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  1. *tips hat* well good day there walker.. I'm sure we will cross paths sooner or later *chews on long piece of grass* interesting.. If by interesting you mean, strange.. well I reckon we will get along just fine... after all, the weirdo's I like... It's the normal folks that scare me. *wink* Thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. That's not actually how schizophrenia nor dissociative identity disorder actually works. [Edit - oh, OK, I see further down that you realize that] Sorry for being a grumpy old man, but some days ... I'm just a grumpy old man. hahaha no worries, I was just having a laugh. because of everyone that jumps on the band wagon of the crazy " schizophrenia " story. but actually has no clue how it affects people.. was just being funny. my bad.. I've yet to be whitelisted my first application was denied, so trying to work on a better one now. hoping to join you all in game soon. Cheers my friend.
  3. Thanks for that wonderful welcome Jm Von Cat!! I have been finding my way around and doing lots an lots of reading, I'm very excited to toss myself into the mix. I've even jumped on the TeamSpeak and met a few people and had some good conversation about rules and such. Still waiting for my whitelist application to process. But looking forward to the many countless adventures ahead of me!
  4. This was a great little read, I think it's refreshing to read how other people grow there RP. I also take steps, I keep a notepad on my desk and I log down names and encounters and little bullet points, to sum up events that happened. And I constantly look back thru this "log" and it helps me develop emotion behind my personality, it can be tricky to remember everything so i find my little bullet points an easy way for me to scan quickly to recall a name, or an event. Works for me.
  5. Thank you all.... tehflapjack I don't actually suffer from schizophrenia, people are just quick to make assumptions sometimes.... See an old guy limping thru the hills talking to himself, and suddenly I'm crazy... the younger generation and there self diagnoses.. Hog wash I tell you.. *kicks dirt*
  6. Hello everyone... You can call me Whyte.. My close friends call me "gimpy" *knocks on leg* for obvious reasons. I'm a widowed old bloke. I spend most my day's wondering the hills, enjoying nature. The people around town tend to avoid me, Which suits me just fine, I have plenty of enjoyable conversations with myself... ( schizophrenia?!?! ) I keep my circle small. after the loss of my wife and kids, I'd rather not grow attached to anyone. Love hurts, ya know? Well I'm just waiting to get whitelisted, but I look forward to hearing your whispers with the rest of the town folk, as I talk away to myself wondering the hills.. Sincerely... Whyte "Gimpy"