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  1. MaDonaldMcDonald

    Slash Signature Requests [CLOSED]

  2. MaDonaldMcDonald

    Slash Signature Requests [CLOSED]

    This thread is the svaior of who sucks at art & creative like me. Thanks m8, joined the community recently looking for a good signature that can represent who, where, what, why of me. 1. Request:Signature 2. Texts: No Zuo No Die made from China 3. Image: http://www.bhmpics.com/download/china_flag-wide.jpg (background) http://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/china1.jpg (detail) 4. Font: your choice 5. Any Other Details:Just make the flag as background, then you do the rests to make it looks China style!!! Very appreciate it!
  3. MaDonaldMcDonald

    Bugs YOU spotted in 0.57

    After dropped something you most likely cant pick it up again.
  4. Name: Madonald Chan Age: 24 Height: 6`4 Weight: 139lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: Immigrant Chinese cooker Demeanor in Three Words: coward, language barrier, distrust strangers.
  5. MaDonaldMcDonald

    Badass quotes thread

    "Allahu akbar" says it out loud. It truly worked! I tried it on CS:GO, but dont know about Dayz though.
  6. I have been died from starvation 3 times now. >o< Never surviving long enough to meet a two foots animal that is not zombie.
  7. Yeah, I was born in a village that you might not heard of it. Wow, I just watched some RP videos that I found on the site. The RP is pretty serious, is unlike a casual conversation that people need to adjust their tone to fit the situation and character characteristics, more like playing drama back at my secondary school. I think this is very challenging for me, but I will try my best.
  8. Greetings survivors! Mos My application just got accepted! I am so exciting towards roleplaying in a zombie apocalypse world with you guys right now, because I got rejected last time. All the servers are full at the movement, so I decided to make an introduction thread to let anyone have an idea of who I am. IAmChinese currently living/studying in the UK. I have RP experiences on HL2RP from gmod and world of warcraft but they were all typing communication. I am a shy person towards stranger especially people from the internet >.< More importantly I do not have a formal accent of speaking English like whose English is their first language, ugh this issue get me frustrating at the past that I tried to speak to other people from the internet, but they did not understand what I was saying, eventually ignored me . However, that was the past. The past doesn`t affect who I am at the present. If you meet a character with an asian appearance who speaks kinda weird, thats me . That ish it. Q=q