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  1. Like most people in the god-forsaken country, I got stuck here when shit hit the fan. I wasn't even meant to be here anyway, but there isn't much that one can do when you find out that you got on the wrong plane at 35,000 feet in the air. I don't know why I couldn't have gotten on a wrong plane going to Greece, or Italy, where at least the weather isn't shit. Whatever though, like I said, it's too late now. About me though, I'm a 20-year-old American student, I had meant to go to Germany for a 2 week-vacation abroad. I just wanted to try some German beer man...
  2. LumberJack

    Server 2 change

    Damn straight, It's been years since I've had any motivation to play. I know I can't be the only one who knows right where they are goin when this update drops. Right here baby! #DayzRP4Lyfe
  3. LumberJack

    [DKZ-S] Krasnaya Federatsiya - The Red Federation Scouts [NA/AU Open Recruitment]

    Hype Hype Hype!
  4. LumberJack

    Staff/Lore Faction interest?

    Count me in fam
  5. After reading Stagg's ban appeal reply, I think everyone can agree that he deserves the title *Savage*. Everyone's reaction after reading Stagg's reply
  6. We got on yesterday planning to save people who were being robbed. Within 10-15 minutes of playing we came across this genius. [video=youtube]
  7. Thanks for all the advice and kind words everyone. Decided to do one without words this time and to let it speak for itself. I present: "Excommunicated"
  8. LumberJack

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Since my last painting one was "painted over" I thought I'd put one across the street on the garage. edit: cause its dark its hard to see some detail: Full stencil here - http://imgur.com/ry6CBXS
  9. Hadn't thought about it, but it's happening now.
  10. The title of his video is "Arma 2: DayZRP Mod - Arma 2 RP Server Launch. IDK about anyone else but when I saw that it seemed like he was saying DayZRP was bringing back mod. Now I didn't watch the video so I can't comment on that, however his title just seems deceiving at first glance.
  11. LumberJack

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Fixed it. White paint does wonders. - MFW I got 3 BeanZ immediately after posting this
  12. Just realized ZBOR isn't a thing anymore...I should pay more attention to the group forums...
  13. Yea and he's trying to pass it off in his video title as the actual DayZRP mod, not just a DayZ RP mod that is a clone of here.
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