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  1. Whitelist

    Upon returning to the game and DayZRP I noticed I am not whitelisted anymore, even though I wrote an application. I was accepted, whitelisted, and able to play DayZRP for months. Now .. I am not whitelisted anymore. Why?
  2. DayZ, new server, loot system

    theres things called apple trees and berry bushes FYI Yeah, because eating apples and berries is soooooooo fun when you do it all the time because you can't do anything else besides that! Oh, yeah, so cool. FYI.
  3. DayZ, new server, loot system

    Thanks. I guess I'll have to wait then.
  4. So .. how does the system work now concerning the loot? Whenever I go on a public server, it has tons of loot, and when I log onto my DayZRP character (which is a fresh spawn), there is no loot. I've died due to starvation more than five times already ..
  5. DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Server 1 is full again.
  6. Introduction

    Thank you, guys! I am looking forward to roleplaying with you guys too. Haha, ook Nederlands? Hey! Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  7. Introduction

    Hey, thank you for the welcoming! I actually read through the lore already. Sorry. Props for the story. Really cool! The news reports with the actual videos and stuff were really good.
  8. Introduction

    Hi guys. My application is submitted, not sure if I'll be allowed (I hope so) but my name is Junior. I live in the Netherlands, love roleplay and '' nerd-like '' stuff such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings. Looking forward to roleplaying with you! Hopefully I'll see a lot of you in-game. Until then!