisty. I lied about everything LOL sorry.

  14. Good luck populating Austellus when you have to swim for 20 minutes and stave off the cold to get there.
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