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  1. Frank was born in Los Angeles serving as a Police Officer for the majority of his adult life. He had risen quite high within his career. His career path was quite dangerous as nearly everyday he dealt with something new, something that could possibly harm or kill him, but most times the things he dealt with were not too dangerous, and the days were pretty calm. Whilst other days he was unsure if he'd make it out alive. After a long time of not having taken any time off, he decided to take a vacation, and where better then in bum fuck nowhere Chernarus? Already on the flight there he had hea
  2. *The radio remains silent, and seems to have been ever since the man had sent his message through.*
  3. *A static sound is heard as the man pushes down the button upon his radio. * *The so familiar voice of the man Frank easily would be heard from the radio.* "Eric, do you copy?" *This is all the man said, as he waited for a brief moment, speaking once again.* "If you're there I might need your help, heard some troubling news of a trading post down in Grishino, might need your help if you're available." *The message ended shortly after, as he released the button upon his radio, awaiting an answer, if he ever would recieve one.* @Uhka
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