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  1. So, it's basically the title. I'm going to be getting back into RP!I want some tips and tricks role playing a Chernorussian, when I was quite active I didn't encounter that many, at least as far as I know. So just let me know!
  2. I'm not that active anymore, but hopefully will be this summer. (Hopefully..) Any way! The best piece of advice I can give you is: Make your first character one you like. Make sure they have a solid backstory, do your best to make them a living breathing person! When I first started playing I like my character but if anyone one wrote down interactions with that character they could totally see a difference in his back story. Also when making your first character be, try not to go straight for the idea of "Oh I'm going to be so original and make a cannibal bandit!" I've run into many people that thought that was a great idea, and they didn't pull it off.. like at all. Though I'm not saying that all of the people I ran into with that style RP were bad. It's just an RP style you need to see before you try it out. So pretty much all of my advice is character wise, make 'em what you want. Just make them solid! Sorry if this was a lot to read, I'll see you around, one way or another.
  3. Wulfe hears he transmission and decides to reply to the man. "Everyone and no one sto*static* from o-u... Does it matter when you know their *static* huh?? It was someone that found out where you slept and took the things right out from under *static* nose. You can't trust anyone *static* days, everyone and no *static*" *The transmission cuts off and returns to static.*
  4. Like and enjoy the character you play as. Don't make the person you RP as someone you don't like.
  5. I dunno if it's been said before but, the UN.. I miss the small group of UN during the summer. #RememberUN2015
  6. Alright this gives me a general idea of how to RP the scars that I may or may not get, thanks to everyone that commented. Staff you can mark this as solved.
  7. So in a day of dreams where we may have a workshop or mods that allow the players to customize how there character looks, changing the hair, scars, body size and other things. But until then (if ever) I have one question. How should I role play a scar that I've gotten from a torture session a while back? I've never gotten a scar before but, when I return the DayZRP and I should one day get a scar how should I rp it? Side note: I am talking about scars that people will see such as one on the face, hands, arms (Though, those said body parts not being covered of course).
  8. Thanks! It looks a lot better than I thought it would!
  9. Yea I've changed my mind. If you try and snip into mine when ever you get the time that would be awesome.
  10. Erm, I don't think you can put one on mine :3
  11. Personal favorites: 5 A clockwork orange. 4 City of God (With English subtitles) 3 Chappie 2 District 9 1 Pulp fiction
  12. Welcome to the community. Hopefully we will bump into each other next patch, I'm taking a break will there are no zombies. One tip, make sure you like your characters backstory. When I first started I went through at least five different characters until I landed on the one that I have now (Winston Wulfe).
  13. Winston paces the room, he hears the transmission and sits down in his chair and turns the dial on his table radio. He fiddles with some of the switches then eventually takes the mic in his hand holds down the transmission button. *The static breaks then you hear an American accent begin to talk* "Heh, the world is dead. But we people tread on.. I'm in Paris right now and well I started from hell.. I don't remember. I know where all these other broadcasters are from though. Which the rest of the world is well pretty fuc- *You hear a loud gun shot that sounds to be only a few feet away, if not right by the microphone* "GOD DAMN IT! Tell me before yo-" *The radio cut off releasing a loud burst of static* Winston slides his chair a few feet down the table glaring at the man that's been killing the ones that turned. *Static breaks and the sound is filled with the mans voice* "Ahem sorry about that, like I was saying the world well it's in ruin, the bombs that these country's dropped, up here we're lucky that we still have some buildings to take cover in." *Static* Winston sighs, while he lets go of the transmission button, he takes a pause for a few seconds then holds the button back down to say one final thing *Static breaks* "Don't give up, and if you want some advice. Stay in South Zagoria... It's getting colder every day out here." *Once again static bursts as the man finishes talking and the sound waves are filled with silence* Winston releases the transmit button then walks over to the executioner to have a word with him.
  14. *Winston hears the transmission through his table radio, he picks up the mic and holds down the transmission button and begins to speak* "The new Paris? Just so happens I am actually in the real Paris right now.. heh. So... if you don't mind me asking." *Winston pulls the mic away and holds it to his chest, you can hear some static while the live mic rubs against the fabric of his clothing after a second you hear a gun shot that almost sounds as if the gun were right by the open microphone* "Sorry about that noise, where was I..? Oh right, where is the 'New Paris?' Because the business here is getting, mph, a little bloody. So -static- -ouch wit- -static- me." *Static overflows the transmission and after a few seconds the radio wave is filled with the usual silence*
  15. *Wolf holds down the transmission button and begins to talk* "Well, good luck re-building... I'm a bit busy right now. *You hear some faint shouting and then one loud gun shot go off and you hear Winston say in almost a whisper* "Another one.. Ahem, but when I make my back to South Zagoria and being that your still alive... I'll have to make contact with you. Just remember people that talk to much, die."
  16. Probably the most important tip I could give to anyone that is new to role playing, make sure you like your backstory! Your characters backstory is what makes him, him (or you, you. Whatever), the way he acts and what he likes and dislikes. You really have to get into the shoes of your own character. Maybe you would like to get that gun, but would your character? Though make sure to have fun with your character, make him something that you want and understand and can play with. So yea, make sure you like your character, also make it so that he fits in with the lore. Side note: Now in the DayZRP lore the entire world has gone to shit, my character has been in South Zagoria since the begining. You could make your character come down to Chernarus from Russia, or from a safe zone in the east that hasn't been hit so bad what ever, there is a lot of room to make a very good character back story.
  17. *Wolf hears the transmissions then decides to reply by holding down the talk button on his radio* "There are still UN out there? That's, surprising to say the least. Last I heard the boys in blue were around was... back in the summer.. But West he, well... took the truck and, I haven't been able to make radio contact with him since." *Wolf pauses for a few moments before continuing, you can hear some muffled voices in the background and the sound of foot steps scraping on cement* "Though if you boys are rounding back together... Do what West did, not what the boys in blue that were first stationed in South Zagoria did... trust me... not something that you would want to see... Well Lieutenant 'Smith' maybe I'll see you around some day but not likely any time soo-" *A bullet crack can be heard followed by many others and the sound of the radio hitting the hard ground then it continues with static before fading to silence*
  18. Well my character is a traveling man. Right now I have him stationed him in the Ukraine. Why? Because I'm not active and instead of having sit around doing nothing in Chernarus I'm imagining what he's doing in the UK until I have him walk down to Chernarus for me to RP as him. Depending on the location and how close it is to Chernarus he might walk there. Though I will most likely make a new character, to try exile out to see if I like it and that it wouldn't sit well with me if the current character that (Already isn't active) jumps from one place to the other in the blink of an eye. Though if I don't get back to DayZRP with Winston Wulfe maybe he'll end up in Essker or what ever he place is called when Exile comes out.
  19. *Static breaks then a man begins to talk* "I don't know if I'll be around there anytime soon..." *The man pauses for a little bit before continuing his transmission* "I'm in the Ukraine right now... In a week or two I'll start my way back to Chernarus, it's getting colder up here.. Which a week is a long time we'll see if you guys are stil--" *Static cuts the man off in mid sentence then there's just static"
  20. How would you suggest doing that?
  21. I do, thank everyone for commenting and providing the information I wanted.
  22. Now that I think about that it kinda makes sense.. Why make two separate lore pages for basically the same scenario.
  23. Wouldn't the DayZ and Exhile lore be separate? (Maybe similar but separate)
  24. So I'm writing a quick question, how is the world doing. Is it destroyed and has the infection spread outside of Chernarus. If the answer is yes then I my question is answered.
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