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  1. CanOBeans

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    What settings are some people using? I built a PC because I couldn't handle the bad graphics of my old lenovo. I sympathize but anyways.... [attachment=2440][attachment=2441]
  2. I do want to say though that with this being the worst that's happened to me thus far I am quite happy with what I have experienced. I am looking forward to see where this fresh start will take me.
  3. Yup just got the death message. That was to bad I was doing fairly well. Anyway, onto the next one.
  4. I wasn't careful enough. I drank pond water when I had low blood and now I am paying the price. I have been sick since last night and this morning it got worse. I had to stop moving and I put myself right next to the water well in NWAF. I spent maybe an hour combating it. I just passed out and the only hope I have now is a good Samaritan with the right supplies.
  5. Woke up this morning and checked the whitelisted and my application has been accepted! DayZRP here I come!
  6. I did this a few months ago and immediately realized my mistake... woops.
  7. I havent been whitelisted yet but I am also a bit concerned about my first encounter. I guess it's less fear about what I'll say more of a fear that my mic will go out or something. I am excited. It'll be refreshing not to get shot in the back or head or chest or legs.... lol
  8. CanOBeans

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    I like to use my own name, it makes it easier when I'm tired and what not. Then there won't be any issue with me not responding to my RP name lol.
  9. I found this pretty easy im sure other can too.
  10. CanOBeans

    Who prepared for the wipe?

    Can one prepare for a wipe? Its like re-spawning and collecting all that wonderful gear only to be suddenly shot without warning while drinking from a water pump. At least you sometimes know a wipe is coming.
  11. Hey fellow RPers! I'm new to this community but have been playing DayZ for about a year or two now. I'm really excited for the opportunity to join and add to the fun! I can't wait to finish my app and have it reviewed! I'll see you in game! (Hopefully without a gun to my head) CanOBeans