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  1. IGN: MasonStahl Age: 16 Country:Turkey English skills: I can talk fluently yet my accent makes it a little harder to understand. DayZ Mod Experience: Played for a hour or so. DayZ Standalone Experience: Played for 96 hours for a year. Roleplaying Experience: Roleplaying in different games and platforms for 4 years. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger, rifleman, and an optimist. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in DayZ. Additional notes: My character needs a group that would volunteer to help him find his friend. Best way to contact you: Steam and mail. Backstory: Mason Stahl, a 28 year old man, recieves an envelope from his old friend, Khan, that asks him to travel to a city called Elektrozavodsk in Chernarus and meet him there ASAP. Afraid of that something might have happened to his close friend, Mason buys the first plane ticket to Chernarus. Yet minutes before their landing their plane crashes near the airport, fainting and even killing most of the passengers inside the plane. Hours later Mason wakes up, yet when he does he realizes there is somebody else alive near, yet it moans in pain, or hunger. Yet when Mason finds the survivor he realizes that person is actually no person at all, or at least not anymore. It was a beast, a demon which was chewing on another passenger. Without a second thought, Mason runs to the exit so save his own life, without any thought to take his belongings or save anybody else. Now Mason is in middle of a region he does not even know about. Hungry, thirsty and tired Mason's only objective is reach Electrozavodsk to find Khan.