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  1. true true, wall of red messages i dont like
  2. Hello Server Admins. Please remove password protection. For what is the password needet after all? we have a whitelist and anybody who is not on that list gets kicked automaticaly. Seriousely, i try to connect to the server since more then 1 hours now. hitting reftresh all the time and as soon as the player nomber switches from 50/50 to 49/50 i have to connect and type password. after typing it or copy and paste it i get the message server full. Had a nice RP event going on. Now its ruined. OMG. There is almost no chance to get onto this server on prime time with this password needet. Please think about removing it. This gets frustrated if i have to spend several hours trying to connect, only to see that the time spend on that password window ruined any chnaces to get the spot. dont know how the other manage to get onto the server when a single free spot pops up that quick, but i am totaly frustrated. Thank you very much. Anybody else having that issues? best regards, Kev
  3. I got it, im in. Finaly. Let us have some Fun later. Got to work now and will be back at 24:00h / 12:00h CET. I can tell that i am happy cya all later.
  4. Okay thank you all. I am already having a nice chat on teamspeak that maybe helps me figure out more of my mistakes. thx, Kev
  5. Hello again. Is there a way to talk with somebody today on teamspeak about my application attempt that has been rejected? The Rejection quotes stated some things that i cant comprehend on. for example: "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the NLR rule about metagaming information about your killers after dying". at the end the last quote was some kind of interrupted. it states: "You have failed to or incorrectly expla" ? what? What was wrong with that? I explained that in the new life rule nobody can take revenge because he cant remember anything that leaded to his death. Did i explain it wrong? I would love to talk with somebody about my application. Or do the people here want from me that i explain the rules in this application in so much detail that it sounds like i am talking with a child? btw: is there a way to work on a new whitelist application and send it in for review in 23 hours or do i have to wait 23 hours befor i can start filling the new application? I have a hard realtime job with 10-15 hours each day and i dont know when i am back on pc next time. so i would love to work on it this sunday and send it in for review. any help appriciated. best regards, Kev
  6. Hello Spartan, rules and application for whitelist are done already. Just reading the lore and keeping track of some storys on the server. Hope i dont need to wait too long for whitelisting. cant wait to join u all. Thanks for the warm welcome. best regards, Kev
  7. Hello Community. I'm Mark, 33 years old and new here. I am a veteran Military Simulation RP Player since the early days of Operation Flashpoint (its remake is known as ArmA) and DayZ Mod from Armed Assault 2. Altis life was a nice RP experience for month and years too. besides that i made many years experience with RP in Second Life and other Massive Multiplayer Games, Games in medieval setting and other Games with focus on survival mostly. Just gained knowledge recently about this growing RP community. So i decided to join you and i hope for a long and funny time with all you fellas. My Role is Kev, an ex marine who was send to chernarus before the outbreak. Who fell in love and lost it due to some bandits after the outbreak. Rumors made it's circles about an lone black wolf, who acts like a ghost and makes his attacks from the shadows and hunts down bandits, since his experiences with the behaviour of some survivors after DayZero. His behaviour is known as ruthless but fair. A quiet fella who is trying to make his living by hunting and scavaging. Who ever talks and spends time with him, can consider his self lucky. Treat him fair and he can be a true loyal friend. Treat him bad and he can become your nightmare. maybe you will hear once about the slaughter near Nagornoe. - taking revenge for his lost love. After a run attempt from some Zombies, he fell and lost some memory. Some survivors patched him back up and try to leave chernarus. Something went wrong, so he woke up again on the beaches of chernarus and his tale continues... ...if u wanna know more about Kev and his back story and be part of his tales. try to find him and consider spending time with him. maybe this is the beginning of true friendship or a hunt for survival. who knows... Since a few of my friends and myself love to play RP a lot and we all keep identifying our selfs with Group-RP behaviour like for example the Group of Mr.Moon and his friends, i was able to get a few of them interested in DayZRP. They also did not know about this Community except some clews from Mr.Moon videos or some streamers. After our Altis life RP activity we had a brake, now since the RP fever broke out again, i am looking forward on the first steps in this community and the life on the DayZRP servers. Cant wait to find some new friends and be part of unscriped events and thrilling storys. best regards, KEV