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  1. As I said I have no idea how that even happened so i dunno... Might be able to store more, who knows.
  2. Yea you could equip the whole army.
  3. Lol I bet game would probably crash for everyone if something like firing a shotgun out of flare would be to happen
  4. Thanks for the tip but as I said I have no idea how this happened. I tried picking up a repeater and it dissapeared, noticed after an hour that it was in my flare . Im not really into exploits, bugs or glitches, well maybe once when they happen like this.
  5. Well if anyone was wondering how to carry more than 2 big Weapons at the same time here is the solution, store them in the flare gun. No idea really how this happened, died by some bug on second floor before I could try shooting the flare [/url]
  6. Erm I don't realy know what to do... Is there any way to find who koed you? I was playing on the main DayzRP server, looting a military building and out of nowhere I died. Its my first day playing i spent like 5 hours collecting loot and BOOM dead for no reason, no contact no tries to communicate with me... The loot I had was one of the best I had while playing this game... 3 Weapons 3 pistols lots of ammo for them, food, vest and other important stuff... And I thought KOS is forbidden So any thoughts or ideas ?
  7. Protect the weak, patch them up, arm them up and send them to get the throne of iron.
  8. deivius1

    For all the fresh spawns..

    Alright thanks Now to find dayz map and see where this kamenka and komorovo is .
  9. deivius1

    Favorite weapon?

    Well I say Mr broom is my favourite weapon. Once I knocked a bandit with a BROOM and saved my ass. Thanks Dayz.
  10. deivius1

    For all the fresh spawns..

    Any tips how to get there? I mean I do play this game for quite a while but my skills at finding places and maps are horrible. I don't even know where west or north is in this game I know prison is on the island but where da fek is that Island located ? Thanks.