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  1. So I joined this community 53 minutes ago, got a few good posts in, and I must say.. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm relating really well with most of the chatter going around (not radio chatter that is:p) When did you guys first get really involved with the community?
  2. I think if people are really interested in RP for DayZ.. they'll know where to find us.
  3. I hope to god that I won't be getting randomly killed by landmines on DayZRP.. ^is what someone would say if they weren't confident with this community! it's pretty cool tbh.
  4. I've had this in the past.. haven't seen it in awhile though. Glad someone else addressed it!
  5. From my knowledge, we don't have an official "radio system" in DayZRP yet. (that should change when modding comes around) but until then, there's nothing we can really do!
  6. Magnums. They will scare the *Imaginary French* out of someone. They can kill with one shot (if needed) They are easier to operate too. Especially since my character isn't going to be full familiar with weapons.. convenience shall be key.
  7. Stefan


    I use plug.dj! I have a group of friends and we play it whenever we are running around the coast. Glad we're not the only ones. Especially in the DayZ Community..
  8. I don't really mind if a truck passes. Hell, I'd try to get the guy to stop and give me a ride if I needed one. Plus I'd get some good RP before I took the truck anyways. (If I needed it, that is) Just cut the brakes.
  9. If I find someone IG and they provide me with good RP but their following of the rules was a bit iffy, I won't mind! After all.. this is DayZRP. Not DayZRP. wait a sec...
  10. Stefan

    How many of you roleplay as yourself?

    Whenever I get whitelisted and get a chance to play, I am going to act like myself.. except as I would during an Apocalypse. If people start asking too many questions, I'll start to treat them like you'd expect someone to be treated during an ..apocalypse.
  11. The M4 looks cooler and sounds better. #m4lyfe
  12. Stefan

    Who prepared for the wipe?

    I haven't really started playing IG, I'm not even whitelisted yet! But I'm sure that the wipe is for the best of things. Some players are actually counting on it for a "clean slate" of some sorts. Exciting.
  13. hahaa, this community is as good as I imagined!
  14. I've heard about the shoutbox. But the forums are fine as they are. Why try to fix something that is not broken?
  15. Well, people have asked for the mod to return ever since the mod was removed, that was quite a long time ago. I bet there are players who requested the mod to come back, and just decided not to play DayZRP because the Staff *cough Rolle *cough were so confident that it was never returning. As other's have stated, there are so many things that could be going on right now. It's only natural that we wait awhile before we actually start seeing gradually increasing numbers on the mod version of DayZRP.