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    [OOC] DayZRP photo session

    If time adds up with here in the US, besides Sunday night from 5pm-11pm Central Time (US) then I'm down for sure!
  2. *Matthew leans over the railing and begins to broadcast with a smile on his face* We are coming to you from Green Mountain, this is yours truely, Matthew Chase. I would like to announce that we have successfully cleared 5 towns so far in the effort of reviving Chernarus and making it a safe place once again. Now, listeners of this broadcast, I would like to say that after clearing the dead, we now start on the living. Chernarus will be free of pyschopaths once again, this is ours for the taking. This cause is too strong, this cause cannot...... this cause WILL NOT be stopped. Anyone interested in making an oath to our cause, please move and make your way to Green Mountain. I am here waiting, and I will lead you through the process, and if done loyally and correctly on everyone's part, Phantom will make an appearance. I owe something to your knowledge, Phantom is my brother, John. That's all to say until you are here in person. This is the Chase Republic ladies and gentlemen. We are waiting for you. *Matthew smiles as he releases the broadcast button and yells down to John "We're doing it man. No one can stop our cause, go get Nathan and Jack, they need to go on a run"*
  3. *Matthew sits up from his bunk and clicks his radio on* I've been thinking, and I have a business preposition for you. If you all like blood and killing each other so much, then how about this. Our group is going to help you take care of those guys for you, sort of like mercenaries. You give the name and last seen location, along with all other known information, and a form of payment, and we will have the job done in less than a day. We will change you people and what you do on this land, but we might as well speed up the process by taking some dirty work out with us. I'll be listening. *Matthew whistles to John and Jack, to tell them about needing supplies*
  4. *Matthew quickly grasps the radio and takes a break from playing cards, and smiles at the mans response* YES! THERE IT IS! That obnoxious smart-ass "I'm the biggest badass around who can take anyone out" response I've been waiting for! What's your name there, "friend"? Let me tell you, we aren't dropping our plan and you can sure as hell talk about "dropping it for us" if we don't but don't be startled if you get dropped before you even come to the gates with your little .22 and shot of little man testosterone and adrenaline. Don't be afraid when you pass onto the other side and find that you are going to pay for your sins for the rest of eternity. I understand how such belittled thoughts can go over your insignificant head, but just be sure that you're ready to "drop us"! *Matthew laughs into the radio at the man* That was besides the point, but has it occurred to you that our group was established to "take care" of people like you? I would like to say that we as a group give you a proper thanks for making our effort easier by coming to us, instead of us finding you. Good day my friend, good day. *Matthew lets go of the transmission button and smiles at the ground, then walks back to the table to continue playing cards with his group*
  5. *Matthew sits down against a tree lost in the forest, and presses the transmission button in* I mean, you all are far more sarcastically friendly than I thought, if that is a thing that is. But I'm sorry to disappoint anyone here, we are here to stay. We will not leave. We will not fall. We will only grow. And we will succeed. If anyone has a problem with this, you can contact me in private via your radio, or you know where to find us. We just took 3 guys out yesterday who tried to breach us. You can go down with them if you would like, but our miltia is here to stay. We will give you more information on us soon. We have some urgent business to attend to at the moment though. Also, if you are interested in joining our cause, contact me privately via your radio. Good day survivors. *He releases the button, lets out a deep sigh, and stands up to walk back to their building as he loads his 9mm*
  6. *The static of the radio is steadily interrupted by the adjusting of a voice* There is alot going on around me, so I am in a rush to make this transmission. Listen close, listen carefully. My name is Matthew A. Chase, we are stationed at the radio tower, known by the population as Green Mountain and we are stationed at the Northern Airfield. What we are hoping to accomplish is resettling the population of Chernarus and dispersing the country of any dead and/or any threats by or from the living. Our man in charge goes by "Phantom", but he changes it more often than not for obvious reasons. What we are expecting to hear back from this transmission is not any welcoming "Hellos!", but some sad attempts at threats for our group. If you don't like us being here, then so be it, that is your issue. But knowing of all the things going on right now, you will probably respond to this message threatening us not because you are a tough and manly individual, but because you are afraid to lose what you have already lost: A country without rules. That is all for now, we expect you to find that we are easier to find than see. *Transmission fades out into static*
  7. *Pushes down button and begins to laugh* You're one giggly son of a bitch aren't you? I won't die bud, sounds like you have an accent anyways. You're not the Vinnie from New York are ya'? *Sarcastically mimics a New York accent* "From da Bronx!! Ahahahaha!!" Dumbass, stay off the damn radio. I'm genuinely shocked that someone like you is still alive. See ya' later Bronx boy. *Releases button and tosses radio*
  8. *Radio static set in, and a voice interrupts it* My name is Tom Keene, and you may remember me from yesterday. If not, let me perhaps, refreshen your memory. I did a job to take out your food supply which resulted in my ring finger being taken off. It was among the worst pains I have ever experienced. I'm getting off topic, I'm sending this out to tell you that in case you are looking for a tent or two, and even your food, guns, and basically any vital supplies, maybe you can use your brains for once and listen to me when I say that you shouldn't have fought back. You will lose. You will be struck again. You will fall. You will not survive. Have a great and wonderful day. *Radio turns back to static*
  9. Link to\ the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Green-Mtn-NVFL-BadRP-Attempted-RDM Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that the verdict was unfair for all three accusations: BadRP, Attempted RDM, and NVFL. Whenever I arrived at Green Mountain, I was there for a later meetup with Clay Diamond in which he was going to perma death Beau Amari, and the reason I am at GM alot is because my character has a slight "obsession"/mental idea that he can run the mountain like Clay Diamond and his men did before Beau "killed" Clay. (Clay never died, I stabbed a sword into his neck, but it missed anything important and he lived, but ICly, Beau does not know that but has heard of Clay being alive.) When I was at the \mountain, I stayed in the tower to try and avoid conflict with any possible enemies. When the FFL came to the mountain, I recognized their voices from past confrontations, so I asked them not to come up... yes, asked. Then when they said they are coming up anyways, I feared for my life for the consequences (from experiance of past confrontations) and threatened them to stay down, and if they failed to do so then they would be killed. They complied, and went back down. At this point, I had no KoS rights on them, but they did on me. When they climbed back down, a few of them stayed at the bottom saying things such as "Fuckboy" and "Hope you have sitting in that tower all day, jacking off you son of a bitch". This also did not grant any KoS/RDM rights, but I added these in for detail. When I opened the door, I seen that more than 2-3 of your men had taken position behind some trees in the forest, and they were aiming their guns at the door of the tower. I did take this as a threat (obviously), since I have no way down, and they are ready to kill me since they have KoS rights but I lack them. I accuse them of their men pointing their guns at the door, and tell them to move but they don't. (I talked to a community helper after this incident happened, and they said that they would take that as a hostile action.) I then peeked up out of the door, and shot at the BASE of the tree next to the one in which he was standing and at the time of me peeking, he returned at shot back at me almost instantaneously, but I do not know which shot was fired first. I shot in attempt to scare them off but this did not work apparently, so I rushed back inside. Keep in mind that this could have been avoided had they not come up to the mountain, as all I was doing was waiting for my execution. Not much happened from the time when the initiation started and when it ended by them shooting me. This brings us to the BadRP, which from the way the report was worded, was when I was knocked out from a sniper shot and they came up, woke me up, then told me to move to the railing in which they shot me. I never returned to the normal screen, but I stayed on the "You are unconscious" screen the entire time that they were up there. I have video evidence and photo evidence of this if needed to be provided. As for the RDM, I never tried to kill the man behind the tree, I shot at the base of one of the trees around him. I have no video evidence of the shot so there is no way to prove it other than taking my word and knowing that if he would have peaked, I would not have took the shot. And if for some reason I did want to hit him, I could have when he was running up and running back. And lastly, as for the NVFL, I originally came up to the mountain for my characters execution, and I hid up in the tower. When the FFL arrived, I had no choice rather than to threaten them in fear for my life of them coming up the tower. (I would just like to add that I had finals the next couple days after the incident happened, which is another reason that I wanted the incident to be avoided, which is why I threatened them in hopes they would go back down and drive off.) In the beginning, I saw it as a situation that I could easily get out of and avoid, but this turned into a very tricky and difficult situation when I threatened them. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just want to try and set an "imaginitive example", so imagine this: You run to a radio tower on a hill to escape the horrors of the night and the threats that could kill you around every turn. Arriving at the mountain, you find the door at the base of the tower and figure it is the safest place to wait out the night until daytime, so you climb up. When you are up there, with one way up and one way down, you hear a car driving up, so you keep your mouth shut until you hear some unfriendly familiar voices asking if there is anyone there. Knowing who they are, you make contact in attempt to get them to move on, and to get them to know that you have already claimed the tower for the night. You haven't had very friendly past experiences with this group beforehand, so as they try to climb the tower, you feel a feeling of fear come over you. In attempt to make them climb back down or stop climbing at all, you ask/tell them to climb back down, but they refuse... leaving you with the only option of threatening them to get them to climb back down, stay down, and hopefully leave. You open the door, only to find yourself being greeted with men aiming their guns at the doorway in which you were just about to walk out of. To try and scare them off in one last attempt, you shoot a warning shot, but this doesn't work leaving you with the only chance of survival as staying up top. I hope this gave you a sense of what Beau or any other survivor felt/would feel in this sort of situation. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned from my current 7 day ban. What could you have done better?: Let them come up and risk being taken hostage, exceeding the time in which I had available before I had to get off.
  10. *Matthew Forrest clicks his radio on and rests his face in the palm of his hand* I'm sorry for doing this.... Please... I am confessing to it. I did it. I made the rumours about your group. I want to talk, you're my only source of refuge... please, reconsider me. *Matthew wipes his face of exhaustion and leans against the doorway of his house*
  11. *Radio tunes in* Alright you snide son of a bitch... You want to claim that as your territory? You haven't seen shit yet my friend, because the last thing you'll see is what Clay Diamond saw.... My sword going through your throat. You try and take care of MY land? MY tower? MY FUCKING COMPOUND? YOU WANT TO TRY AND TAKE IT FROM ME?! You are a coward.... but a brave one my friend, to try and take something that isn't rightfully yours... And you can try all you want, but when I meet you Face to Face instead of you making threats over the radio here, I will send you into a better... or worse... place. Good luck in your travels, and if you come up here, I will execute you in a more painful way than you can even begin to fathom. On second thought, come on up! I need some more blood on my hands... *Beau laughs and then leans against the jailhouse, listening to the crackles of the fire*
  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Green-Mtn-NVFL-BadRP-Attempted-RDM Why the verdict is not fair: I do not see it as NVFL as I was waiting for Clay Diamond and his men to arrive to permadeath/execute my character (this was discussed OOC). I knew your voices as you approached, which is why I would not let you come up. You left me with no choice since I asked if you would go back down and you refused, so I threatened you. Upon this threat, you climbed back down and hid in the forest behind trees and rocks. You had KoS on me from the threat, and since you complied, I did not gain them on you. That is until you ran into the woods and kept your guns drawn at the tower door for longer than 10-15 minutes, which in my own opinion and a staff members opinion is a hostile action as you were preparing to shoot, in my eyes. You say that this is RDM whenever I took a potshot at you from the tower, when you had me pinned with your guns drawn (I just spoke to Michael Nolan and he claimed that "They weren't going to shoot, they had their guns drawn to ensure I wouldn't pull anything and if I would've stepped out then I wouldn't have been shot.). It appeared to me as if nobody was leaving, and I had no way down even after shouting down to see if you were still down the ladder- In which I got no response. I am assuming that the BadRP was whenever I woke up from being knocked out and did not talk/type; this is because my screen was black and still said "You are unconscious". If you would like proof, I have plenty of screenshots. Another reason why I stay at Green Mountain is because my character is "obsessed" with how Clay Diamond ran the place until he "killed Clay", to which Beau has heard Clay is still alive, which is why Beau stays there. No mean to bring/drag Clay Diamond into this, but I do not clearly see the difference in what Clay did and what I do at Green Mountain, besides the amount of men. If you didn't want to be involved with Clay and Norman Casey, then you wouldn't go up to Green Mountain, simple as that... same with me, right? Like I said, if you would've headed back down and just left, then this would've all been avoided, but you decided to stay and "aim your guns at the door but not kill me if I came out", which resulted in myself dying. And I did make a warning of not coming up saying "Don't come up" before making the threat, to which you said "No, I'm going to come up.". Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Off-topic here, but I did not see the website nor the alerts concerning the report due to the fact that I was studying for finals at school, which is why I never replied to the report. I do have screenshots and video of some of this ordeal but won't post unless requested because it takes up a lot of internet. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned from DayZRP to play since we just got out for Christmas break. What could you have done better?: Not initiated on them or taking a potshot at them when they were pointing their guns at the door. Let them come up the ladder and see what would've happened, and taken the chance of being held hostage.
  13. *Beau carelessly flicks on his radio switch and lays his other hand on the bloodstained base of his tower* Ya' know? I missed this place more than I thought. With the island looking empty, I decided to work out my cardio and swim back to shore. My tower is jut as I left it, and now... Time to make some changes. Starting tomorrow, I am going to begin making this tower, this entire compound... officially mine. I found a few cans of spraypaint on the way back up here, so tomorrow I begin spraypainting my name above the walking deck, then on the admin buildind and the jailhouse. *Beau has a slight chuckle in his voice then talks very deeply into the radio* If anyone has anything to say otherwise, then meet me here in the next two hours... It says 4:05 on my watch, so you have until 6:05 to be here and make your... "statement". If not and you are perfectly fine with what I'm doing, then have a wonderful day! *Beau flicks his radio off before putting it back in his bag*
  14. *Beau slightly smiles and tosses a rock into the ocean* Ya know bud? I don't even know if you're listening... but *Beau takes a deep breath of the ocean air*... I'm taking a break from MY TOWER, I feel like it'll still be there when I get back to it. This island out there, that is... that is safety and *Beau lets a sigh of relief*- safety and refuge. When I get back to MY TOWER, I am going to name it the Amari Radio Tower, maybe even spraypaint my name onto it, who knows? You think you're big bad and tough, but you are not my friend... I will let you come for me when I get back, because I know that if you do... You will end up like Clay Diamond-- A sword through your throat. *Beau smiles and starts to jam his clothes into a waterproof container for the swim*