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  1. The videos posted show my POV very well. Felix Stones FOV I had just left the tents at North West Air Field. The the group of four men approached me and we began to talk. After short while of discussing things I was told to leave because I was freaking them out. I responded with saying you were the ones who came up to me. The group of men take my response as very hostile, which they want me to apologize. I tell them no and that I have done nothing wrong. The situation then escalates to one of them point a gun at me saying he gives me 3 seconds to apologize before he kills me. My friends begin firing at the group of men, as soon as that happens the man guns me down before I have any time to complete his demand.
  2. How about instead of doing your obligatory post every month, you come back and play so that you can take your own screen shots. That's what you don't know.
  3. Cherno in the morning Cha feel
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    Steam Name: LizardOverlord IGN: Felix Stone Country of Residence: United States Age (No age limit in the group): 16 Any other group affiliation (any previous also): The Jackals Anything else: This seems like a cool and interesting group idea which my character can get behind.
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    Where are you supposed to send applications?
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    0.60 Experimental - Megathread

    Can't wait!
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    Jackals Media Thread

    At first glance I thought it was , then I saw the rifle and the lack of shades. Twas bright couldn't see color of da hat. Leave me alone, shouldn't you be studying or something. I was talking about the cow......
  8. LizardOverlord

    Jackals Media Thread

    She's like my twin or something.. great pic man Yea nick. She looks exactly like you, can't tell the diffrence.
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    Jackals Media Thread

    *Is in group of plebs*
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    Immortals Media Thread

    Dank execution jackals/immortals <3
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    Jackals Media Thread

    Kek execution
  12. *He takes another swig of his vodka bottle, he looks around the house he is sitting in. His head swaying from side to side, the night of drinking has finally caught up to him. He lifts up his radio hearing at what his brother is saying, he takes another swig of the drink. He brings up the radio to his face pressing down on the transmitter button. Some of his words are slurred together. * "Why..... Why the fuck are you still talking about *he lets out a slight burp* this. They are gone, they.. they got pushed out of their territory. Now *sloshing from the bottle can be heard slightly* drop it." *He takes one final swig before releasing his finger from the transmitter. He set's his radio back into his backpack before he thinks about his recent actions with his brothers. *
  13. LizardOverlord

    Jackals Media Thread

    So bullyed ;-;