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  1. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Literally the first line. It's a cargo vessel not a cruise liner.
  2. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Read the lore again.
  3. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Connor (Connvexus) put heaps of effort into the graphics so give him loads of beans.
  4. Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Fuck yes
  5. Thomas Drevko

    Tom joined the crew of the Southern Moana as a means to track someone down, far from his home. However as the months drifted by, he found that he had grown fond of the rough waves of the rolling sea, and the sense of adrenaline they bestowed amidst a harsh storm. (Work in progess.)
  6. Rebirth (Post LW)

    Love the graphics, good luck!
  7. Good luck! I reckon it'll be interesting to see a non-militant Chernarussian group exerting their influence around the country, especially with all the new lore factions running around.
  8. Good read. Looking forward to meeting you guys in-game.
  9. Ethan Walker POV - I logged out about 30 seconds before the shooting began judging from Dusty's video, because nothing was going on and I was in a separate teamspeak room to the main group (They were discussing the previous firefight which I wasn't involved in). Then I move back up to the main room and hear that there is another fight going on, so I logged back in inside a military tent within the compound. I'm crouched on the ground with my weapon on my back and there's a guy looking through the doorway at me with a rifle in his hands. He says: "Who are you?", I said "I'm nobody". Then he raises his weapon and says what sounds like "You chose wrong" and kills me.
  10. Nope, sorry They're the same thing right?
  11. When I got into a car that FreyZ was driving.
  12. Roamer Care Package (Open Frequency)

    Ethan places the last of the supplies in the tent before zipping it up and pulling out his radio. "To anyone listening on this channel, the latest care package can be located in the gas station just west of Chernogorsk. Help yourself, and stay safe out there."
  13. Fullard Station - Tower Transmision 102.5

    Ethan pulls out his radio and begins to transmit "Hey Mez, glad to hear you using that radio we gave you. Like we said at the Airfield, feel free to contact the Roamers on 117.2 at any time. Perhaps we can organize some sort of trade agreement?"