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  1. gwolb

    Chernarus EXTRA - Issue 1

    Very cool,nice job on this.
  2. I meet the famous actor Jack Steele in Dolina this morning, even got his autograph! I think I heard he may even be in the talent show this weekend.
  3. Meet some nice people around the camp fire in Dolina tonight.
  4. I think this is a case of being drunk while driving, at least it sounded like they were! funny stuff.
  5. Meet up with 4-5 different people just today in Doline and had a great time.
  6. Will do Volke. With my work schedule, I am normally on during the day before work at 3:30 pm est (GMT-5) and then after I get off work at midnight. I am sure it may not be as action packed as it was around the fireplace today, but sure it will be just a entertaining.
  7. Had a fun time RP'ing with everyone today, was nice to meet some of the members of Alcyone. Still really new to DayzRP but everyone was very understanding and giving great info about group.
  8. In the channel now, thanks for the warm welcome! seems to be a great group.
  9. I'am very new to DayzRP and the TS etiquette that is used. Is it okay to join in on the Channel, or is it better to message someone that is in the Alcyone Channel first to check if its okay to join in. Sorry is this seems to be an stupid question. P.S. - part of the reason I was looking at this group is that Volke talked to me in TS about a week ago, when I was in the "looking for group" channel and was very friendly and I have seen him in TS during the day before I go to work.
  10. How does one get into this group? My back story is that I work in IT support/security.
  11. gwolb

    Chernov's Bandit Guide

    I was a hostage the other night, and complied with all the demands and was still executed, is that normal? and is this to be expected when being taken hostage? Also, if in a situation where you think you are about to be taken hostage, is it okay to open fire with weapons?
  12. Had fun role play in Polana last night, but ended up getting killed when I had to guess how many rounds were in a pistol and when I guessed wrong I will shot in the head. Not sure if that is normal for the group of bandits that were there, but was fun anyway. For one of the first interactions after join DayzRP, was definitely a interesting way to start.
  13. You would think that some people would have better things to do that create this type of issue. Go figure.
  14. yes, good selection of songs there.
  15. Thanks for the welcomes, will read up on the Lore and Radio broadcasts.