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  1. sthlmgh

    [S1] Baiting/RDM, Bad RP~ Kabanino

    thats the thing i was not with him and he was not even in the RP scenario so i have no idea why he oppned fire at you
  2. sthlmgh

    [S1] Baiting/RDM, Bad RP~ Kabanino

    Yes That is correct Im on ts right now if u whana talk Under the name of Baklan Room 3
  3. sthlmgh

    [S1] Baiting/RDM, Bad RP~ Kabanino

    Alright so S1 kabanino theres Me Luke and Jeremie. Note that i have never met or spoken to Jeremie out of roleplay Alright so luke wanned to speak to me at kabanino and i told jeremie to wait in the truck ill just talk to Luke so we go down the road from the trucks and i suggest that we Rob jeremie. i try to convince luke that this is a good idea and tell him you in or not. teasing him for abit. i start walking back to the trucks and luke asks if the guy in the fields is my friend(Tricking me) He points his gun at me and tells me to put my wepon down Rp was going good and all that (Then Jeremie comes out of no where and starts shooting at luke) he hits Once then luke runs into the house closest and closes the door jeremie starts spraying the door and luke goes unconcius and dies) that can be seen in the video
  4. sthlmgh

    [S1] Baiting/RDM, Bad RP~ Kabanino

    Dude i dident even kill him whats this about ?
  5. sthlmgh

    [Active] Afrikaanse Sekuriteit Oplossings [Strict Recruitment]

    Maybe theres a spot left would like to give it a try asked Levi who to talk to he said ur the man simon