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  1. Ross wasnt among the most succesfull men in life, he lived in a poor apartment, with a shitty paying job, and a lousy pay. He was barely able to pay for is rent, nor his food. He lived alone with a dog named Red, a Shepherd. He held him dearly, one of his only friends for the time. Ross also worked as a musician at the side, singing at small gigs at bars, making his own music, and travelling around the nights within his hometown in Texas. He didnt get paid too much for his work, yet it was enough to keep him going even with his lousy job working at a mall. As time went on Ross began singing more and more, and eventually ending up quitting his job, and moving out of his home. He travelled around America, singing and performing for those paying him, as his life slowly began to grow more and more succesful doing what he loved. At the age of twenty-three he had started to be able to fund himself properly by his performances, he sung on stages now in smaller theaters, and other sorts of clubs, and even hosting his own stadium to perform in. He had found himself a house he could live in, yet still he was alone for now. As the years went on, and he grew older, nearing the age of twenty-five, he'd recieved an offer to perform for the people in Chernarus, playing within the town called Chernogorks. He accepted this offer, being paid quite a sum of money from doing so, and saught out to travel to this new land within Russia. After arriving he was greeted by a few people who knew of him, yet.. not too many as he wasnt world-famous, or even close to that. He was offered to stay within the large hotel, and prepare himself before the next day. Upon waking up the next morning, he'd of heard yells and sirens within the town. He didnt pay much attention to it as it was a somewhat larger town, and he himself used to it from his home within Sweden. He prepared himself to go to the stage area where he was to perform in the middle of the streets of Chernogorks, yet.. it didnt end up as one might believe. As he left the hotel, he noticed numerous military personel, vehicles aswell as people being lined up, and this is how it all began. -Years Later.- The smell of blood, rotten flesh.. you never get past it, you can never see past the horrors that's been going on here for years.. the death, the killing.. everything we've all done just to survive, some would call this unhuman, others would say it's just apart of our nature. We kill to survive, we eat what we can, and try not to look back. I've probably killed numerous people by this stage, did I want to? Fuck no.. but what can you do when you're starving, unable to find food, and there they are, not sharing.. do you let them just leave you to die? Or do you do something about it. Of course it's.. not right, none of it is, but this is a land of the dead now, a land where one must take if he has to, to survive, despite not wishing to, that is how you survive. Not by being soft hearted, or helpful to others, there is no rules, no laws, nothing telling you what you can and cant do anymore. And perhaps this has brought out who we all truely are? Killers, rapists, murderers.. it's something we cant escape, it's something we must fight through, to hopefully get better. I've killed, I've slaughtered, and I've lost many friends during these past years.. but I've still not lost myself, not yet. I still try to better myself, I try to keep those around me alive, happy, I want us to stop this endless suffering around us, despite what the world has become..
  2. Good luck man Would help ya and all that but sadly cant, looking forward to it although ^^ Best of luck.
  3. Connor is from a town within sweden known as Gothenburg, he didnt live too much of a lively life, not much training with guns nor too well at fighting, a quite ordinary man. He was born in a small place in the woods, only sort of experiance with firearms is due to hunting, bolt action rifles, hunting deer, wolves, any sort of animal which was Legal within Sweden. He worked as a truck driver for most of his life, drove to many different areas, even abroad, he drove many drives through Norway, sweden, Denmark aswell as Finland, at times even up to Russia, and Ukraina if it was necessary. During his life before all hell went lose he didnt have much of a family, only him, his sister aswell as his dad and mother, nothing too special about his life, he had a few girls he met at times yet he wasnt married nor together with any of them, struggling to find someone to truely care for, aswell as someone to truely trust, he had very few people he could actually call friends, those who had been at his side for a long time, through hard times aswell as good times. During his life of a truckdriver he lived in an apartment abroad at times, motels or hotels and such, as all hell broke lose, as everything went to shit he was over at Ukraine, slowly driving upwards on the roads, and the highways to get to a place known as Chernobyl for a delivery, delivering alot of parts for vehicles, machinery and such, on his arrival there the town was already in chaos, military firing upon most who werent within the cities, even stopping many cars and such, yet himself lucky or perhaps unlucky not to be stopped, due to the massive chaos he barely got forward. Stuck in traffic for hours and hours, the only thing he had was his knife, something he kept with him always to cut wood and such, one of the mans hobbies. Upon this chaos, this nightmare, sat stuck in traffic the man saw men being cut down and killed in the streets by the militaries, even men and women fighting eachother for no reason, only running biting, slashing their arms over them, he panicked, trying to back his truck up, smashing into cars as he did, driving forward he'd smash into even more cars, stuck upon this highway, nowhere to go, he locked the doors in his truck, hiding within it, waiting for all of it to calm, unable to leave his truck from all the chaos, unless he wished to risk being killed, or worse.. A day or two passed, although the food he brings with him in the truck kept him fed and well kept, it took two or three days untill the chaos finally laid itself down, untill it finally seem'd calm, a few weeks after the announcing of this.. odd disease had been on the news, yet now fully shut the whole place down, as he awoke the last day, he saw himself being alone out there, slowly leaving his truck to continue on searching for survivors within this mess, walking through masses of dead bodies, broken down cars and rounds from the military laid upon the ground.
  4. *He'd nod his head as he'd soon speak* "Ah.. I'll do my best to make my way there man.. been running into the Chedaki quite a bit up north so gotta take it carefully.." *He'd release the PTT not long after.* @Western
  5. *A chuckle parts his lips as he soon spoke again.* "I wont lie there.. I got no idea what you just said.." *He'd let go of the PTT not long after.*
  6. *Thomas nods as he spoke once more.* "That we do.. man.. where you want me to go? I'm held up on some island near Elektro, Skelisty or somethin." *He soon releases his PTT button.*
  7. *A chuckle parts his lips as he presses down the PTT button, shaking his head as he soon spoke* "I-.. I've been away.. hiding up in the forest.. had some.. problems... I had to sort out, I-.. I was pretty roughened up for quite a while, man I-.. fuck.. I cant believe you responded.. I thought you were fucking gone man.. I cant find you fokes anymore I found some of your friends a while back.." *He soon releases the PTT button, sighing as he leans back.*
  8. @Western @Alexis *The man presses down the PTT over his radio, a static voice is heard yet still audible to be heard, the mans voice low as the wind blows in the background.* "Endevour.. I-.. it's Tommy.. you here? I havent heard from you or your group in a long time.. I-.. I've not found any of you yet, I've been all over the place I.. I need to know if you're still alive-.. f-fuck... I just.. please man I need you to fucking say something.. fuck-.. just.. come on.." *The radio soon comes to a stop, as the mans voice and the wind fades, Thomas continuesly speaking to the radio with a few hours inbetween waiting for some sort of response.*
  9. @Saunders *A sigh escapes him as he presses down the PTT button.* "I-.. dont know for sure, I heard someone.. responding to our private frequency.. I aint sure if it was him or not, it.. was all..raspy, statics? Someone saying Jock is out, but.. wishes for me to tell him where I am so we can meet..." *He mutters out with a sigh, shaking his head as he sat there.*
  10. Hello there everyone. So I've been curious, myself I know quite alot of bands as I am sure many of you do aswell as artists and such, solo artists, and such. So I was wondering if any of you know any good ones of your own? Anything will do but personally I prefer Rock myself so if any of ya got any bands to hit my way feel free to do so I'm also wondering within these bands, can be several or just one, which one of those bands songs are your favourite? Here's some of my own bands I love, and like alot, aswell as what I think is their best songs in my own opinion. ZZ Top: Red Hot Chili Peppers: Foo Fighters: Creedance Clearwater: Nordman: This is a swedish band might like it even if ya dont understand a thing. Garmarna: Also Swedish but may enjoy. Now I will say, I have ALOT of more bands that I know but I simply cant remember them all. This might get updated later we'll see but still like to share and hopefully you will too.
  11. *Thomas sighs, speaking into the radio.* "I'll.. meet you there whenever I can.. just, stay safe alright..?" *He says sighing.*
  12. *Thomas stutters through his breathing as he holds the PTT button down, shaking his head as a grunt escapes him.* "I-.. Michael.. I-... I'm in some serious fucking shit out here.. I dont fucking know, I-.. I tried to find my old group, they just fucking vanished and... some dude spoke to me in the radio, I aint sure if it was Jock or not I-.. he didnt sound anything like him but the frequency was having problems or some shit, I dont fucking know man... I cant find anyone from my old group, I wasnt even gone for more then a week.." *He stutters out, sighing as he releases the PTT button, as some static is heard due to how far off they are.*
  13. *Thomas quickly grabs the radio, grunting* "Jock-.. f-fuck.. I.. I cant hear you man I... Jock! I c-called you on another frequency, f-from a tower should be able to talk there I.. the signals stronger come on man.. I-.. I've been looking for you f-for days.. w-where the fuck you all go.." *He grunts with a stutter, releasing the PTT button.*
  14. @Rage *Thomas pressed down the PTT button, sighing as he spoke into the radio.* "Jock-.. a-anyone.. anyone out there? I-.. I cant find anyone from the camp please.. someone respond.." *A stuttering sigh escaping him releasing the PTT button.*
  15. *A grunt parts his lips, as he soon spoke into the radio as he mutters* "I-.. argh fuck, I'm sorry my.. my radio stopped working.. I'm-.. I'm by Gorka, I.. I've been looking for you, I-.. found a few people but no sign of you or your daughter.. I'm.. I'm better had some medical supplies I found left over, still fuckin hurts from t'wolves I m-met the other day.." *Thomas chuckles, grunting as he leans his head back.* "I'm alive.. I'm here.." *He mutters out releasing the PTT button.* @Western
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