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  1. Zelector (Character Creation Tool)

    This tool is great, everyone should try it!
  2. My Travels

    Thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it. Here are some others screenshots I took recently. The Safehouse is part of a project I'm working on right now, which will be revealed soon.
  3. My Travels

    Just a couple of screenshots from my experience. I'm planning to update this thread in the future. I hope you enjoy these pictures. I will post a proper background story for Angelica as soon as possible on the Lore and Stories Section [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  4. Rivals

    No enemies... For now.
  5. Hello

    I got whitelisted today and I just wanted to say hello to everybody. I'm not an expert of DayZ, but I roleplayed for quite a while, most of the time using text. I'm always looking for unique multiplayer experiences, and this one seems to be quite different from the "shoot everything that moves and level up to unlock that fancy thing" experiences that other games offer. My character is actually the same protagonist of a novel that I'm currently writing, so I was also lookin for some inspiration while playing here. I hope my shyness and/or my stupid slow connection won't ruin my experience and yours. Good Luck in Chernarus, stay safe.