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  1. Zoey Web was born in the united states in Miami Florida. She lived with her mom and younger sister Chloe and had no idea who her dad was. The only thing Zoey knew about her is that she got her Sweden side from him. Zoey grew up in a middle class state. She lived in an apartment and had a pretty laid back life. School wasnt a problem for her, she mostly stayed to herself in high-school and stayed more attached to her movies and books. Once Zoey was out of high-school she decided to go to college for acting. She decided that is what she wanted to do with her life and dedicated everything to it. All of her free time went into practice with acting and taking extra classes just for it. Zoey became so good at it that she and 4 other college students were asked to travel out of country to a place called Chernarus. Zoey didn't hesitate at all and began making arrangements for herself to go. She was allowed to bring one person of her choosing with her on this trip. Zoey decided to bring her younger sister, Chloe on the trip to Chernarus. As the two sister arrived at Chernarus, the next few days felt odd to them. The world as they knew it was about to change around them, possibly forever.
  2. FreezingRain

    Mia's Adventures

    LOL I don't know why my face was doing that!
  3. I took the radiator out of the vehicle so no one would steal it. But the car was in third gear and there is no way to just stop the vehicle in third gear. Before we even had the chance to stop, we got shot up.
  4. Francis PoV: We were just now leaving New Paris (Pulkovo,) I was in the passenger seat, Kyle was driving and we were in 3rd gear and flying down the road when we heard people yelling at us to stop the car or we will die. Before we had the chance to stop the car we all got gunned down inside the car.
  5. Calling her a bitch and telling her to leave was a threat to her. Now can we just move on? I admitted what i did wrong. It was a misunderstanding and this should be over by now.
  6. Well, she was being threatened. Seems like a good enough reason to me. But, that is not the case because she gunned the wrong person down.
  7. When she aimed her gun and started cursing at the people.
  8. But i initiated because she was being threatened. A lot of people do name calling and then get gunned down. This is honestly ridiculous. We should have just moved on from this. I admitted my mistake by gunning down the wrong person. But i feel, if someone told her to leave and called her a bitch after the shit she went through today.That would make her crazy. I honestly just wanna move on from this. I admitted my mistake as i was confused with all the voices.
  9. Okay, well i do apologize for what happened. It was all just a misunderstanding to me. But as my character, with all the stuff that was going on at green mountain she just lost it. She was being threatened and asked to pack her shit up so she lost it. Ive seen far worse incidents happen on this server that go without getting reported. For example, that guy that got shot today with no warning at green mountain. The incident that pretty much caused all of this. Again i do apologize to the guy i gunned down as i thought you were the one telling all this to my character.
  10. Okay i see where i messed up now. The guy i gunned down i thought he was the one threatening me but it was the guy on the roof. It was hard to tell who was speaking at the time as everyone was talking. I do apologize for that as i now see i am in the wrong. (Also, i do have a voice changer, i do not try to hide it as i do have my gender set to male. I play both male and female characters just haven't made a male one yet.)
  11. Well, i am sorry i must have misinterpreted the rules. I don't wanna argue about this, it was a misunderstanding. Can we please just move on from this?
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