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  1. *Kordana yelps as gunshots hit the cement building she's running towards. She ducks into it and begins to sprint up the stairs. She fiddles around on her belt, looking for her radio. She grabs it and begins to speak very shakily. She's still running so she sounds a bit breathless.* "He-Hello? Yeah this is Bloo. Currently being shot at by a few people. I-I'll be fine don't worry about me or anything I just wanna let everyone know that I'm gonna be gone for a bit. Like I said d-don't worry. I'll let everyone know when I'm back safe and sound. Fuck. G-god dammit! Hold on..." *Kordana hooks her radio back onto her belt, forgetting to turn it off. She grabs her pistol and ducks behind a wall. Several gunshots can be heard and a lot of footsteps. Kordana holsters her pistol and begins to run down the hall. She ducks into some sort of room on the third floor and begins to barricade the door with everything she can use. She stacks dressers, chairs, vanities, and more against the door and backs away. She grabs her radio and begins to speak, more out of breath than before.* "One question before I go. Ya ever think that jumping out of a third story window ever killed someone? May be the only choice I got. I sure hope it doesn't hurt as bad as I think it will. This is Bloo, signing off for now." *There's loud shouting and the sound of large furniture falling over or breaking. The door busts open and the shouting gets even louder. There's a sound of running and then glass shattering followed by a female's screams. There's an audible "Oomph." then the radio breaks and the only sound left is a high-pitched loud static.*
  2. Journal Entry: 5-6/16/15 [align=left] My own birthday and I didn't even write on it. Well. A lot has happened. Bad things. I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to stay here. Too much has happened in these past few days for me to even explain. I met a group and may have accidentally ruined all their lives. Now they're trying to... kill me. Those were his words. KILL. "I'm going to kill you bitch. I'll fucking kill you." Shit. I remember it so vividly. I'm really nervous that they might fi [align=left]*The entry stops here. There's not much writing on the page but quite a bit of blood covers the bottom right section of the page. It's still wet and only a few inches away from it are two halves of a pencil. They're both quite sharp and both very bloody.* [align=left]((I just want to clarify that this is not my goodbye or anything like that. I am not quitting. I'm just taking a hiatus from pretty much everything right now. Lots of things going on IRL and I want to focus on those for right now. I will be back relatively soon. I just need a few weeks. Thanks for understanding. Also, the group my character writes of does not actually exist. Please do not go looking for that group or her as you will be met with blank stares most likely. Or guns drawn. Some people don't like those shady questions and I don't want to be responsible for your character's death! Anyways thanks everyone. Gonna post one more thing on another thread and that'll be my last post for just a few weeks. Might be even shorter than a few weeks. We'll see.))
  3. Journal Entry: 4-6/11/15 [align=left] I have like really good news. I figured out where I am! I knew the second I saw the plane. I watched it on the news the night in happened. I was in Berezino in my hotel room. I found a bunch of food and pop today. I still have my water bottle too. I almost went back to the police station today because I lost one of my pistols and wanted to see if I had missed any other guns but I saw a guy there. He looked unarmed and relatively harmless but I was so scared that I just turned around and ran. I know I know. Bad mistake. I was just terrified. You know I was doing some thinking yesterday when I was walking through the school. I was thinking about how different my life would've been if I was in high school when this whole thing started. For starters I'd be in America. I'd be in Arizona with my mom. I wouldn't know who Carter was though. That would kinda suck. I really miss them. All I have left of them are my memories. That's all any of us have. They can kill our friends and family, take our pictures of them away, and burn everything we have to the found, but no matter what there's just some things you'll never forget. And that kinda makes me realize something. If I lose this journal or... die... no one's gonna know who I am and they surely won't remember me. I mean yeah I mentioned my name and that I was a college student but they don't REALLY know me. If I die I want someone to remember me. Even if I was just the dead girl whose journal they found. Maybe I should backtrack a little bit. My name is Kordana Iris Bloom. I was born in Cuba to a single mother but we immigrated (or is it emigrated? I don't remember. Shit. Whatever.) to the United States when I was real little so I only remember it being real hot and exciting. We moved to Arizona after arriving in Florida. We had some family out there. We had our own place but not long after moving there my mom got diagnosed with some rare form of epilepsy and my grandma had to move in with us. It wasn't like normal epilepsy. It was harder to treat and the medication didn't work too well for my mom. My mom had to quit her job and give up her license. My grandma really stepped up then. She began working even harder to support all three of us and make sure my mom got her disability check. It didn't help that my dad was an asshole who never paid child support. Life went by though. My grandma made sure we were never hungry and that I had a good life. And I guess I really did. I got most of what I wanted. I don't wanna make myself sound spoiled though. I had a job and I paid for my own things. I understood that I would have to. My grandma couldn't afford to pay for stuff I wanted, and the bills, and the groceries, and all that stuff. When I entered high school I discovered I had a talent for musical theatre. I had always loved music and acting but this really was some of the best years of my life. I wanted to become an actor and star on Broadway and be in movies. I graduated high school a semester early and moved to New York with some friends. That's where I met my boyfriend Carter. I applied to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. But after a semester at the school I realized I didn't want to do musical theatre for the rest of my life. It came as a shock to my mom because she was also musically inclined. She wasn't upset or anything she just was really surprised. I applied to NYU instead. I didn't know what I was going to major in yet but they accepted me. I got the chance to study abroad and of course I accepted. My mom hated the idea and tried to stop me from going but Carter encouraged me. Of course I listened to him like a complete idiot. I should've just stayed. I love Carter but he encouraged me to do this and now I'm in a real fucked up situation. I don't fully blame him though. I chose to listen to him and go. I traveled all over Europe: England, Spain, France, Germany, and then my last stop was supposed to be Russia. I was staying in Chernarus for JUST a couple of days. It was in October. Everything went wrong though. The outbreak happened and they closed the borders and I couldn't leave. They wouldn't let me. I was forced to return to Berezino and "wait it out". I didn't even speak the language! I even tried threatening them with the US Embassy. You know what they did? Laughed in my face. Anyways yeah, I went back to Berezino and tried to wait for it all to blow over. I remember the first days after being sent back. Looking back, they actually weren't too bad. I made some friends... but it's getting dark and I need to find a place to sleep and hide for tonight. I'll write more on it tomorrow or something. Night. -Kordana Iris Bloom
  4. *When Kordana heard the voices on the radio she immediately perked up and grabbed the radio. She was almost giddy with excitement. She switched it on and began to speak.* "I just wanna say to the first man who talked, you're not doing a good job of selling yourself as an ally. And Lieutenant Emmrich, I think we could all use some down time. Things have been pretty rough lately, to say the least." *Kordana pauses and looks around when she hears a loud noise. An audible clanking can be heard on the radio. A grunt can be heard and then the pop of a gun. There's a sound of footsteps that walk closer to the radio. There's some static as Kordana picks it up. She grabs her other things and runs down the hallway. She ducks into another classroom and barricades the doors.* "Sorry, hope I didn't just scare anyone with that. Zombies. I'll be fine, I've barricaded myself in here and they can't get to me. If worse comes to worst I can escape through the window. Anyways, Mr. Brown, I too hope that it doesn't happen this time. Non parlo bene l’italiano. I think that's how you say. I've heard you speak it on a few other channels. I can speak some but I can't understand any of it. And Rebeka, I'm afraid I'm not familiar with this area at all. I was only supposed to be here for a few nights back before the outbreak. It's been a bit difficult traversing this land. I hope all of you are well and that no harm comes to any of you. As for me, I have to figure out how to get these zombies to leave me alone. I'll be in contact with you all soon hopefully." *There's some static and a small click before she stops broadcasting. Kordana sets the radio next to her on the ground and begins to think of how to get out of this situation.*
  5. It would HAVE to be Rosario Dawson serving up the Afro Latina realness OR Yaya DaCosta. Absolute QUEEN.
  6. *Kordana laid underneath the desk. Her backpack is about an arm's length away from her. She reaches over and pulls the bag towards her. After a second or two of rummaging she pulls out a radio. She clicks it on and begins to speak. Her voice is quiet and a bit gravelly like she hasn't drank much lately. There's a barely existent Latin accent as well.* "Broadcasting on all available frequencies, I think. I'm just sort of sitting here in this building right now. This is my first time reaching out to people since the outbreak. I met two people in all that time and one of them isn't even alive anymore. The other one... well. Not sure. I haven't met anyone since then. My point is that I'm getting really lonely. I need people. No crazies though. I'm armed and if you fuck with me I won't hesitate to kill you. I don't wanna make enemies though. And don't think you can start talking to me like I don't know who some of you are. I know some of you are twisted little fucks. I'll remember your voices if you start talking to me. I might not have seen any people or interacted with them but I've had this radio for a while now. And I've been listening... I have a real good guess of who some of you might be." *Kordana pauses and reaches into her pack. She grabs a can of soda and opens it. She gulps it down greedily. She takes a breath afterwards. When she speaks again her voice is much less gravelly and her accent is much more clear. She also sounds a bit less harsh* "I just need a group. I'm sick of being alone. Day after day. Night after night. I just want to know that there's some regular people out there. No crazies or murderers. I know I probably sound like a trap or some weirdo chick to you but I'm not. I've just been searching for people in all the wrong places. Living under a rock, some might say. Just... contact me on this frequency and if I feel I can trust you we can switch over to some encrypted channel or something. Don't worry about me missing your message. I won't. Radio's right by me. I won't miss it. You can call me Bloo by the way. It's not my real name of course but I've never talked to people like this before and I'm scared so... Yeah. I guess I'll just go now. Bye." *Kordana takes a deep breath before finishing her broadcast with a click. Afterwards she notices that there's an open ventilation system on the floor across the room. After making sure it's clear she crawls into the wide vent and lays her radio outside of the vent, that way it doesn't echo too loudly should it go off. She lays her head on her hands and stares at the radio, waiting for a response.*
  7. Journal Entry: 3-6/10/2015 [align=left] I spent the night in that house. Barricaded the doors. When I woke up I had enough courage to go out and look around the city. I visited the hospital and found nothing. Visited a few houses and found a kid's backpack, a hat, a water bottle, a Pepsi, and a knife. There was a pump nearby where I filled up the water bottle. Then after that I circled around. I decided to go into the police station. You ever do something and immediately realize you made the right decision? I found THREE Makarovs. I only took two. I also found some handcuffs there. I took those too just in case. I don't plan on using them though. Only when I need to.o. Anyways, the reason I took two makarovs is that while I only need one I may run into someone who does need one. I don't plan on just handing it out though. They have to really earn my trust. But still... I have a gun! I can defend myself instead of running! I mean yeah it's a little tiny gun but STILL. It's a GUN! That's like finding water in a desert! After that I went into another house. I found THREE cans of food. I ate all the peaches because I felt like I was starving but I still have the canned sardines and spaghetti. I'm so happy. Today isn't finished but it's been a good day. I'll update as the day goes on. I don't have much daylight left though and I'd prefer to be able to find a place to sleep tonight. If anything happens I'll write it in but that's it for right now. -K *a small heart is scribbled next to her name*
  8. Random guy gave me a cowboy hat. Befriended random guy and of course he ended up getting killed by a bandit. Thanks for the cowboy hat random friend RIP
  9. Journal Entry: 2-6/9/2015 [align=left] So today was... less than satisfactory. I've been struggling to find food. I'm feeling a little homesick too. Mom told me not to come here. Guess I should've listened. I saw two people today! I was in some town. There was a huge factory in front of it. I don't know the name. I was going through buildings and one of the zombies chased me out onto the street. I outran it but when I was standing in the street catching my breath a man ran up to me. I asked him if he had any food or water. He had some food but nothing to drink. He said he had a camp just up the street. I followed him and we eventually came to this hotel. He had a fireplace set up in front of it. I thought it was kinda stupid to be out in the open like that but I ignored it. Anyways he was lighting the fire and I just sort of stood there waiting. Then something bad happened... Some man bumped into me and then ran into the hotel behind us. He was definitely from around here. He had the accent to prove it. He had a gun on us. He told us not to move or he would kill us both. He made us strip almost naked. He went through our things too. Then something weird happened. He just looked over at me and said, "Take your things and go. Run." Then he looked over at my unnamed friend and said he wasn't finished with him. You better believe I took all my shit and started to leave. That's when my friend grabbed his gun and shot at the guy. He missed. He surrendered after that. He kept saying how it was his only shot. I almost ran away without my things but I hurried up and grabbed almost all my shit. I was so scared I ended up forgetting to grab my crossbow. I had my knife though. Maybe I should've stabbed him. I don't know. As I was running away I heard the man yelling at my friend. He was angry he tried to shoot him. My friend tried to plead but I heard a gun shot go off and my friend screamed. I didn't stick around. Maybe I could've helped him. I don't know. I'm never gonna forget that scream. It was the most terrifying thing I've ever heard. I ran into a house and hid. I just started to cry. After a few minutes guess who walked in? Yeah, the man that murdered my friend. He just looked at me and said "oh... you..." he brushed past me but I got up and sprinted out of that town as fast as possible. I almost wished he would have killed me. Or vice versa... I kept running through the forest until I came to a fence. I turned around and ran west...? Maybe. I'm not sure. Eventually I ran into some kind of abandoned military base or something... I only went into one building though and it was empty. When I came out there were two zombies standing outside. I wanted to check the other buildings but they had already seen me and I didn't wanna get hurt. I just ran down the road into the forest. After that I went into a town but zombies chased me out. Finally I came upon this little solitary green and red house. There was a bottle of water in it. It was so... amazing. I'm still hungry though. I'm still in this little green and red house. Just waiting. And the man whose name I never learned... if you're still alive... I'm sorry. I was scared. Thank you. Anyways, that's it for tonight. I need to get some rest. Night. *a small note is scribbled in the bottom. It looks very rushed* Made my way to a city. Not sure which. Inside a house right now. Man is outside. Not sure if bandit. He killed a zombie but hasn't noticed me. Hiding under the kitchen table. Dear god please don't let him come in here. -K
  10. Alright. So I've never really had a diary before. I guess you're supposed to treat it like a person, right? Well anyways, if anyone finds this they should know who I am anyways. My name is Kordana Iris Bloom. I was an American college student who was studying abroad. I stopped here in Chernarus before I headed to Russia, which was my last stop. I turn 20 on June 13th. I came here, against my mother's wishes of course. She always warned me. I've been here for a while now. Let's see... I left my hotel in Berezino when the city was overtaken on Halloween. Then I went to Polana. Well I'm still here. I'm heading towards the coast soon. I haven't met any survivors. I've seen some and I almost approached them but they always end up getting torn apart or shot. It's too dangerous. I like to keep to myself. I've had some trouble finding supplies lately. I think the region is dried out. Either that or I'm unlucky. Well it doesn't matter too much. I'll be leaving soon. I'm hoping to meet someone when I head to the coast. It's hard being alone all the time. It would be nice if I had someone to watch my back. Well that's the introduction to this journal I guess. Hello Diary and whoever's reading this. I really hope I'm not dead. Journal Entry: 1-6/8/2015 [align=left]Dear Diary,(journal? Diary sounds so childish. Whatever) [align=left] Today is the eighth. I lost the map. I have no clue where I am. Somewhere on the coast. As I'm writing this I know that I'm in a green house in a small town. I found part of a map. It only shows me the Northwest part of Chernarus. Still haven't met anybody. I saw a few zombies though. One chased after me and it lost sight after a while. When I was looting a town a group of about three or four chased me into a building. I locked them out but one bit me on the arm. That's the third time I've been bit and nothing happened. Maybe I'm 'immune' or whatever. That's pretty cool. I'm hiding the bites though. I don't want someone to see them and shoot me just because they're suspicious I might turn. The first two are starting to fade. They're a little bit older. Alright now I'm on my way to a nearby train station. It's gonna get dark soon I need to hurry. Alright. I'm there. I'm sitting in a train cart right now. I'm gonna sleep here for tonight. When I wake up I guess I'll start writing. Actually I'll just end it here. Goodnight from Kordana. *A small smiley face is scribbled next to her name*
  11. IGN: Kordana "Kori" Bloom Age: 19. Turning 20 on the 13th Country: Originally from Cuba but immigrated to the US at a young age. English skills: Native language DayZ Mod Experience: I've played a little bit on it for about three months. DayZ Standalone Experience: I played on it for about a year in 2013-2014. I took a hiatus and now I'm back :-) Roleplaying Experience: I've roleplayed on Contagion, GTA IV, SA:MP, GTA Online, H1Z1, Garry's Mod, and Unturned. I've been role-playing since I was about 14 and began exploring text-based RP sites. What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'd probably be best as defense/support or a more domestic role. I'm not the most skilled fighter. I'm much more diplomatic and would rather take a role that requires someone who is good with words. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope. Additional notes: Not going to lie, White Noise interests me the most right now. Looking to join a group where it's not required that my character is native to Europe. Best way to contact you: Email: [email protected] or PM. Backstory: ((My bio includes a lot of lore in it. If you don't know the lore I apologize)) Kordana was born in Havana, Cuba on June 13, 1995. She immigrated to the United States when she was three years old. Her family moved to Arizona right after they arrived in Florida. She had a relatively normal life and was able to graduate high school with flying colors. After graduating she moved to New York City with several friends to pursue a career in theatre. She eventually decided she did not want to work in theatre and began seeking college education. She was accepted to NYU in 2013 and traveled to England to study abroad. She began travelling all over Europe and stayed in Spain, France, Italy, and finally Russia. Russia was her last destination before she headed to the United States. She was staying in Chernarus before she headed to Moscow International Airport. Kordana had heard several small reports from CBNS but ultimately ignored them. She was in Berezino when marshal law was declared on October 21st. She couldn't leave the country until it was over. She stayed penned up in her hotel room for all of it, waiting for it to pass. On October 31st her hotel was stormed and she barely escaped Berezino. She headed east to South Zagoria and is currently there.