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  1. Okay, thank you & I will keep an Eye on this thread just incase
  2. No I don't have any recordings or anything of the event, I don't see anything wrong I've done against this gentleman because I just robbed him in the heat of the moment, I can't really speak for the other guy who actually did the shooting! I hardly spoke to the man ingame the other guy I was with did the talking to him and shot him and that so I don't even see why im banned or whatever now
  3. I cant tell you if that is him though, he just said the name dimitri in the voice chat ingame, I never checked the pulse because I didnt think I had to remember it because we just played for a little while
  4. Hey, here is my side of the story, I had recently met up with this guy he is mentioning, we ran around looting and having fun till we get shot at from someone so we get a bit scared and push into the Woods to try to spot them, manage the inventory and stuff when suddenly a guy comes up from behind and totally scared us shitless and in a Quick thinking we just decided to act as he might be the shooter so we held him up and restrained him and told him to stand still and not move but he ran around trying to break the cuffs and insulting us so my friend shot him once in the leg and then bandaged him, left him with his stuff exept ammo in the rifle so he couldn't shoot us in the back and left some water and stuff for him so he atleast had a chance when he woke up.