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  1. i was explaining to everyone that your computer is so old that it was used by the Egyptians
  2. Im a close friend of @cakey and ive been trying to tell him its his computer but he thinks its arma (one of the hardest games to run), im pretty sure its his cpu, considering its ancient, and the worst thing is, he cant upgrade it because his motherboard isnt compatible with better cpu's
  3. -SNIP-
  4. *Mason picks up the radio and turns it on, then looks at jessie with narrowed eyes* "i hope people can help us find nanna because i want to go home and i want nanna to teach jessie some respect for his brother" *turns off radio and throws it over head* "fetch jessie, ya pillock, i can be disrespectful as well y'know"
  5. lol heres my POV
  6. Mason Bondurant

    Our plane emergency landed on an unknown airfield and me and brother Jessie got on a different bus from our Nana and got separated now we are on our own to find our Nana