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  1. Worked on a farm as a ranch hand with his buddy Wyatt Morgan until the place was bought out by a bigger corporation. The switch forced him to start new endeavors at the local best buy. One day he had enough and said "fuck it, I'm movin' to Russia.
  2. BigBadBam

    S1 Stary Baiting/KoS/NVFL

    I must apologize for interrupting what looked to be a decent firefight based on the video, I know I would have been just as angry as you were but, explain to me how my justification is a lie . You act as if you know my reasons for doing what I did when you really don't. That's like if I accused you of cutting the footage right after your friend asks you what I was wearing so you wouldn't be caught metagaming, even though I don't really know that to be the case. You also say I was close enough to see if your weapon was raised, which may look true on the footage you gave, but let's not forget that was heavily edited to increase the brightness. I could hardly see 5 feet in front of me and at that point tensions were high and you continued to follow as we walked away. At 3:50 you had the perfect opportunity to go back to your group as even Jeremiah had turned to continue walking out of town. The thing is, you instead chose to come over to us again and bark another crude remark. This was the last straw for my character and I chose to make the first move before we were put on the defensive. I did not shoot you for the hell of it, nor because I was annoyed with you. You also bring up that there were gunshots going on "constantly" as if that's supposed to prove we did not value our lives. even though throughout the video there were only a couple shots at the very beginning which had come from the hill and then silence (at least weapon wise) until I shot at you around 4 minutes later. I could not hear where the shots from the hill landed, so that is why I continued through town. For all I knew it was someone fighting off zombies or people in the woods. It wasn't until you mentioned that there were guys in the church that I realized the fight was happening in town as well. After hearing that the only reason I stayed was to see if I could help, which was not the case, so at that point I began to leave. At no point did I personally not value my characters life. So, if all of the justification I've given thus far has not been enough, then I will accept my ban.
  3. BigBadBam

    S1 Stary Baiting/KoS/NVFL

    Fergus Mueller POV: I had met Jeremiah (The one who was killed by Nicholas) earlier that day, and we traveled north together, you could say we were allies in this situation. Although, we were not part of any established group together and the only reason we both had cowboy hats was because as we traveled, we stumbled upon one that he said would suit me well. After that, we made our way towards Stary as we hear gun shots. I had assumed it was someone fighting zombies or people, so we proceeded to see if we could offer help. At that point Jeremiah and me were split up due to it being so dark, but I continued to the town anyways to see if I could find him again and figure out why there were shots coming from nearby. Eventually I ran into him again and we continued into town as mentioned about 10 seconds into the video above. Prior to this, all shots I heard had come from the hills, so I thought the town would be our safest bet in terms of finding cover. Following that, we ran into Nicholas whom we tried to get to explain what was going on so we didn't end up on the wrong side of things, and we even offered help. From there, the situation escalated as he yelled, and Jeremiah tried to calm him down to get the situation under control. Twas then I brought up to Jeremiah that it would be best if we left so we wouldn't be shot, so we turned, but then also heard Nicholas say that he would willingly kill us if we did not. I took this as a threat and grew wary as we began to leave. As we walked away, Nicholas continued to follow and bark threats, so at that point I took it upon my self to make sure he didn't shoot either one of us in the back and I fired before things could get any worse. It was far darker than shown in the video and extremely hard to tell if he had raised his weapon or not, which was a risk I was not willing to take, as it would have cost both mine and Jeremiahs lives. From my pov this was pure self defense against a likely danger. This was in no way baiting, as it was Nicholas who continued to follow and pester us, not the other way around. The only thing I had said as we were exiting the town was "shall we head out" to Jeremiah. And from what I could hear all Jeremiah did was say to me that he wanted to help and that it wasn't fair. If Nicholas was enraged by this or was "baited" by this, then that is on him taking someone else's conversation the wrong way. We clearly engaged in role play prior to the shooting and tried our best to interact with Nicholas in a peaceful manner to calm him as he continued to yell and make threats at us. Due to these threats and his level of anger it had gotten to a point where I saw him as a deadly individual and felt that I needed to put him down. Therefor this was not KoS and my character had a clear reason for engaging Nicholas. Lastly, this couldn't have possibly been NVFL, the sole reason I shot Nicholas was because I felt I needed to protect myself and Jeremiah. In no way were we outnumbered, in fact when the shooting took place Nicholas looked to be on his own. I was not trying to stay in the firefight zone for the hell of it. We not only offered help, but we also stayed calm, and then began to make our way out of town until Nicholas continued to follow. I'd like to make it clear that Jeremiah also had no part in the shooting at the end and as shown in the video he did not engage, and even took it upon himself to crouch down to get out of the way. This wasn't represented by Nicholas's video due to him appearing to have the weapon glitch. This act of defense was on me alone, and if you have any other reasons you'd like me banned for aside from the ones mentioned above I will gladly defend them.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-RDM-at-Kabanino?pid=1510603#pid1510603 Why the verdict is not fair: Poor reasoning for NVFL Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: First of all I'd like to bring up the statement "You attempted to wear the rules as a set of armor, and when you died you made a report because you thought the rules would protect you". This is a completely false accusation about me. For starters what would making a report protect me from? I was dead and my gear was gone. The report would not have protected me from getting shot. And I do not wear the rules as a set of armor. This is the first report I have ever decided to file because I genuinely dislike the thought of them. There have been plenty of instances were I have been killed on sight and chose not to file reports because I figured that would happen in a real apocalypse and was therefor more realistic. (One example would be when I was at a pond next to Green Mountain and was sniped by some guy who was in the wrong server and thought I was the enemy his friends were talking about. I was then called into the teamspeak by Terra to work out what should happen to him and I chose not to do anything because I believe accidents happen). This was not meant to sound harsh and I apologize if it has but I hate being accused of being some whiny snitch. Secondly you bring up that "If you knowingly and willingly stay in the area of an active firefight without attempting to leave, you are likely going to be killed. This is considered NVFL" That is not NVFL, if it was then your servers would be empty because anyone involve in any sort of conflict of fight would have been banned. The rules clearly state that "Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters survival" when it comes to NVFL which I don't believe is how I acted. I urge you and other admins to look into character bios to find out if the actions they chose to carry out were true to their characters in these cases. In this situation my character would not have coward away an ran for the hills. I initially ran back for cover to protect myself but turned back to aid my friend whom my character had become very close to throughout traveling together. During all of this I not only was watching out for myself but also for those I cared for. In the video you can clearly see me stop and wait for the shots to die down before I enter the compound. During the day I had made good acquaintances with Kevin and his group so I moved in cautiously (as soon as I felt enough shots had been fired to bring down the assassins) to make sure everyone was okay. If I had bolted into the house then sure you could consider that risky/NVFL, but I didn't. I waited outside the house and after the the shots picked up again I backed up further as seen in the video. I thought the man in the corner (the one who shot me) was one of Kevin's guards. Had I known otherwise and that he had somehow escaped the the house and all of its guards I would have moved even further into cover. There wasn't a moment in this conflict were I was being careless and not watching out for my life or that of others. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get my ban removed along with the warning points. What could you have done better?: I could have either ran from the situation entirely which would have been untrue to my character and bad RP or while I was in the compound I could have sought out better cover and waited for things to die down completely before trying to help.
  5. In the video, around the 0:44 mark, who is it that says "Don't come in here, I have the (President?) hostage"? Can anyone identify who is speaking around the 0:53 second mark who says "You're glitching"? I can confirm that whoever said this at 0:53 was someone inside of "Kevin's House" and wasn't in our teamspeak. Correct me if i'm wrong but it sounds more like he is saying "You're hit" possibly to the president.
  6. Server and location: S3: Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:30 a.m. PST Your in game name: Jack Mercer Names of allies involved: Jerry Hunt, Clint Abelli, President Kevin (and his supporters). Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube] Detailed description of the events: Me (Jack Mercer) and my friends Jerry Hunt and Clint Abelli were in Kabanino and saw Kevin and his supporters approaching. Kevin was looking for votes since he was running for president but we had already voted earlier that day. So we stayed and talked a while and all was going well until my group and others were invited into Kevin's house to speak with him. Before my group could enter, there were gunshots so I assume Kevin was killed without good reason and soon after people began running out of the house. As I stood there waiting for things to settle down I was shot (Either by one of Kevin's supporters who could not properly identify his target or by one of the unknown assassins). Link to video in case the one above does not work:
  7. I love this group, would it be wrong to call you my brothers?
  8. So I was just wondering what kind of enemies people have made in DayZRP and if you don't have any what would someone have to do to become your enemy?
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