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  1. Yes, but would you rather start again with people leagues ahead of you or would you rather start again with everyone on equal footing? That's the point of a wipe. LoL cid, do not worry, no one invented the nuklear weapon in LiF at the moment ^^
  2. MoOses

    Character Concept

    sounds like a great idea! the server is stable now btw
  3. We're working on two mini-events like that in our settlement! No worries! yes, but we can not make a mini event if the people do not care about lif and prefer waiting until the project gets archived i thought there would be more people talking about what made them quit ^^
  4. Hi guys, we used to have about 30 Players online in LiF a month ago while having the DDoS problem. All of the sudden everyone stopped playing, because people got frustrated of the permanent downtimes of our LiF server, what is understandable. But what I do not understand is, that the LiF server is stable again, you only lose connection when the server restarts for 2 minutes ( that's what everyone was waiting for a month ago) and noone seems to be interested anymore. People I was talking to were complaining that we have only 5-8 players online and that they will join the server again, when there will be more people on the server, but what you guys do not realise is that most people think that way and we will never have more than 8 players. Where are the "Freeman," "Order of Romulus," "Swine Pits," "Norsemen," "Prefugium," "The French?" I do not want the LiF community to be archived. I hope at least a few people will read this message and maybe join back in LiF at least for one or two hours a day.
  5. http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/delete-poor-quality-trees-monthly-auto-uproot-t8393/ http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/basilmod-pack-t14651/ Basil Mod: - Message of the Day ( displaying the rules of the server to remind everyone ) - AuctionHouse - Cartographer (Prototype) - MailSystem / "Ravens" - BasilMod: Heraldy (Prototype) - BasilMod: Diplomacy (Prototype)
  6. just tell everyone you know the good news, that the server is stable again.
  7. I guess our DDoser is running out of money the game worked fine after the DDos derrick mentioned. We have to revive the LiF community. The server is stable enough to play on it, it is way better than it was in the beginning. Try playing on it again, it would be fun, to have some activ players to rp with instead of building and grinding skills. If you need help in rebuilding your settlement PM me and we'll find a way to meet in RP
  8. wow 5 min on the server and it's down again. we need the old port back it seemed to work out better
  9. solved in teamspeak, can be closed.
  10. Server And Location: S1 - myshkino tents Approximate time and date: 25-01-2016, ~ 03:17 Names of allies: none name of suspects: unknown, at leat 3-4 people enemy vehicles: white car additional evidence: none PoV: I moved from zelenogorsk to myshkino tents and was running arround the the eastern forest to scout out the area. I heared the car rolling in and i was observing what was going on. I've heared a gunshot and I've seen a zombie dropping dead. A time later i got shot all of the sudden, no one iniciated on me. while writing the report i just heard someone say "oh shit" and "can you loot this guys body?"
  11. reporting first ddos edit: reporting second ddos ~ 23:50 - now ( still not working ) Server time 14.01.2016 server time 14:10 - ddos 16:45 - ddos until 20:10 20:28 - ddos unable to join server 22:48 - ddos server worked for a minute
  12. we need a new lif hype atm: Norsemen -> RiP Crusoe -> RiP Land of Osbourne -> MiA Romulus -> RiP Prefugium -> RiP
  13. it seems the port change saved the day. i wasnt kicked out a single time.
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    http://abload.de/image.php?img=screenshot_008-00002tbscv.png With DerrickStorm