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  1. Shondie was born in Kamyshovo. She grew up with her mom and step-father. Shondie had no idea who her real father was as he left her mom as soon as he found out she was pregnant. The young shondie grew up with 3 other siblings and her and her siblings went to school in Electro. As shondie progressed through life, she had a pretty normal like, dates, friends, prom, she even graduated from high school. But there was one thing, shondie didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. After high school all her friends moved onto different places to go to college or get out of Chernarus. Shondie worked at a local gas station for a while after she graduated, she worked there until she had enough money to move up north. She decided to take up residency in the large town called severograd. In that town is where she would spend most of her life as a hair stylist. Her last two years of working for the town, she became hooked on drugs and alcohol which ended up costing her the job she had. After losing her house she began staying with random people from time to time just to get by. But one morning she got up something felt off. People would usually be walking down the streets all the time at severograd but this time there were barely any people. She went into the local supermarket to apply for a job and get some food but something felt off about the place as well. There was nobody in the store, not even workers. Then she turned her head to the tv and saw what was happening on the news. There was an outbreak of some sort. After watching what was going on, on the television. She started to get chills and began to panic. Shondie then took off out the door and began to run as far away from the place as she could. She decided from here on out to stay away from cities.
  2. FreezingRain

    Mia's Adventures

    LOL I don't know why my face was doing that!
  3. William (Bill) grew up on a small farm in Unionville Tennessee. He had 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister. His brother was older and his sister was younger. Bill was the middle child out of his family and had to share a room with his older brother. His father, who was a farmer. Would grow his crops and sell them to the local market for money. His mother knew how to sew so she would make clothes and sell them at the market as well. Later on in life when Bill was a teenager his father signed up for the army because the family was tight on money. Everything happened so sudden and his family was forced to move to Chernarus. His father was placed at Stary Sabor and Bill and his family moved to Novy Sabor. This is where Bill was going to live for the rest of his life. He became a farm boy and took up after his father, he would make food for his family and sell what he had left at the market for some extra pocket money. As Bill grew into a young man, he met a beautiful girl by the name of Elle Nixson. She happened to be american as well, the two grew old together and after his parents passed away and his siblings moved out of the house, Bill took over the house with his own family. He had one daughter and one son. They both grew up to be successful and decided to move to the U.S. His daughter Jessie, became a model in the states and his son Jacob, became a full time doctor. The years began to grow older and so did Bill himself. His wife ended up passing away at the age of sixty five. She was the same age as Bill and he felt lost. Bill became sheltered, and yelled at anyone who came to his door, when he would go into town he would scream and yell at people that got in his way or even got near him. His children didn't call him anymore and he was beginning to forget who they were. Years passed to where the world was starting to change into something nobody would be prepared for. People started screaming and yelling. Killing and crying. Bill had no idea what was going on until he saw what was going on on the news. He knew he had to act fast, so he grabbed his rifle and a bag and ran off into the woods. Nowadays, Bill hasn't changed much. He keeps moving, doesn't stay in one place for long. His only focus is surviving...
  4. I took the radiator out of the vehicle so no one would steal it. But the car was in third gear and there is no way to just stop the vehicle in third gear. Before we even had the chance to stop, we got shot up.
  5. Francis PoV: We were just now leaving New Paris (Pulkovo,) I was in the passenger seat, Kyle was driving and we were in 3rd gear and flying down the road when we heard people yelling at us to stop the car or we will die. Before we had the chance to stop the car we all got gunned down inside the car.
  6. Cleo Web, grew up in Florida then moved with her parent to Minnesota. She was working a part time job as a waitress in a small dinner. After her dad passed away and her mom grew ill, she quit her job and became a full time caretaker for her mom. after a few months past, Cleo's mom passed away and she decided to move back to Florida with her sister after her mom funeral. Before the sickness started happening, Cleo and her sister Zoey, decided to take a vacation to Chernarus. After a plane ride to Chernarus, the two sisters arrived in Cherno and the first thing they did was check into their hotel and get some sleep as it was a long ride to Chernarus. The next day they woke up they heard reports of a sickness going around, Zoey said she was going to run into town and get some stuff as she thought it was nothing serious. But suddenly she started to get chased by infected and ended up running all the way to balota, getting separated from her sister. Cleo, who was back in the hotel started to get worried as people were screaming and running. Cleo looked out the window and saw people going crazy. She began to panic then wondered where her sister went. After things decided to calm down outside a bit she decided to go out and look around. She found no sign of her sister and began to lose hope. This is her journey to finding her sister.
  7. Francis King, a man who likes to be rowdy and loud. Francis loved to hang out in bars before the end of the world happened. Every weekend he would go out with his buddies to the bar and get as drunk as he possible could until the bartender forced them out. Francis worked with a shipping company so he spent most of his time during the week on a boat. But one weekend he didn’t know it would be his last in America. After the weekend, Francis bordered the boat as he usually did. It was set to ship crates to Chernarus. Several hours pass, and as they grew closer to Chernarus their boat his a large rock and the ship began to sink. Francis hopped off the boat and swam to shore. Little did he know, this was his new home, for now...
  8. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    Calling her a bitch and telling her to leave was a threat to her. Now can we just move on? I admitted what i did wrong. It was a misunderstanding and this should be over by now.
  9. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    Well, she was being threatened. Seems like a good enough reason to me. But, that is not the case because she gunned the wrong person down.
  10. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    When she aimed her gun and started cursing at the people.
  11. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    But i initiated because she was being threatened. A lot of people do name calling and then get gunned down. This is honestly ridiculous. We should have just moved on from this. I admitted my mistake by gunning down the wrong person. But i feel, if someone told her to leave and called her a bitch after the shit she went through today.That would make her crazy. I honestly just wanna move on from this. I admitted my mistake as i was confused with all the voices.
  12. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    Okay, well i do apologize for what happened. It was all just a misunderstanding to me. But as my character, with all the stuff that was going on at green mountain she just lost it. She was being threatened and asked to pack her shit up so she lost it. Ive seen far worse incidents happen on this server that go without getting reported. For example, that guy that got shot today with no warning at green mountain. The incident that pretty much caused all of this. Again i do apologize to the guy i gunned down as i thought you were the one telling all this to my character.
  13. FreezingRain

    S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

    Okay i see where i messed up now. The guy i gunned down i thought he was the one threatening me but it was the guy on the roof. It was hard to tell who was speaking at the time as everyone was talking. I do apologize for that as i now see i am in the wrong. (Also, i do have a voice changer, i do not try to hide it as i do have my gender set to male. I play both male and female characters just haven't made a male one yet.)
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