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  1. Just a simple Suggestion..

    Whats so weird?
  2. Have you seen Litha?

    Was this supposed to be in radio chatter? It wasn't but I can see how it would seem like it my apologies.
  3. Nice to meet'cha!

    Is that you Litha?!?!? CAN YOU HEAR ME? These voices in my head are spinning out of control please save me!
  4. Have you seen Litha?

    Hello, names Tame nice to eat I mean meet you... Anyways that was awkward you all know what i meant right?!?! heh I'm looking for my sweetheart I cinda lost her in the woods awhile back. If anyone sees her tell her to meet me in that abandond shack in the woods and bring alot of meat I mean people I mean friends to play with, because it gets lonely out here and I just want a friend. P.S She always carries around that rainbow alpaca and she is quite clumsy. Thanks