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  1. So me and my cousin Dmitri had been looting around when we found a car. We decided to hop in and drive over to Myshkyno. When we arrive we see the lights of a carrier truck, and immediately we stop the car and park it up the hill behind some foliage. We make our way down and Dmitri happens upon another survivor skulking around. We stop him and notice a small campfire farther up the hill. We decide to let the other guy get away with the carrier truck and sprint back to our original truck. And, to our surprise the truck was empty on fuel. We had shown up with a full tank so we knew something was up, but since the truck was now useless to us we ended up just looting the base and hoping for the best. Then out of the blue I see the brights of a truck zoom by, carrying a complete stranger. It took a while to figure out but this is what I think his whole plan was. Lure us into the base, siphon our fuel, lure us back, then again back to the base, fill our truck back up with gas and then zoom away with both me and Dmitri completely stranded.