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  1. mudge54

    What is your character worst fear?

    Being alone. OH WAIT, HE ALREADY IS
  2. yes! thank you very much kind sir edit: So I can just go click and change my dayZ name, no strings attached?
  3. Hi. I'm not a big fan of my characters name that i picked out for him. His current name is Mason "Mace" Reich, but I want to change it to Henrik "Peter" Galahagan (I have re applied with the whole new white listing system). Is there any way to go in an edit my white list application after it's been accepted or something like that?
  4. mudge54

    New whitelist system now live

    lmao mine is still gr88
  5. omfg I read it like 3 times thinking it was a god damn typo
  6. Yeah, ive read through the page 2 and a half times now I cant find jack