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  1. oh wow still around haha?? well be seeing you in game be interesting if our paths cross again
  2. Thanks Sleepyhead will defiantly do! not looking to join servers until .63 hits gives me plenty of time to build my character and account for my time spent since the attempted evac back in September.
  3. The Good old Reaper Dayz as well as with Vera and Andy (Panic and Natuk) you and i used to RP together alot haha Maybe Malvern rings a bell.... worst name ive used in RP to date.
  4. Good morning Fellow Survivors, Just Stopping in to say that I will most defiantly be making my return to the wasteland come .63 and look forward to seeing you all in game! Much Love, Polarswitch
  5. Man things have changed around here. Looks like the only groups still around from when i left are the regulators and the Coyotes. No more Unnamed, Exiled, hell it even looks like the CDF are gone now. Welp see y'all around for some good times and great RP.
  6. polarswitch

    .59 Experimental Update #1 now live

    I had an amazing time on exp today with little lag or issues except when picking items on. all in all it worked great for em other then the standing dead.
  7. o7 well not really You know how to get a hold of me. see you at that other place.
  8. polarswitch

    The Death of Rosy Lecter-Brown

    Oh the excitement if Rex finds out he might have to kill Matt.
  9. polarswitch

    Interview with Polarswitch

    didn't piss you off for say the day we took Lilly Winter out of Dolina i was the guy that got separated from the group. you had me so scared for my life before alowing me to leave.... i truly had no idea where the rest of them where
  10. So can i ask what evidence was brought forward proving it to be illegitimate? I have found none in the appeal. Only responses stating the opposite, that there is no way to prove that the CD key was stolen.
  11. So what about everyone else banned from the mod then since there is no mod then shouldn't all there bans be lifted?
  12. Can I ask then what evidence he brought forward as all the evidence provided is him being told they cannot provide any proof that his cd key was stolen? If that is the only way to get your CD key stolen then does it really matter as the intention was to hack? so then it is not zero tolerance.
  13. If they can provide proof that the ban is illegitimate, yes. You seem to have missed the last, very important line in Rolles statement: "Unless you can provide proof that the global ban you received is illegitimate, we will not lift your ban on DayZRP. and you seem to have missed an important piece of the second part.