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  1. Danny Sullivan is a veteran US Pilot who was court-marshalled for an un-ordered bombing on small villiage. Soon after being sent home he decided to start hunting in the forest. He practiced with his rifle hunting deer and other small game. Sooner or later the outbreak happened and he was thrown in the middle of it. He stocked up on supplies and headed up to the mountains for protection and shelter. Almost a month goes by and he sees all these people roaming the streets with blood spewed all over their clothing. Someone runs up to one of them and puts a bullet straight to the head. A swarm comes around and devours the young man who fired his weapon and after waiting an hour for them to clear, danny decides to loot his body finding a radio and a small firearm.
  2. *JJ decides to flip on his radio and begins to speak in a calm voice* "Hello everyone, my name is JJ. Some may know me and well, others of course will not." *JJ takes a second to breathe* "On the other hand, for those who do know me, I will begin venturing out once more." *JJ smiles with happieness* "It's my 18th birthday today, so theres that" *A burst of air is heard as the noise of a flame is put out* "John has left me. Im pretty sure he decided to go on his own." "Well goodbye and see you out there everyone." *JJ turns off the radio*
  3. XRinX


    *JJ turns on his radio and speaks with a cheerful tone in his voice* "I found my old pal John! Whats that? We should go meet new people?" *JJ's voice is the only voice through the radio* "Sounds great! Now I can go find Ollie and Lyca! My two best friends!" *JJ fires his weapon and a splash of liquid is heard* "See you soon!" *JJ turns off his radio*
  4. XRinX

    To Mr. Hound and the other sick Fucks

    *Jj flicks on the radio to respond to Domek's little message* "Ah....I know who you are." "Tortured your little girl friend if im not mistaken." *Jj laughs insanely* "You won't be killing anyone." "Because their not yours to kill" *Jj turns off his radio*
  5. *Austin flicks on his radio and speaks with a sinister tone* "Hello there to all." *People may notice Austin's voice* "I'm back from a very long...nap you could say." "Id'e like to say hello to some of my old buddies of mine who i won't bother saying the names of." "I also hear of an old group who's again came back and I do believe that its pissing me off." "Let's just hope that you don't have an accident like "seven" other unlucky people." "Either way, you won't last long by the rate you're all going" "I do so dearly respect the choice in facial wear though." "Alas, I don't have to much longer to stay and chat." *Austin grunts as he swings the ax. Breaking and splatters can be heard in the background." "For those who do not know me, my name is Austin J. Matthews." "I must be going now." "This little bunny just wasted his last strike." *Muffled screaming can be heard before the radio turns off*
  6. *The preacher hears the man and recognizes his voice* "Right that magic show was spot on. I can shoot straight now thanks to you" "Also that friend of mine who called your friend a "Whore" "I so do apologize for his... Choice in words. I also notice that there is another" "Priest that I hear on this frequency." "And yes i'm quite fine indeed" "A couple of broken bones here and there but i'm out alive and hope to meet" "with you on better terms." "As for the clown group ide like to apologize for the name calling from the" "people in the church." "I myself did not invite them in and I also thank you for not killing anyone" "Inside the church. I hope to see you again and share one of" "my cigarettes with you if that's not to much trouble." *The priest laughs alittle before continuing* "Ah yes, One more thing before I go." "To the man with the mask." "You have some traitors within your ranks." "Just thought you should know that." "So long!" *The Priest turns off his radio*
  7. *The Priest turn on his radio and speaks* "For those who wish to find me then you can find me in kabanino church" "This place needs a Priest" *The priest exhales and turns off his radio*
  8. *The Priest hears the man and reply's* "God indeed does exist for you are a child of his. You may not believe in the Lord but the Lord believes in you and you my child are simply lost in darkness. Come find me when you can and I shall bring you to the light of God." *The Priest turns off his radio*
  9. *The Priest hers the young man and decides to reply* "Yes child, I shall help you find your way to the light for all may be forgiven under our Lord and Savior. I shall meet you in the North my son." *The priest puts down his radio and begins to pack his things*
  10. *The Priest turns on the radio and speaks* "Come to the assistance of men whom God has created to His likeness and whom He has redeemed at a great price from the tyranny of the devil. The Holy Church venerates you as her guardian and protector; to you, the Lord has entrusted the souls of the redeemed to be led into heaven. Pray therefore the God of Peace to crush Satan beneath our feet, that he may no longer retain men captive and do injury to the Church. Offer our prayers to the Most High, that without delay they may draw His mercy down upon us; take hold of the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, bind him and cast him into the bottomless pit that he may no longer seduce the nations." *The Priest turns off his radio without saying a word of why he said the chant*
  11. *Jacob picks up his radio and responds* "Okay. you be safe out there hope to see you again on better terms" *Jacob turns off his radio*
  12. *jacob speaks into the radio* "hey kim, its jj. Where did you run off to? *jacob waits for a response*
  13. XRinX

    [Open Freq.] Cannibal scum, listen up.

    *Logan hears the man and begins to speak* "Sick fuck? I don't eat the meat you see. I'm, how do you say, just a friend of these people." "If you want to find me contact me on my radio why don't you" *Logan turns off his radio*
  14. *Logan heres the man and begins to speak* "Northern brothers? First I hear of a group called the masquerade, now I have norther brothers. Great." *Logan sighs in releif then speaks* "Well thanks kind stranger but im out of the frying pan and into the fire." *Logan turns off his radio*
  15. *Logan turns on his radio ad speaks in a dim but jolly voice* "Hey there guys......or whoever is listening...Logan here...It seems that ive ran into some trouble near a place called..Novo..." *Logan pauses for a breif second before speeking again* "Someones comming....I have to go...Ill have to talk later" *Foot steps are heard before the radio snaps off*