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  1. Was this supposed to be in radio chatter? It wasn't but I can see how it would seem like it my apologies.
  2. Is that you Litha?!?!? CAN YOU HEAR ME? These voices in my head are spinning out of control please save me!
  3. Hello, names Tame nice to eat I mean meet you... Anyways that was awkward you all know what i meant right?!?! heh I'm looking for my sweetheart I cinda lost her in the woods awhile back. If anyone sees her tell her to meet me in that abandond shack in the woods and bring alot of meat I mean people I mean friends to play with, because it gets lonely out here and I just want a friend. P.S She always carries around that rainbow alpaca and she is quite clumsy. Thanks
  4. Welcome! if ya need a body pillow for your stay lemme know i'll hook ya up
  5. WOAH....tis be'est thy Alex viva la sniperooonie-kun OnO nom nom Alex-kun be with his sniper and go *pew* *pew* -giggler bunny giggles alot- Yo anyways you got GM grass mate o3o Do you see what Black desert online will do to a man??!?!? -looks into your eyes with a thoughtful gaze- Do you see????? 0.o PS: for real tho I know a girl that does body pillows if yall need one lemme know I got CHU I'll hook a brotha up/ she also does chibi drawing's if ya'll are interestio mooonies in that shit. PSSSSSST ill keep it on the DL like sum black market underground buisnieonesss. *rolls over flailing arms about* Link: http://studionyx.deviantart.com/?rnrd=184422 GO nuts if your interested in that stuff lawl <3
  6. LAWL these replies are the best . I hope you all know im just having fun and playing around lawl. If i made any of you smile or laugh then I did what I wanted this thread to do. <3 -Talon
  7. AHHHHH Yoshi I remember you *runs into your arms* -GLOMPS- lawl yes I go by Talon Tame viva la CROWS! also it was fun running from the masqurade when I was hanging with the trust back then . But yeah just real life stuff made me not able to play dayzrp much QnQ nice seeing you again mate. >_< -Talon <3
  8. Hey everyone I used to be very active back when I first joined but then things happened and I couldn't play at all.I remember joining the crows with Slade and Ivan then moving to The Trust. Soon after I went to the Reapers to get (stronger) soon after i was picked up by The Black Sky with Razzi then moving to and still with Alex(sniper) and his group Lovec. After that Just real life started getting tough for me and my girl, and I couldn't play as much as I watched my time on dayzrp lessen. I guess it's gotten to the point where I need to start asking for a little help. I'm visiting her on July 21, she lives in Canada while I live In the USA. I'm going down to see her and help her with going to college and getting her an apartment and stuff. I could ramble on forever but I'll save most of you the time, her gofundme says nearly everything you need to know about the situation me and her are in. I'm not asking for anyone to donate we all have problems we need to deal with. All I'm asking is if you could share this with anyone and spread it around as much as possible. If I could just get a little help to spread this around it would really make my day. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Link: https://www.gofundme.com/7vv25524 -Talon <3 ps: I miss all my friends i've made here and the rp experiences I've had. Not much of you will know who I am but for those who do <3 miss you bae's.
  9. heheheueheuheueheeue...... Why hello thar maties. I be'est Tame nice to mee chuuu .-. NOW! look at my avatar pic he be like *Master Desu...* >_< Anyways lets all be friends and have lots of moe moe fun. Your all prob be like the fk is wrong with this kid? pfffffffffft heheh All i wanted to say was...... Hi *giggles* o3o
  10. Just a question how did you know I was with that said group who took your leader hostage? I was only seen once with them and that was when I first ran into your leader with my group but after 10sec of running into him I ran off. When your friend came over I talked to him telling him I was listening to the people in the house to see whats going on (Trying to act as if I'm not with them) then once 2 of my friends came out of the house over to us I ran off and took to the trees. When my 2 friends initiated on your friend I was already in the trees overlooking them. I take it your friend told you what I looked like but how did your friend know I was with them? You said. "You say in your PoV that you shot me; "Then my 2 boys initiate on him and he opens fire on them and both my boys die and I was in the trees and killed the guy." That means that Dusty had KoS on you after you killed me. " How did you know I killed you when you died and not the other 2. How can you tell your friend who killed you when you are already dead. You only had about 3 second from point of initiation and death to get that info out and where you even sure that I was apart of them? One of my friends were still alive after you died but soon bled out. How could you determine who killed you? For all you know it could of been those 2 who initiated on you that killed you when you exchanged fire. Did your friend see me shooting at you? From his POV all he said is he heard a shit ton of shots. Screenshot of the distance. http://i.imgur.com/N9Ixm9i.png
  11. Server and location: S2 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:24-22:24 Your in game name: Talon Tame Names of allies involved: John Collins, and others Name of suspect/s: No idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: We took a guy hostage and brought him into a building he was alone because we had multiple people search the town before to make sure it was clear after that we took him into the green house and started to rp with him i was never with the main group I was always in the trees so the only time a person would of seen me with my group was if they saw me while i first was with the guy we met in kab but I left 10secs within contact so only person who would know I'm with my group is that guy we took hostage. After that we took him to a green house near kab I was still around the trees and no where within sight of my group. About 10mins later a guy rolls up and I talk to him then 2 people of my group come out to help me. I never told the guy who i was with when my 2 boys came to help me I cinda played it off and left quickly. Then my 2 boys initiate on him and he opens fire on them and both my boys die and I was in the trees and killed the guy. After that I stook to the trees still and about another 10mins later another guy shows up. He asks me whats going on I tell him that idk and i am just listening to the people int he green house because i don't know who they are and i am just listening to them to see whats going on. I proceed to tell him that these guys don't sound too nice by the way they talk. I tell him and we talk for a bit I was never around eyesight of my group so he couldn't have known who i was. Me and the guy i am talking to decide to walk away from the voices and get out of there. He then once we pass some trees I ask him if he has any ammo and he just opens fire on me and kills me for no reason. I don't think this guy was within 500m of the initial initiation because he came in about 20mins later. Edit- I met this guy who killed me when he was running in the field into kab so I came up to talk to him[/color]
  12. Bae I've always been in the darkness watching you... I am like your guardian angle you may not see me but I am always there even if you don't need me 0.0. Love you bae.