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  1. @Shroudand his boys held my intoxicated ass up after I tried to help out a stranger with moving his base. Will is never smoking weed again, or helping people out in general for that matter.
  2. I think I suggested this too a few months ago. It's a good idea. I think that given the nature of the server and its community, abusers wouldn't be too common, and it would allow for much more base diversity.
  3. Add carnival masks to the item shop. They'll allow for people who's characters utilize a creepy full face mask to obtain one easier so it doesn't have to be pantomimed until they find one (which is quite difficult). Also, its another avenue for the server to get money. win-win!
  4. love goes to his family and his friends, on the internet or in real life. Shame I never got to RP with him. RIP
  5. I would like to caption this picture, "Well howdy feller"
  6. I think most of us can agree that sickness is more of a nuisance than a RP point. Sickness is an irritating aspect of the game, because once you get sick, it's near impossible to get rid of it. The only way to cure it is to be alone for about an hour or two, but by being on a server that is essentially survived by player interactions, you cannot get rid of it. I am not going to say that we should completely remove sickness, because for some people it might be a part of their character, but I will say that we should do something about being able to pass it from one player to another. I suggest
  7. like i suggested in another post, i think that they should tie raiding to hostilities. you need to initiate before you can raid, and if they're offline then well-ah edit: didn't see that i replied to this earlier lol
  8. I think that everyone who's opposed to this either doesn't have a base, or hasn't been raided yet. It's a real hassle to get offline raided not just because you lose gear, but because it makes your base feel worthless and meaningless. I agree with all the points you made. +1
  9. exactly. the way that you guys went about our first base was fine. but offline raiding and griefing has been a problem for me and other people who i met up north. I propose a solution to that.
  10. I would like to preface this suggestion by stating the fact that I don't care if I lose my gear. I care if I lose my base. More specifically, I care if I lose my base due to someone brute forcing my locks and breaking down my walls. I am someone who has had two bases so far. I have lived in Chernorgorsk, which was so much fun, and I now live in another place which I won't say because of metagaming. The first base I lost in the best way possible. My friends at the time became too blood thirsty and loot hungry, and picked a fight with some Chernarussians. Great RP and a great gunfight, and
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1574054508 I found this handy mod that removes collision detection to allow building in all locations. This would allow for easier base building and would give people more options when it comes to taking over run down settlements.
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