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  1. Sorry for the late response, I was out of Town, this is my pov. Me and my friend were passing Dolina and decided to set up camp there when a guy walked up to us and we asked him about his name,while another guy stepped out of the yellow Buildings backdoor, he was wearing a ghillie headtop, we asked the first guy if it was his friend but he answered,"Does it matter?", they had russian accents, and he acted really suspicious and we believed that they were going to rob us, so we wanted to disarm the situation, we told them to get on the ground and drop their weapons and then I got shot and died after being unconsius for a few seconds, i thought that it was a sniper. I do not Think that I was doing anything wrong, but I am sorry if I did, and i hope that the admins will let me be part of more adventures in the future. Have a nice day
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  4. hey i applied for the whitelist and i wrote my steam name in the steam id thing and someone elses profile showed up and i thougt it was mine, so if I could get some help that would be great. i did get accepted so but it was the wrong profile. My real steamid64 is: -snip-