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  1. No video footage sadly. And I have a very minimal idea of who they were. I forgot to check for the name it showed me when I got tied up, and my OOC message had no response.
  2. Server and location: Server 1 NWAF Tents and Bash compound Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): I believe this happened 18:25:00 might be earlier or later Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: Fahim Abd-Allah Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Don't remember much other than one of them was wearing a gas mask with a dark cap on. Logs might show his name since he tied me up with wire. Suspects weapon/s: Supressed AK of some kind Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): All I have is a screenshot of my inventory after they robbed me. Don't know how it would be very relevant. Detailed description of the events: I logged into GM today after DC'ing because of a shitty connection last night, I met two people I had met there last night and we just RP a bit, eventually I DC again. I log back after my internet comes back and we just chill around some more and as I am gathering pumpkins I grew when I hear one of them telling me to put my hands up and I comply. So they just run up to me and tie me up the only RP I really get is one of them saying they're sorry and they had to do this. The whole time the other one hasn't said a word and is just taking everything I have on me without saying a word and eventually both of them start to do it. After the less than 2 minute robbery is over all I get is a "we're sorry Fahim". I don't mind that they robbed me but I DO mind that they just held me up and took everything on me without saying anything other than "we're sorry we had to do this" during the whole robbery. This is just really poor RP and I would like these two to know that. I might have left before 15 minutes were up but that is because I disconnected from the server once again.
  3. Both my dogs. My tent and other camping supplies. 3 of my knives. A hatchet. Hammer and nails. All the food and water I could carry. Matches. And all of the toilet paper rolls currently in my house.
  4. Tactical_Pizza

    Sleep Paralysis

    I've only gotten this once and I hope I never have to suffer through it again. That is all I will say.
  5. I recently had an idea about forming a Muslim extremist group but I have no idea whether it would be 'offensive by nature'. I want to know if my idea would be able to come to fruition at some point or if I am better off just scrapping it.
  6. No thanks, I thought what happened to me was KoS as I thought the entire party had to initiate. I also never saw the part of the rules where it stated deception was a valid tactic and never knew it was until Shark pointed out that it could be used so I would like to withdraw my report. I also wish apologize to the initiators for reporting you and for causing you trouble. I only wish you hadn't shot me right away as we could have had a fun RP experience.
  7. You are missing an important detail in this: Kim tried to climb the ladder several times after you allegedly shot her. I gave her plenty of warnings not to come up the ladder yet she still insisted. Also only you made your intentions clear I still believed that Ryan had shot Kim. And if Ryan had KoS rights and used them on me immediately that is just blatant rule-play over Role-play.
  8. You do realize that in the rules it states that you have to make your hostile intention clear? Vasily made his intentions clear and I honestly had no idea you were with Vasily. I didn't trust you, but from my POV I had no reason to suspect you of anything aside from the fact that you kept going onto the catwalk. And how were you going to me if I "tried something" there was no way you could have, if I had my rifle trained on you there would have been nothing you could have done to get your pistol out and your friends were in no position to help you. So it seems to me that you expected me to resist and you were only sent up there as a means to kill me. But, I digress that is only conjecture and theory. I am reporting you for KoS and since you did not make it clear that you were part of the hostile party you should have initiated on your own and made it clear to me that you were part of the hostile party by all rules that I have read this would technically be KoS as I had no idea that you were part of the initiating party.
  9. Server and location: S2 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx. 00:29:00 Daytime or Night-time: Day. Your in game name: Richard Godwin. Names of allies involved: Bobby Wiggins. Name/Skin of suspect/s: Vasily Krasnav and two others. Suspects weapon/s: A pistol. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: I was in the GM tower when all of a sudden a Russian appeared with his friend in a red jacket directly behind him. They tried to get me to come down the tower so hard Vasily pretended to shoot the guy with the red jacket (My character assumed his name was Vasily because my group of friends had an encounter with him which resulted in two of them dying my other friend Rudolph Nosnibor survived and remembers Vasily and told me about him and his tactics.) When the guy in the red jacket kept climbing up I warned him not to come up or I would shoot him, after multiple attempts by him to come up someone came by and pretended to shoot the guy in the red jacket. Then the guy came up the tower without a weapon as I asked him to. Eventually after many failed attempts to get me to come down the ladder the guy who came up (I don't remember anything except he had a blue hat.) Eventually Vasily came in and told everyone to put their hands up or they would shoot us. Then the guy in the tower with me starts hiding with me then he says he will go out on the tower. Vasily pretends to shoot at him and when the guy opens the door he shoots me with a pistol. I feel that this is KoS because the man in the tower with me never told me that he was with the initiating party and just shot me without warning. Therefore I had no idea that I had to comply with his demands of surrender, I told Vasily to go away or him and his friends would be shot and that I knew what he did to my group of friends. I would also like to state that during the conversation I had with Vasily I told him to leave now or me and my friends would kill him. My friend Bobby Wiggins told me that he killed one of them before he himself was killed; he was my overwatch during this encounter.
  10. My question has definitely been answered, thanks for the help.
  11. So while looting a military base I happened upon a tire for a V3S I noticed how much it resembled a shield and I asked my friend with a sporter to shoot at it. He shot at it 3-4 times and my other friend shot it with a Blaze, I then asked them to fire a magnum and another Blaze at me, I took no damage. I asked my other friend to shoot at me point blank twice with a shotgun I still didn't take any damage. My question is: Is this considered an abuse of game mechanics? Or will I be able to keep my BFF in my adventures around Chernarus?
  12. I enjoyed Dillon Nunamaker's RP he was a very good hostage; Dillon you got lucky, it's not everyday that your two captors KO each other and give you enough time to break out of your bonds and kill them. But gg nonetheless best hostage I've ever taken.
  13. *Richard picks up the radio after hearing all the voices* "And that Chernarus is one more reason why Elektro is a place you should NEVER go. Goddamn crazies." *Richard ends transmission and continues on his way.*
  14. *Richard hears this conversation going on while he is looting what appears to be a summer camp.* "Just so you know everyone in Chernarus with a damn radio can hear you so it probably isn't the best idea to broadcast your whereabouts. You're lucky I don't kill people for the hell of it." *Richard puts his radio away and returns to looting the camp.*